Nayantara-Sri Rama Rajyam movie Stills

Actress Nayanthara Stills
Actress Nayanthara Stills

Sri Rama Rajyam is a 2011 Telugu film based on epic Ramayana directed by Bapu. Nandamuri Balakrishna plays the lead role as Lord Rama with Nayantara as Seetha.

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  1. She doesn’t look like the Goddess but out of my devotion and respect for the real Seethama,I shall not criticise Nayan.It is all Lord Rama’s wish that things have to happen the way it is.She is blessed to don this role.All I hope is she does a good job and not tarnish the name of Seethama.I didn’t like the thulasi malai around her head and her big earrings.Rest is ok.I am happy to see her fully covered.Jai SitaRam!

  2. nayantara is a vulgar please reject her from media..her face looks old lady..she
    is cheated prabu deva wife..not suited to act as seetha

  3. dont be daft! she is sexy and gorgeous  even as seetha. look at that woman. and as for ramlath–it was her loss, she shd have hit the gym, starved and kept her look in shape and style if she wanted her man to stay indoors. nothing more can be said abt it. No pain no gain u know 🙂

  4. @sunshines u look silly and ur argument shows ur mental maturity……. how ever it is their choice and who are we to comment on that…. these guys who comment on others persaonal life won’t tolerate if it is reciprocated then y do they do it to others ????

  5. If a man is attacted to his wife only coz of physical outlook such a man is not at all needed for a woman…. what rubbish r u talking… dont wirte some crap here ..get lost  >:o

  6. what a fucking disgust. a person like her playing the role of seetha??? where had indian culture come to??? a slut playing the role of seetha. if u indians have any shame you will boycott this fucked up movie and not watch it. 

  7. Well said..!

    indha loosungellam eppo thaan thirundhumo…ennovo idhunga veetley ellarum appadiye olungu nu ninaipu..just because they are famous, its known to happens everywhere..

    India will develop only when people stop bothering about others’ bedroom issues.
    indian culture is nothing…its only all about treating women like SHIT..If u have doubt, watch the movie WATER..!!

  8. Looks like this one will share life with anyone who is physically attractive forever. Get married to a prostitute who keeps the physique good for sex 24/7…

  9. To sunshines

    Looks like u will share life with anyone who is physically attractive forever. Get married to a prostitute who keeps the physique good for sex 24/7… U wud have lust and not real love in yr life

  10. To sunshines
    Looks like this one will share life with anyone who is physically attractive forever. Get married to a prostitute who keeps the physique good for sex 24/7… U wud have lust in yr life and not real love.

  11. lol that means ur saying almost 50% of the indian population should divorce considering arranged marriages are still popular and first thing they ask in all ur news paper is@ wanted a girl fair, educated and very homely who looks beautiful but also in other words can be a dog to the new family she marrys. its still happens. now ur talking rubbish mate! 

  12. lol thats exactly what iam saying mate! we cant comment. but she is looking great and i think one needs to appreciate that. and as for my comment it was a reply to the person who commented first. i just dint go off blabbering abt anyone else’s housewife! coz i dont care!

  13. I think personal life is different from professional life…if that is the case, …every reel hero should be a real hero too…are they??

    wht we will have to see well she portrayed GOD Sita…thats all…

    Every human being has done something wrong in their life…it could be a lie or betrayal or even just words to hurt other ppl in this world…then I think no human being is eligible to act as any GOD for that matter….

  14. Jaya Sri Rama! Nothing happens without His divine will and so it appears that He has blessed this person with the role of portraying Sita. This is her great fortune in this birth. If we are not in a position to change things, we shouldn’t criticise this woman, like fifth class people. Rather, we should hope that Lord Rama continues to bless her and maybe us too.

  15. I agree with vaani…anybody can freely comment about anything…u don’t have the right to tell her to shut her mouth…u don’t own her or matter of fact u don’t even own nayantara… 😀

  16. Are you nayantara’s PRO manager? If nayantara thinks she can fall in love with another woman’s husband and justifies her action, why can’t we comment on that…obviously she doesn’t care what we think…why should we care for her feelings…if she thinks she has freedom to do whatever she wants we have the freedom to comment on whatever we want and I agree with vaani.

  17. Well said!Honestly,I am not happy her playing Seetha but who are we to judge?Looks like the film is on the verge of completion.Will they change the heroine just because we don’t approve her?No…So we just have to see how well she acts.If not her,who else do they think will be appropriate for this role?Anushka,Tammanah,Asin,Genilia,Hansika or Sameera??Are they all perfect to be considered for this role?No one is perfect.This is only a movie.We have to accept it and move on instead of debating.

  18. @Pod.Enna adichu kolradhu avvalo sulabam illai.Moreover neenga koopta Ramar kandipa enna kolra kariyathai pannamataru.Avarkitta vera edhavadhu kelunga….

  19. @Jollan…..Ha ha ha! Two little rascals….gd one.I shared it with my beau and he had a good laugh!Vasin u chk this out….show it to ur gal!

  20. thu karumo evala ella nadika vaikaringa thu arivi keta jenmum ………… eni yar kudumbatha kedukaporalo
    seriya na pros…… evaluku aprosi ye over thu karumo thu thu thu ………
    entha ariviketa director choose pannu nathu avangalayum correct panniduva nayanthara oru 9………
    mujiya paru korangu ,dichu panni ,eruma mattu sani  podi _______________________________

  21. Nayan is Sita…… Prabhu deva would be Rama…….then who will be ravana??????

    Any guesses guys ??????? may be Simbu LOL 😉

  22. iva oru kevalama nadigai… oru nathari nadigana pudichukittu suthara… iva ellam bakthi padathula nadikka vanthutalla? scene padathulla kuda nadikka thaguthi illa ivalukku… manaketta sirukki….

  23. Hey Hey Smile sunshines romba rational argue pannara……nee enna marry panni 10 years ellarum Ramlath aayiduvanga na solre?

  24. dei pani vaaya.. unakku enna thakuthi irrukku mathavangala kurai solla…. postera verikka pakkara nayellam ippadithan kevelamana nadigaikku support panni pesum… soru thinna unnakku vani sonna karuthu purinjirukkum… nee than vera ethayo thingariye athan unnakku puriyala…. parathesi nayi… odi poiddu…

  25. Hey You Fool(@guest)

    @sunshines didn’t say that. She just says married men/woman must keep themselves attractive. I am not sure if they say ‘I will do what my wife/husband wants to the best of my abilty’ in marriage vows but I guess in Hindu weddings such a vow may be missing. However remaining loving, useful and interesting is very important for husbands/wifes. Indian woman/men tend to overlook the ‘interesting’ aspect; when interest goes n boredom swamps love too goes; only the useful aspect remains so it becomes business; so marriage fails. 

  26. I was not taught Ramayanam with any degree of solemnity; to me it was a big and interesting fight between Ramachandran and Raavanan. I support Raavanan because he is a Thamilan. However going by what Smile n many others say Ramayanam to Hindus is like Bible to Christians. Therefore it is not wrong to say a more acceptable lady(actress) should have been chosen for Seetha’s role.

  27. yen koba paduringa ilaya thalapathi unga ex-boyfriend Vasin pathi sonnathula kobama? intha rendu comedy pieces smile/vasin thaane namuku polluthu pokku and I think Smile is admin person

  28. yen koba paduringa ilaya thalapathi unga ex-boy/gay friend Vasin pathi sonnathula kobama? intha rendu comedy pieces smile/vasin thaane namuku polluthu pokku and I think Smile is admin person

  29. yen koba paduringa ilaya thalavalli, unga ex-boy/gay friend Vasin pathi sonnathula kobama? intha rendu comedy pieces smile/vasin thaane namuku polluthu pokku and I think Smile is admin person

  30. Typical Indian Behaviour? Actions prompted by insecurity(Uncertainty) than Indian behaviour. @blah may be a gundu like Ramlath; so she is worried people would make fun of her; so she defends Ramlath. Because a high percentage of India (India kudimagan not Kings, Landlords…) has been poor for thousands of years we fear uncertainty (nalaku epdi polaka porom?) so much. So we like to own things like wives(engala vitutu  poiduvanga nu bayom) and oppose any new efforts in the name Indian Culture. 

  31. @Vasin.Seetha perfect nu ulagathuke theriyum enakku theriyardhu oru periya vishayama?Seetha deviya pathi eppadi oru kelviya type panna unga kaiya nalla dettol pottu wash pannunga.She has never thought of any Other man in her entire life apart from Rama.It’s hard to find such gem of a women these days.She was perfect in all sense.As a daughter,DIL,wife,Queen,hostage,mother….she was perfect.Don’t say a word against her….

  32. Poranthathla irnthu avungal Appa parthukitaru…Kalyanom anathlerthu Ramachandran parthukitaru. She never provved she could stand on her own, contribute what she consumed on her own, never confronted anyone……How can she be perfect?

  33. @Vasin.There was a time in which she had to stand on her own feet.At the time she was pregnant and sent away by Ram alone to the forest for a second time.She brought up both her kids as a single mother without depending on anyone.Isn’t that enough?


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