Anjali latest stills


Anjali – the beautiful actress who is at her horizon after the hit of Angaadi Theru.

Anjali Still 1

Anjali Still 2

Anjali Still 3

Anjali Still 4

Anjali Still 5

Anjali Still 6


  1. this is to anjali kinda girls ::::: if u wanna be a star u need not b in a sexy pose or sexy dress..u need u know acting, dancing, and any extra talent,,,,,,u people want money u would even go naked if they show spoiling d culture

  2. oh shut up…what's with the "spoiling d culture"…people have different perspectives of spoiling d culture..apparently, u annoy me and u "spoil d culture", by not even giving people freedom, and you don't even know her, so it's not ur business to tell her what she needs to wear! Stop spoiling d culture…geez.

  3. its definitely spoiling culture. nowadays love have reduced among people and people live only for fun, they will do anything for money and fun. this is really depressing.

  4. Nirvaana ooriley Kovanam kattiyavan Paitthiyakaran.

    Without glamor, it's difficult to sustain in cine field..She knows it well and open to glamarous role also.

  5. Please stop talking about the 'Spoiling da culture' … freedom of a person is more important than any culture.. who created the da culture? who wrote the rule of a culture? what is culture? if you think women expressing them selves is bad then any man who is boosing..or seeing another woman when he is married or even committed in a relationship is aganist the culture but i know you wont agree to that.. so there are no rule in 'culture' its more imagined, assumed and egositic than anything… just appreciate the beauty dont go into culture and rubbish.

  6. She is cute and beautiful, She should leverage her actiing skills along with that….
    instead of ….posing like this….
    This kind of posture any damn girls can give in cine field……
    she is loosing her credibility…..


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