Kaavalan Movie Review-Real Pongal Treat

Kaavalan Movie Review
Kaavalan Movie Review

Movie: Kaavalan

Director: Siddique

Producer: Romesh Babu

Music: Vidyasagar

Cast: Vijay, Asin, Vadivelu, Raj Kiran, Roja

Everyone has been expecting so much from this Vijay movie, that too after so many hurdles he has been facing in the recent past  indeed the actor has shined through, thanks to his never give up attitude.

This movie is all in all Vijays Pongal treat for his eager fans. There is not a moment you are going to miss him as you sail across 2 hour 25 minutes.

A movie that has been made with careful thought Siddique surely will see great collaborations with Vijay in the near future. This is the 2nd movie from Vijay-Siddique’s combination & 3rd one from Vijay-Asin.

Well there is nothing much to say about the story it is a remake of the Malalyalam flick Bodyguard there have been certain instances where the Director has taken freedom to bend it for a niche audience though.

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Vijay plays Bhoominathan and is fond of trouble makers’ back throughout his childhood and without any qualms is hell bent to become a brave ruffian .He in his journey becomes a bodyguard for anti social groups. Soon a wealthy and powerful man, Muthuramalingam(Raj Kiran) comes by and Bhoominathan, or Bhoomi, as he’s called affectionately, is sure to play his cards right and joins him as he saves the man from a dangerous mishap, and thereby incurs his wife, Devika’s (Roja) wrath.

Thereafter, Bhoomi is appointed as a Bodyguard for Muthramalingam’s daughter Meera (Asin) to keep a close watch on her throughout her college days. Meera goes to college at the VIT and seems to study English Literature, a course which Bhoomi joins as well (!!). A good many amusing sequences follow, as Bhoomi dons a ridiculous uniform, shades and tries to perform his duty to his utmost. Soon as expected she gets agitated being followed everywhere. The girls decide to have fun with Bhoomi and Meera soon makes calls claiming to be his lover which only adds heat to the boiling climax.

Cast Review:

Ilayathalapathy Vijay – Has impressed with his sizzling moves as we saw many roaring with joy on their seats hooting and cheering him for his killer moves. The stunts were more than what a Vijay fan could get.

Asin looks her usual pretty self, but she’s too well-made up and there’s a haggard look in her eyes that’s hard to miss.

As for Siddique – Well credit to this man for carefully selecting the parts that really worked for Bodyguard, he really made it more entertaining than the malayalm flick twisting and turning it in the first half.

Vadivelu – has been a comic relief and delivered as expected of him. With his blazing trail of comic dose has held it all together well.

Raj Kiran and Roja are complete wash-outs.

Mithra Kurian Asin’s friend in the movie has played her part well.

Positive Points:

Ekhambaram’s camera work is neat.

Vijay has spun his magical web again; his charisma is what the movie feeds on. He has knocked out doubts about an instable film career as his competitors claimed for the moment and has done it his way.

His screen presence has surely added the much needed spice to the tracks on a visually level as they are not so great on their own.

Humour has been used as the basis but it has been a great finish nonetheless, with the climax really taking the audience for a ride.

Negative Points:

Although the first half of the movie has its changes, the second part of the movie is a carry over. It’s a nice blend though with the romantic scenes carried out with ease.

Vijay and Asin’s chemistry did not impress many although their performances have been great in their own way, both of them doing what was best expected of them.

K R Gowri Shankar’s editing could have been put to better use; several scenes are disjointed.

Vadivelu’s comic character too resembles so much of the comic sidekick in Bodyguard.

The whole issue is with the screenplay and scripting which has been almost a replica of the Malayalm flick.


Nevertheless a family entertainer. This movie burdened with expectations has stayed to be on the safer side and well, it surely has succeeded in a way.

Vijay returns folks, that’s for sure. He is yet to give his best though.


  1. so for pongal, 3rd place goes to siruthai, 2nd place goes to kavalan and 1st place gooeeeeeeessssssss to aadukalam

  2. its funny to c movie verdict that is going to be successful…after saying all negative points – The whole issue is with the screenplay and scripting which has been almost a replica of the Malayalm flick, comedy is not gud,den chemistry b/w asin n vijay poor…appuram what the hell is gud to watch…. anyways andha mokkha padam theatre la poi parkathuku chumma pongal TV programs parkkalam..that’s better

  3. this review is just to bring people to theatre and fool them.. oru positive point kuda illa..rather saying some thing about vijay ..its funny to c movie verdict that is going to be successful…after saying all negative points – The whole issue is with the screenplay and scripting which has been almost a replica of the Malayalm flick, comedy is not gud,den chemistry b/w asin n vijay poor…appuram what the hell is gud to watch…. anyways andha mokkha padam theatre la poi parkathuku chumma pongal TV programs parkkalam..that’s better

  4. Kavalan is Hit. Vijay is back with bang and nobody can stop him. Vijay is going to make a important role in this years election. Watch Out.

  5. There is one thing to be noted. Most of hits are remakes!! Just watch the Telugu version of pokkiri and Gilli(okkadu) and the mallu version of Kadhalukku Mariyadhai U will get to know. Yet to see Kavalan though, but Dileep had done a good job in Body Guard. 

  6. There is one thing to be noted. Most of  his  hits are remakes!! Just watch the Telugu version of pokkiri and Gilli(okkadu) and the mallu version of Kadhalukku Mariyadhai U will get to know. Off late he has started copying even the dance steps of Allu Arjun!!! Yet to see Kavalan though, but Dileep had done a good job in Body Guard. 

  7. kavalan remake version of Malayalam and siruthai remake version of telugu so we know already both of them is going to be hit because already both film hit in malayalam and telugu movies. aadukualm is not like that. it is vetrimaran creation. dhanush acting and dance are superb and songs are good…. second half is slow but it is good………

  8. Vijay is back, i am not hard core of vijay fan.. but the film is good especially the last 20 mins is excellant.So people without watching the film has no rights to critisize the film. This film is a good entertainer. Please no false reviews.

  9. 2011 1st Hit Kavalan……………. Another Vijay Box Office Movie after Pokkiri…………. This Year Kavalan Rocks…………………

  10. Idhu mathiri poiya koota sekruunga. padam padu mokkai. Tickets available even in Sathyam, Devi Paradise. Advt carries Albert, Kamala but movie is not running there. False information. Padam nalla irunda automatic’ah full akum. Poor Vijay time to quit.

  11. hello san33 are u mad???pls consult a doctor ….after a long time a well decent film frm mr.vijay ..kaavalan worth watchii…pls friends give reviews after watchin the movie..dont give unneccesary reviews without seein the movie!!welcome vijay for doin different movies..

  12. yes frnds!!!1.kaavalan    2.aadukalam       3.Ilaignan  4.sirithai…..aadukalam 2nd half not good yaar!!!borin

  13. y sir …does kaavalan not decent???vijay is back with kaavalan!i think kaavalan is nice entertainer 4 tis pongal!!!

  14. aadukalam 2nd half looks like borin…Even pudupettai is good than aadukalam.Is pudupettai hit??it is the best performance by dhanush till now?

  15. Nice to see Vijay like tis…I saw his last film kushi…After tat i saw kaavalan…It s really good…Vijay is special for his expressions..sure Kaavalan a blockbuster movie!!!

  16. hello Kosuwini sorry ashwini go n join CNN IBN ur LORD of GIVING REVIEWs it seems Kosuwini !!!!!Kaavalan rockssssssssssssssssssss

  17. yes as all says vijay is back !!!!!really a nice film..vijay had acted differently in tis film!!!!!kaavalan sure hit!!

  18. ya but its not kaavalan tickets……..Siruthai tickets oly still not booked…many theatres have taken siruthai n started to screen Kaavalan ….really kaavalan worth watching!!!!!friends

  19. After rajini n kamal its Vijay N Ajith !!!!!!!Ya There was a comeback frm Ajith in Billa ..Now For Vijay in Kaavalan!!!!!!Ya THALA THALAPATHI GONNA ROCK FOR 2011!!!!!!WITH VELAYUTHAM n MANKATHA!!!!


  21. hey shan.. edhukku ivvalu hyper .. cool  .. i dint give review n i hv said wt the movie review has given above… anyways take a chill pill.. n sema comedy… hw come vijay dng different roles,… oh okk.. if vijay copies any other movie and act does it count differen role.. enna pa sollura… different na..telugu copy cat irundhu again bck to malayalam copy cat..adhukuda diff illaya,..already he acted in kadhaluku mariyadhai..so chumma enna mad ah kekaruthu,..better ask urself or if possible ask vijay whether he is mad??? gt it …

  22. hey kirukku pasangala king and rajesh.., mokkhaiya pesuratha niruthungada.. ok if vijay stops giving mokkhai comments in press or in his movies.. mite b u guys can change.. anyways if u have any valid  point about this particular movie argue wid  that else.. shut ur filthy mouth,,,

  23. ungoppan magane moodittu poda porambokku padatha pakkama ippa yethavathu words-a post panna nalla illa therinchuko thambi vijay rockzzzzzz anytime anywhere…………………

  24. you are right..film is mokkai…all the last 6 films of vijay are utter flop..but he celebrated 100 days for all the films to make public hype….

  25. utter flop..da vijay how much lies & foolish game u will play to fool tamil people..u just try to reach the place of vijayakanth,Navarasa nayagan karthick..ur father is a big greedy person..

  26. film is mokkai..he is creating false hype..now is his real face teared…he has given money to vijay tv to announce him as superstar..but it did not worked out for long timeee

  27. I would like to ask vijay fan’s you people touch your heart & say you people liked this kavalan ?

    100% folp……. sura is better then kavalan

  28. Clearly shows they cannot accept the success of aadukalam over kavalan. Kavalan is an remake and any hero could have done justice to the role. How many of vijay’s movies with fresh scripts have been a success?  
    These fans just need an film star to do such idiotic things. If not for vijay they would go for another actor. Rajinikanth & Ajit deserves fans clubs cos he is got the thing in him. Its bad for tamil industry to encourage vijay with his remake tactics. Last heard, he even borrowed the underwear from Vadivelu…

  29. VIJAY is a comercial and mass hero.. Like rajini
    The fact is others needs 5 films to make an impact .. Vijay just need one flime to regain his place.

  30. I seriously don’t know why people keep saying it’s remake and only remake vijay can act bla bla…. I have seen 100s of Tamil movies with 1000s of scenes lifted from other language movies, just because they don’t tell publicly it’s a copy many are not aware, but I don’t believe in all those copied scenes those actors performed good. So please don’t say vijay remakes and crap all does it at some point but vijay can always perform better than in original, I am in a.p and I know many Telugu people liked vijay in pokkiri than mahesh babu.

  31. what a nice movie kavalan. vijay anna rocks again da. what a costumes in kavalan kalakuringa anna

    climax super o superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  32. correct ha sona raja kavalan rocks da tharuthala fans sutha muditu unga veliya parunga. aparam mangotha va odavidama paniduvom

  33. Dai evanavathu vayai thorandha vettuthan. NALLA COMMENTSNA INGA VAA ILLAYA POI ORU NALLA DR PARU….. vijay anna un thamibi na  ur return back to hit………
    ithu pothum na we are for u. dont be worry…..  

  34. Honest rEVIEW…Kaavalan is Good…viJAY HAS BROKE HIS pREVIOUS FORMULAS AND SHINED IN THIS FILM…HE IS BACK TO HIS OWN PATH….gOOD ACTING …ITS A WONDERFUL LOVE STORY WITH COMEDY…THE CLIMAX IS UNEXPECTED AND THE CLIMAX TWIST AND THE ARTISTS DONE SO GOOD IN CLIMAX….ALL THE BEST mR. VIJAY….CONTINUE THE SAME AND GO AHEAD WITH THIS KIND OF GOOD STORY FILMS…IT MAY BE ROMANTIC OR ACTION OR COMEDY..IT SHUD BE DIFFERENT FROM OTHER FILMS..THATS WAT ALL TAMIL PPLS ARE EXPECTING….ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR FUTURE FILMS….sure good hearted ppls and lovers will cry at climax…i’ve not cn siruthai…but aadukalam oly 1st half ok…2nd half is mokkai….Kaavalan superb…its a romantic family entertainer….u can c a type of vijay as u cn in love today,kadhaluku mariyadhai and friends etc…..Kavalan is nice and sure u can c as a family…..

    its a gr8 come back…

    vj is always gr8…kavalan super…decent family entrtainer…a fresh vijay in kavalan..not like sura,vetaikaran,sivakasi etc…no action mass n masala…soft romantic entertainer….climax is gr8…

  35. padam paathavanga ellam hit nu solranga…poi padatha paaathu adhukapurma u comment honestly…i cn the film and its good….all ppls here….i m not a vijay fan….

  36. kavalan wins the pongal race,illaya thalapathi dr.vijay performs a stunner in kavalan.we eagerly waiting to see u in 3idiots,velayutham,kannabiran and pagalavan

  37. dai kaludha munda san33 and aveej .gomla otha thevidiyapunda ,pundamauna etc…..better than ajith movies

    vijay kavalan rocks

  38. thambi san 33… cinema oru entertainment… remake dubbing athaellam theva illa… performance nall irukka … nee kodutha panathukku enjoy panniya.. avvalathan… i saw kavalan… i saw
    Bodyguard in malayalam… vijay acted well in this movie… no over action no mass hero image,… simple love and emotional story… 1st wen audio released songswas not good.. now in visual its good .. its coming along with the story… good comeback for vijay… watch the movie for entertainment… we belive he and ajith should do these kinda movies  so that their successfull travel continue…

  39. rascal…Vijay ah thavira ellam mokkaida inthe cine field la…. Enathada copy adichan ..Mathavan pola tamil movies ah copy adichan…. Unellam yaruda revie kuduka solraga..Movie already hit da dey porampokku…. Nee ennada solrathu..nanga ambala rasigar da..una pola illaida

  40. kavalan rockz. . . nice acting by vijay. . .compare to his previous movies kavalan is excellent. . .a good family entertainer. . .kavalan a pongal treat for all vijay fans. . .A good comeback For vijay. . .all  the best for vijay for his upcoming movie ”velayudham”

  41. really, r u part of karunas family go n lick his leg u nayee. kavalan is a very nice movie. nee pidikala enadal ellarukumn pidikathoo sanniyan naye. fuck your self.



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