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Karthika Nair Stills
Karthika Nair Stills

Karthika Nair, daughter of yesteryear actress Radha has debuted through Jeeva-Ajmal starrer KO movie release on Friday.

Karthika Nair Stills

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  1. appidiye kolathula irunthu enthirikara panni polave iruka, edit pannave thevai illa still  😀  i did it but i see no difference

  2. Radha oru panniya vangi athuku karthika nu per vechi irukalam. she wouldnt have need to spend on makeups & eyebrow trimming :-$ :-$ :-$

  3. karumam,karumam sakikkala intha K.V.Anand mattum kaila kidaikattum 4 saaathu intha figurea introduce pannathukku,shake hand for give a good entertain movie innum paarkala but a good fast action pack solranga.I heard abt movie is very good so athukkaaka shake hand 🙂

  4. hindi la priyanka chopra oru piggy gal..tamil ku oru radha ponnu.. anyways she isnt gng to rule kollywood appuram yen ivvalu damage pannuirnga.. she already done one song in malayalam urumbi i guess.

  5. if she needs another chance she should get her eyebrow trimed or reshape it. if she want to stand longer then she should go for villi role.

  6. no she acted in malayalam film “Makaramanju” but it’s not released in theatres yet.. but got critical acclaim at film festivals..

  7. i’ve checked her previous stills,, she looks horrible… in ko stills Pia looking good thn her.. did u guys noticed 1 thing… when she smile she wil nvr show her teeth… malaysia language le solla num na ‘BUDGET CANTIL LA’…….


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