7aum Arivu Movie Review :Fails to Live upto Hype


7aam Arivu Movie Review

7aum Arivu Movie Review

Cast: Suriya, Shruthi Haasan, Johnny Tri Nguyen, Ramanathan
Production:Udhayanidhi Stalin
Direction: A.R. Murugadoos
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography: Ravi K. Chandran
Stunt: Peter Hein

Amidst mass commercial Tamil cinema where the hero behind villain and the heroines run around trees romancing the hero, comes 7aum Arivu. The Ghajini team comprising Suriya, director Murugadoss, Harris Jayaraj, and Peter Hein come together for a movie with a different theme. A sci-fi thriller which is a rarity in Tamil cinema.

However the biggest question now is whether the movie lives up to all hype and hoopla? Only in parts would be the answer. The movie begins with loads of promise and slowly become predictable and ends like any other mindless masala movie.

Story Line

The movie speaks about Pallava prince Bodhi Dharman (Suriya), who ventured to China in sixth century AD. He won a name for himself in China for his healing touch and propagating Tamil martial arts, which was later developed as Kung Fu. After his demise, he is worshipped as Tao by all in China.

Now the story comes to 2011. Aravindh (Suriya), a circus artiste falls for Suba Sreenivas (Shruthi Haasan), a research student. Aravindh and Suba become thick pals and the former falls for Suba’s charm. Meanwhile, he comes to know that Suba has some motive behind her acts.

Also a sequence of events reveal that Chinese government is planning to unleash harm to India by planning Operation red and sends Dong Lee (Johnny Tri Nguyen), a martial arts expert to Chennai. He is instructed to kill Suba for Chinese government fears that her research on Bodhi Dharman would hinder all their plans.

Suba comes to know that Bodhi Dharman was forefather of Aravindh and finds out that both their DNAs match. Now her task is bringing to life the heroics of Bodhi Dharman through Aravindh to thwart the plans of Chinese government. How they accomplish the task is what the movie is all about.

Script Analysis

Murugadoss has undoubtedly come up with a new theme. He has also worked hard to present it on screen. But the way he unfolds the story leaves much to be desired. The first half an hour showing Bodhi Dharman’s life look like a documentary and the sequences in the present day are quite predictable and routine. His efforts to make the film gripping through the genetic engineering angle are not good enough to excite us. The Operation Red and the hypnotism tactics look like comical portions.

The ‘message’ on Tamil’s and India’s past glory sound as a rhetoric than a genuine voice. They don’t fit gel into the script is another problem.

The pre climax portions are quite predictable but the climax fight is awesome thanks to the stunt choreography by Peter Hein and acting by Surya and Johnny Tri.

Cast Review

Suriya is the savior of the film. He has done his homework well. As Bodhi Dharman and as Aravindh he brings right variations in his performance. His serious looks as Bodhi Dharman compliment the role. His hard work is visible in every frame.

Shruti Haasan makes a good debut. She gets a meaty role to perform. Sadly the onscreen chemistry between her and Surya is missing.

Johnny Tri Nguyen, the Vietnamese star does the job ntrusted to him well. However he has been shown a man with abnormal powers in today’s contemporary world cannot be believed.

Ravi K Chandran‘s cinematography and Harris Jayaraj’s music manage to add some pep to the proceedings. Rajeevan’s art direction is good and interestingly the sets he enacted to replicate the DNA lab and the hamlets in China are amazing.


7aum Arivu is a different story but lack of thrilling moments, predictable sequence mars the flow. 7aum Arivu is no Ghajini, but stands out for a different attempt.

7aum Arivu: Fails to live upto hype


  1. dai thuyava we cannot sit after first 20 minutes of the movie ( people with 6 senses will watch it only in dvd )

  2. Hey all…

    Wishing everyone a very joyous Diwali!!

    Hmm yet watch the diwali releases.Currently busy munching on savouries and wishing near and dear ones.Is this review real?

    Smile… 🙂

  3. Hi Friends happy Diwali

    Yes the movie is not good and this film is just hype… this movie is good example of trying something differnt but ended up giving the usual…

  4. perfect review by kollytalk..yes movie is not up to the hype..terribly dissapointed with surya n murugadoss’s effort..in New York premier show..less than 20 people attended including me..guess it deserves..they potrayed as if its equivalent to inception..crappppppppppp >:o

  5. awesome review ..best movie review by Raj Tamil . its not end of the world for surya fans …. learn from ur mistakes and keep trying  ..Happy Diwali !      on a different note ,..haiyaa kuttayan  fansukku aappu  😀

  6. Saw this movie in CT. Movie lacked a log of logic. If the chinese government wanted to finish off a brilliant scientist from India they might have as well accepter her thesis which she sent to them and called her to China and finished her off in their familiar circumstances instead of sending a mentally inept chinese assasin who goes on a mass murder spree attacking a whole police station and attracting unwanted attention like injecting a stray dog with virus in the middle of the road and leaving a pile of bodies behind. i thought it was 101 fundementals that you do such a job as discreetly as possible. The scene where he turns the public into zombie like creatures who start attacking sura in mass was totally hilarious with people in the theatre bursting out to laughs. And the scene where hruthi hassan spews venom at people who lack respect for tamil seems a tad inconvincing as the protagonist herself speaks in less than perfect tamil .
    Overall I don’t think this movie is worth all the hype…

  7. HAHAHAHAH seriously if this movie is a flop i don’t want to think about velayudham…You Vijay fans, idoiots have you watched the trailer it is a 100%massmovie like ALL his other films SO DON’T FUCKING TALK FAGGOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Well…the movie was superb…but I don’t understand the fact that why people expect for everyting??
    A good movie indeed….din lack pace….of course the story of Ghajini was also predictable but then we appreciated Murugadoss’s effort. I’m sure the one who has written the review is not a tamilian. There were so many facts that we din know before, be proud to be a tamilian rather than complaining about the movie, Why hatred??? Anga oruthan north india la padam eduthu vyabaram panna Rajini sir ah nadika vechu …thalivar vandha scene eh comedy eh eduthurukaan….the reason why he wanted Rajini is because of Enthiran and its sucess,,,,Enthiran vandha pothu there were people pointing out some mistakes and complaning….the truth is we don;t accept the fact that we have talent with us….I guess its there in the DNA of tamil people. Shame on us…!

  9. awesome stroy ..and diolgues am not a suriya fan but you got admit that the stroy is awesome and surya done is part good but lack in screenplay..and wrost  is the  climax fight was so awful like in gajni  if your aTAMILAN you will surley like it(expect that fight sence and sngs)

  10. Dei loosu How can u ask people expect for everything? nu. Because the 7am arivu team created that much hype before the release. so definitely people would expect more and more from them. atha kooda fulfill panna mudiyila na appuram aedhuku avlo hype. ellam summa makkala aemathi kaasu pudunga thaan idhu ellam panradhu andha manam ketta surya vum udhayanidi stalin num. porambokku pasanga

  11. awesome movie indeed!!!well without songs the movie would have been way better.shruthi hasaan acting is good,she done her part very well.each and every tamilan must watch this movie.songs should have placed in the correct situation or  removed.

  12. intha padam antha record pannum intha record break pannumnu sonnanga……..kadaisiya ore oru record than panni irukku shruti haasan ippa 3 languagelayum flops kuduthutaanga…..en vazhi appa vazhi

  13. movie is superb i requested to commenter dont tell lie about this movie are you vijay fan go write velayutham collum

  14. ithu ethir paarthathu thaan.. oru adi vanguna than therium… goyyala enna aattam pottinga government ah vachukitu… vela vanthu vachan la aapu ellathukum… reservation la matum than di record breaking.. box office um diwali um engalodathu saami… ana 7am arivu vetri nu solitu sun tv la oru program poduvinga kandipa… athu nenga matum than paakanum makkaley.. yena arva kolaru la arivu ah paathutu aluthukitu vanhtanunga…hayyo hayyo vijayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy vela vela vela vela

  15. ஓம் நாராயணா……….. யாரு நடிச்ச படம் எப்படி போனாலும் எனக்கு கவலை இல்லை. ஏனென்றால் நான் Power Star Srinivasan  ரசிகன்……………………………………

  16. ஓம் நாராயணா……….. யாரு நடிச்ச படம் எப்படி போனாலும் எனக்கு கவலை இல்லை. ஏனென்றால் நான் Power Star Srinivasan  ரசிகன்……………………………………
    என்னைக்கும் என் தலைவன் படம் வெற்றி தான்

  17. just finished watching 7am Arivu .. sorry to say its a good attempt to portray Tamil greatness but no where close to becoming a blockbuster .. screenplay was a let down .Shruthi needs to learn to speak Tamil properly – summa tamil ,Tamilnu oorukulla pesikuttu kamal avar ponnungalakku sariya kathu kodukala pola ..also acting wise she needs to improve …a lot .

    Surya must have trusted Murugadoss a lot but the real victim is Udhayanidhi Stalin .. if he has watched velayudham – he would have felt ashamed of procuing such an inferior product called 7aam Arivu

  18. if they called the scientist over and kill her wouldn’t it be very obvious and cause a national protest which indians are very good at. protesting for everything not knowing a damn reason behind it. And don’t blame people for specking less than perfect tamil when we are already only conversing in the bits and pieces tamil that is left over. Understand the concept of the movie and ask productive questions like is it true that we indians were so advance in medical, science, arts, culture and many more? If we were then why in the world we are so damn stupid to be a forever slave to the foreigners?

    Thanks to your 101 fundementals ways for doing the job discreetly but answer these questions and you will realise there is alot more good things for you to learn rather than doing things discreetly 

  19. Dei uthayanithi porambokku ellaa panthaiyum Government kitta poi oppadai dei sivakumar magangale kollaiyadichathu pothumadaaaaa

  20. velayutham was a typical stupid copied story from the telegu film azad but sceenplay was gd.. 7aam arivu was a gd story with a weak scrnplay..

  21. udhay:ivalavu vela senji mandaiku mela irundha kondaya marandhutane………  
    santhanam:pudinga sir.pudichi jail la podunga sir avana ………..panni payale

  22. r u a indian…………….em not a tamilian…..but em proud 2 be a indian,do you know my age em just 18yr old,i watchd this movie in theater it was surperb………blockbuster of the year 2011,its not for time pass,so be proud to be a tamilian,did they robbed money from you,they have said some good message in this movie,dai dog,shame on you,i accept udhayanidi stalin family has looted,lots n lots of money not only them each n every politician will do this ,you said surya na,then wat about rajini,vijay,…..ect even their r actor earned crore n crore,wat they did..i think so you r 4rm china,right  

  23. Dhravidan-
    Do you think a girl studying for her bachelors degree (or even phd..as i am not sure) would even be considered a “scientist”.By the way , did india go to war with US when some poor andhra students were killed in US…They issue a diplomatic protest and the US govt in turn gives a statement and that’s it…

    I don’t remember people on the streets in india when those andhra students were killed…

    I find it amusing that you feel that this was the movie which made you aware about your tamil culture..Did you not read history to learn to appreciate our culture otherwise…

    Did you not know we indians invented numbers (aryabhatta)…

    I am much well read to be taught from you that this movie educated me.Probably this was a learning experience for you…
    Keep the comments neutral and never put personal abuses..Just because you are a nameless entity floating on the net , it doesn’t give you to make any type of comments..

  24. exactly….u r right….i too thought so, this guy must be a vijay fan and wants to distract ppl….7 am arivu is a good attempt….. i am very picky, yet i feel this movie is good

  25. Just now watched 7aam arivu movie. Really Excellent. What else cud be done for a best movie. definitely it has marked more more more than the expectations as Murugadoss said in Audio launch. Every Tamilian need to be proud to watch this film. The movie has not failed, rather it has lived more to its expectations

  26. &aam Arivu CG portions cud have been still more realistic, but again that doesn’t ditch the movie. Again good Team Effort. Excellent work done by each and every artist

  27. It took close to 14 days to make arvind realize his powers as bodhidharma with rigorous lab work on him whereas it takes only a stare from dong lee to make a sewer cleaner a kung-fu fighter!!!!

    I love this……

  28. surya pocha pocha………velayutham beats 7am arivu……vijay na masssssss……surya na wasteeeeeeeeeeee………..en thalaivana adichika evanalum mudiyadhu…….

  29. So sad you still just don’t want to seem to understand the whole real picture. Go read up some more and you will see that there is alot more for you to know before you understand my stand.

  30.  is it true that we indians were so advance in medical, science, arts, culture and many more? If we were then why in the world we are so damn stupid to be a forever slave to the foreigners?

    Ask yourself if you really know the answers for these questions?

    Letting you know some of the history which you already might have know but forgotten.
    this is just 1 of the many that i would suggest you read up

  31. If you want message and inspiration read a book written by Kalam /narayanmurthy. Just because a movie has message , the lack of screenplay or mistakes should be ignored . So if next movie is starring sam anderson but with a big message, will you see it?

  32. Mahajanangalae……. 7am arivu nnu oru padam vandhirukku…..
    Adha paatheenganna ungalukku irukkura 6 arivum azhinju poyidum…..
    Padam varradhukku munnaadi enna scene pottaanunga……
    thaanga mudiyalada saami….

    Oh ringa … ringa…(Playing in distance)
    Aiyo raaamaa … marubadiyumaaaaaa????<img style=”border-style: initial; border-color: initial;” src=”http://cdn.js-kit.com/extra/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-innocent.gif” title=”Innocent” border=”0″ alt=”Innocent”/><img style=”border-style: initial; border-color: initial;” src=”http://cdn.js-kit.com/extra/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-yell.gif” title=”Yell” border=”0″ alt=”Yell”/><img style=”border-style: initial; border-color: initial;” src=”http://cdn.js-kit.com/extra/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-cry.gif” title=”Cry” border=”0″ alt=”Cry”/>

  33. Mahajanangalae……. 7am arivu nnu oru padam vandhirukku…..
    Adha paatheenganna ungalukku irukkura 6 arivum azhinju poyidum…..
    Padam varradhukku munnaadi enna scene pottaanunga……
    thaanga mudiyalada saami….

    Oh ringa … ringa…(Playing in distance)
    Aiyo raaamaa … marubadiyumaaaaaa…. :'( :'( >:o >:o

  34. Mahajanangalae……. 7am arivu nnu oru padam vandhirukku…..
    Adha paatheenganna ungalukku irukkura 6 arivum azhinju poyidum…..
    Padam varradhukku munnaadi enna scene pottaanunga……
    thaanga mudiyalada saami….

    Oh ringa … ringa…(Playing in distance)
    Aiyo raaamaa … marubadiyumaaaaaa…. :'( >:o :'( >:o O:-)

  35. it’s good you understood the scenes…..but the whole point is to show that if you know the techniques (taught by bodhidharma if you trace back) of hypnotism, it works. But it literally takes 14 days to make arvind realize his ancestory powers. Another dimension to show that bodhidharma is great!

  36. if dont understand science……. there is no chance you would like this movie…… velayutham is an obsolute idoitic movie…… and there is no way that you can compare 7aam arivu with velayutham…

  37. mokka vijay movie ku money waste pannarathuku, indha mathiri message ulla padathukku money kudutha nallathu thaanda.


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