Devayani@150 Days of Kodi Mullai Serial Press Meet Stills


Devayani and Rajakumaran at Kodi Mullai 150 days

Actress Devayani and her husband and director Rajakumaran had organized for a Press Meet on 8th Aug 2011 to thank the media and fans for the completion of 150 days of her current serial ‘Kodi Mullai’ which is being aired on Raj TV.

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  1. What’s with her hairstyle?But she is pretty.A talented actress….she can still do mother or sister roles.

  2. @Chinna R,i don’t know abt the looks but definitely characterwise,Devayani’s hubby is a gentleman.Else she could not have tasted this success.The pics also shows that he’s very caring and loving towards her.Good couple…they should be like this forever….

  3. Fuc. Fuc. How did this girl join this guy? This guy is ugly. She has poise and………but power? Not sure. Yes…I think she is another weak inscure Indian girl….19th century girl…just a pretty face huh!

  4. agreed smile..even i meant the comes within..not outer apperance..ofcourse devayani would have got more goodlooking n richer guy..but this guy seems to be a gentleman who treats his woman as a queen..appreciate devayani for supporting her spouse in all the ways…some guys who are racist n ill treats people of their look should learn lesson from them..nice couple


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