Sameera Reddys bad experience


Sameera Reddys bad experience

Back home after a long time, actress Sameera Reddy recently went shopping with her dear ones as she parked her car at the Link Square Mall parking lot in Mumbai. For a change the actress decided to gift herself some electronic products unlike her usual outing for new apparel.

But things dint turn out all jolly as planned. We saw Sameera fuming out of the store and on inquiring what the reason was she disclosed, “Had such a bad experience at the Croma store in Bandra, Mumbai ! I feel the bigger the company gets the more they rip off people.” She even said that the mall people dint know how to serve their customers with care and that she regrets wasting her time going to the store. However Sexy Sam did have some good tid-bits to share as she told us about her recent trip back to college and also left us with a beautiful photo wearing a “Falguni Shane Peacock” creation! Sam says , “It’s this leather dress that felt super on the body!”  (check out the pic)

You definitely look great in that leather outfit Sameera.



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