Koffee with Anu |Kamal Hasaan|Vijay Tv -Diwali special


Vijay TV is all set for an array of interesting Diwali special programmes as the festival fever catches up all over the country.

The major highlight of the celebrations will be on 05 November 2010- Friday, 0900 hrs IST , Koffee with Anu Diwali special programmer will have the Universal hero Ulaganayagan Kamalhassan having a cool chat over a hot cup of coffee with brother Chandra Hasaans daughter Anu Hassan.

The actor would talk about his life, career, friends and more,. No one can afford to miss this special Univercell Koffee wih Anu episode.

Kamal-koffee with Anu


  1. chithappa maariye ila. he looks like her younger brother.. chanceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ye ila 🙂 cant wait to see the program….
    eager to see if she will call chithappa or kamal sir 🙂 🙂

  2. evanavathu Kamal-la paththi asingama pesunana, avan/aval da amma……venam, en vaya kindathingada!
    Kamal enna panna ungalukkenna, avar panra mathiri pannamudiyalehnu gandu thaneh?
    mudalla aduthavana pathi pesuratha niruthitu, onga kudumbatha poi parungada mundangala!

  3. he tells wat he feels from his point of view.Periyar has said the same thing.he called bhakthi as an opium just like karl marx said.Our own sidhhars has talked a lot about idol worship on the same lines.
    and if you dont agree thats fair.but if you want to comment that he is a porukki just because he said something like this is unfair!everyone has the right to have their own opinion and express them as well.

  4. silly ass why u posting ur family pic on public? idiot??? that too to strangers. serial killers gonna hunt u down asshole

  5. you don’t have the rights to talk about kamal.. you morons will follow nithyananda and you will fall on his feet who fucks every women he sees.. but if kamal being atheistic bothers you?.. wake up man nithyanda is enjoying with your wife .. first go and save her ..then you can speak about kamal.. hahaha..

  6. dai echakalla nayee.. neyellam peria ivanun vanthu kamal pathi persura.. unna ellam yaruda ketta? pitchakara nayee

  7. dai echakalla nayee.. neyellam peria ivanun vanthu kamal pathi persura.. unna ellam yaruda ketta? pitchakara nayee

  8. Vasin nee thanda senna panni.. unn amma oru panni.. unn appan.. unn pondatti ellarum oru sakada panni da.. kappu adikuthu

  9. enda sorinaye evano oru poli samiyaru thappu panna athanala yarum sami kummuda kodatha.evan orithe vibacharam panna ellam pombalaigangalum appudi ayiduvangala.nee ellam kamluku ponnungala kotti kudukathan laiku.mudhala antha kamala kadhavul bakthi in tha mathir sensitive matterla pesavenanu sollu.illa otha paduvan.

  10. theruporiki naikala avan hollywood padatha kappi adichu padam edupan poi nee picha edutha kasula ticket esuthu padam parunga.

  11. theruporiki naikala avan hollywood padatha kappi adichu padam edupan poi nee picha edutha kasula ticket esuthu padam parunga.

  12. Wow Kamal looks really smart!!! am waiting with lots of expectation to see the program…. who will he thank to whom will he say sorry… and to whom will he giv a prank call and wht all will he say abt his life and field wow wow woooow !!!!!!!!

  13. he is telling his view about his bhakthi! not commenting on your bhakthi! so chill. Athu enna sensitive.To speak bad about athiesm also is sensitive to athiests only.it is individual principles.as long as he tells his views and doesnt ask you to follow its fine.same goes from your side too.you dont tell anyone about what they can talk and what they cant!

  14. What you are talking is absolutely nonsense moorthy. why do you want to make comments on someone’s personal beleive.. whats the problem if he is being atheistic ?change your attitude

  15. helo pisin…….nei anda aunty pati solriya otukaren ana kamal sira pati solada adu sariya padalai neku….

    anda aunty irukale avala yevanavadu oru naal thitra varkum eeeeeeeenu mgm veliyile nikra bommai madri pallakatikitu irupa…

    avala kandale apdi moonchila oru punch podalamunu tonum….

  16. hey first know i have great respect for kamal as a actor he is the best actor in india..the comment i made is because of what he said in that show.i agree everyone has their view and can express them.but there is a limit.if he doesnt believe in god then no problem.but he should not compare god with cheap words.that too in public media.as he is a popular person in whole india he should have chose the words responsibly.the anchor of this show is his relative so she will ask any question to raise the program rating but kamal should restrain himself from answering questions like  god etc which may hurt the feelings of people who believe in them.

  17. mudhala manitharkala oruthana iru appuram kamalil oru thana irukalam.neeyumthan aduthavana pathi pesura mudhala nee niruthu.

  18. Folks please don’t say “SUPER STAR”  just say “super star” that is just a pre name like other actor has for an example “captain” “ilaya thalapathi” “ultimate star” etc… but Ulaga Naayagan is different than all others! Kamal really deserve to be in holly wood!! he is an great gift for Indian films!! people who doesn’t respect his acting that means they are physically and mentally handicapped, i’m sorry to say but it is true.

  19. Kamal school’ku pogala; or nalla school’ku pogala. Kaala agati vechutu okarnthirukan? Oru interview’la epdi okarathu koodava theriyathu?

  20. managetta moorthy ..ipdai ellarkittayum thittu vangatathuku nee comment kudukamaye iruthu irukalam.. pity on you..

  21. actually speaking vasin than oru gay….  he he he look at his profile pic.. pannadai… mooditu iru da… dont give comments to any news now onwards..

  22. Simply superb. . . i think no one can look smarter and younger at this age. . .   I would seriously screw u vasin for all these comments. . .  but hope that would n be wished by kamal or any of his fans here. . .  so v have kept quiet for all your posts. . .  do not touch and scratch too much so that u wont bleed while doing. .  keep away you yuck. . . . ..  if u dare lets meet up some time for sure and decide among ourself. . . . deal ah no deal ah?????

  23. dei vasin……vaya muda kazhuthai…..
    unnaku yentha rights eruku avara pathi paesaruthuku….
    unnaku pidikalana vaya mudu da nayeeeeeeeeee…… =-X =-X =-X

  24. avvai shanmughi vettaiyadu vilayudu ithu mathiri ethanayo padam hollywooda pathu copy adichadhu.purincha sori naye

  25. managetta suresh i dont care whether he believes in god or not but he should not insult other people’s belief first know that.yeah lot of people scolded me but that is the price for speaking the truth.too bad you people will never understand that.

  26. he is not telling his views.he is telling others.if i dont have rights to tell other people what to do , then in the same way kamal also doesnt have the right to tell others what to do.

  27. amanda kamala vettala pakhu kuppiduranga posollu.hollywood padathat poi mudhala parungada adhula nadichavanga mathiri kamalala 10% kuda nadika mudiyathu.orey mathiri nadichu orey kadathaya thirumba thirumba yedukurathane kollywood.adula kuda paru hollywood pera kuda kaapi adichu kollywood peru vechu irukinga.sentimental idiots

  28. Guys please blog post comments when you want to make any constructive discussion..argue…fight let that be a healthy one….
    In the name of giving your view point…(so called freedom of thought, speech bla bla…) dont utter filthy stuffs…here on public forum….
    Say it talking ill about a much celebrated person…even a common man… Know your limits….
    Grow up…. Think sensible…Write sensibly…Speak sensibly

  29. well know one can help u feel better i you dont dare to! he is speaking his views and that is all to it…neenga atha epdi venumnaalum eduthukonga…we cant help if u feel bad coz we dont mean to do that! simplw.

  30. hold ur tongue..everyone s copying the scripts…he jst proved his tallent by his acting in the movies u have mentioned. endhiran is too copied fm the japanese movie..do u knw that? so this is the prbm with script writers nt with heros.dnt use abuse wrds in the public forum.


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