Karthika Nair Ko Movie Stills

Karthika Nair Stills
Karthika Nair Stills

Karthika Nair, daughter of yesteryear actress Radha is making her debut in Jeeva, Ajmal starrer ‘KO’ directed by KV Anand.

Karthika Nair Ko Movie Stills

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  1. yeah look at stills 1, 7, 16 and 19.. 🙁 she has a very manly face.. she only got a chance to act bcos her mom was a actress.. but have to wait for the movie to see if she can really act.. *DONT_KNOW*

  2. இது ஒரு ‘ figure எண்ணு இதெல்லாம் படத்துல நடிக்குது.
    இவளுடைய மூஞ்சிய பாத்தாலே சகிக்கல. வாந்தி வருது.

  3. sexy but not the best, she only started , leys wait and see how she improves. look at nayan before and after, big changes

  4. Karthika, You are so sexy. You have the cutest nose ever!!!!! So sexy. I think I have fallen in love with you  :*


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