Prabu Solomon Releases Vetri Nayagan Album Stills

Prabu Solomon Releases Vetri Nayagan Album Stills
Prabu Solomon Releases Vetri Nayagan Album Stills

Prabu Solomon Releases Vetri Nayagan Album held at Chennai on Monday 21st march 2011.

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  1. Prabhu,

    We are waiting for your next gem. Please do not take a long break. You may lose the midas touch. Bounce back soon like the Phoenix. The market is very dynamic to forget quality.

    Come back soon!

  2. Luking forward 4 u r next Flick Prabhu. Now its time to try different movie dont give Mynaa Shades to u r next Movie..coz ppl once their movie become hit dey start making same kind of movies. Mynaa movie was well made technically, different & off course good story.

  3. Prabhu,

    Andha last 20 minutes in Mynaa is mindblowing.  I do write scripts and blogs. However, what you thought about the plot is incredible and speechless. Mynaa should be sent to festival circuit. Madam Suhasini must help you.

    When the film was released, I thought it’s going to be another dirty-looking-amma-beating-aruva-holding atrocious film but your proved me wrong in the end, though Vidhardh beats his father in this film (can be avoided all these so-called traditions)

    The inspector is the protagonist in the script. The inspector wife is a typical lady of pettycoat government at home. I did not find any gap in your script.

    Please concentrate more in your new project. When Kadhal was a hit, the whole state was behind Balaji Sakthivel, an original filmmaker from Sankars’s school of filmmaking.

    Time is precious ji….


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