Madhavans wax statue at Joyalukkas showroom stills

Joyalukkas unveils wax statue of Brand ambassador Stills
Joyalukkas unveils wax statue of Brand ambassador Stills

Customers to the Joyalukkas jewellery showroom at Chennai can now get a chance to pose with a wax statue of actor Madhavan. The statue, designed by Sunil Kandallor, has strikingly similar features of the actor, including the height and weight.

Unveiling the statue on Tuesday (December 28, 2010), Maddy said a similar statue would be unveiled in two weeks at the Bangalore showroom of Joyalukkas. Joy Alukkas, the managing director and actresses Adha Sharma, Rekha participated in the unveiling of the wax statue.

Madhavan unveils his wax statue at Joyalukkas showroom stills

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  1. ithu maathavanudaiya 60 vayathu statue.. stupids…. and is mathavan blind or what? why is he standing near the statue and forcing us to believe its him… idiots… if mathavan looks like this stupid statue he would have never ever entered the cine field… o… my G… 

  2. madhavan u r degrading urself comparing urself to the statue.. come to me pls.. i’m bored of prabhu deva.. ahh ahh ahhhhh..

  3. madhavan u r degrading urself comparing urself to the statue.. but it looks much better than real life prabhu deva.. i’m bored of him.. come to me pls ahh ahh ahhhhh..

  4. Unaku edhuku da ivlo erichal,

    May be his next film role requires to put wieght, whats ur problem man?

    The wax statute is not madam tussauds,so dont expect like that. Its just a marketing promotion to attract people,idhukulam nee comment ezhudra, adhuka naan counter commment tharan paaru, enna sollanum

  5. Cool Man Cool.

    Paarka nalla illena atha kollytalk’la solrathu onnum thappillaye. Neenga bathil comment kukukarathum thappila. Carry on mate.

    What is Mathavan’s next film?

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