Murali Daughter Kavyas Wedding Reception Stills & Video

Murali Daughter Kavyas Wedding Reception Stills
Murali Daughter Kavyas Wedding Reception Stills

Late actor Murali’s daughter Kavyas wedding reception held at Chennai on Thursday April 2011. Kavya married Aditya, a Malaysian-based software Engineer on April 14, 2011.

Murali Daughter Kavyas Wedding Reception Video

Murali Daughter Kavyas Wedding Reception Stills

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  1. The couple look good. Aana namba Hindu Thamil kalyanam maathri theriyalye. Mangalamana Manjal illama Pink background; may be they are Christians.

  2. her marriage was delayed because of her father’s unexpected death… so they postponed the marriage…. dont say anything without knowing the details…

  3. nonsense! her father chose d guy for her before his departure… it is oni rite to proceed the wedding in d manner d father wud love … tat atleast will give d father a peace at heaven seeing his dream come true tru d daughter’s marriage. don talk unsensibly!

  4. ”owl 
    will u get married happily where your dad dies off before some months??? ”

    and watch UR FILTHY MOUTH WHEN U TALK ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE’S DAD. u hav no god damn rite to talk 2 anyone in suc a way!! u want to set an example set it in a 3rd person view… don pull anyone’s father! bledy shit!

  5. i dint know in india they marry within one year within a family member’s death.. here we dun celebrate anything till their 1st year death anniversary is over..

  6. happy married life !! @owl , r u gonna arrange marriage for Murali’s daughter if she misses the guy whom they hv arrrangd..  avan avan kashtam avan avankku.. we cant generalise abt ppl feelings and sentiments.. if some1 likes to go always in bicycle it can see in 2 way either he luvs to go in bicycle or he is offord to get only dat.. but still if he is happy what bothers ppl who go in car.. 

  7. oh so if she marries after few months what’s she is going to get or lose..why nt now .. if u wait some months  ppl who r dead arent going to turn alive.. respect for ppl and affection doesnt mean that u shud follow “so&so customs and things” to prove others who have  no value or importnace  in one’s life..


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