Alaral Movie Stills

Alaral Movie Stills
Alaral Movie Stills

Cast                  : KadhirMarvan, Aadithya, shandhosh Karthic, Rajan, Sharmi, Radhika, Bhanu
Direction       : Ram Jai
Production : Jayachandra, M. Arunpandiyan
Music              : Jai Sudhagar

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  1. whats wrong with that girl, she has no respect to herself. Look at her dress like a slut.She might be a play girl.

  2. What ever it is if this girl really hot do at bed room… not on screen. I hate this bitchy type of girl. If given money they can naked with 10 men… this is upcoming indian culture.

  3. Those look fake to me. I am sure the director realized that during later stages of this stupid movie’s shooting. She is n’t pretty, and so what’s the point? Atleast Sharmi looks decent.


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