BJP launches awareness campaigns at TASMAC outlets


In an effort to create awareness among drunkards about the ills of liquor, the BJP in the State has launched an awareness campaign at liquor-selling TASMAC outlets. Tamilisai Soundararajan, State president of the BJP, launched the initiative by distributing pamphlets and brochures listing the ills of in-take of liquor at the TASMAC outlet in Vadapalani in Chennai.

Speaking to newsmen, Tamilisai said “BJP has launched an awareness campaign today all over Tamil Nadu through which we plan to distribute pamphlets and brochures to those flocking the 6,000-odd TASMAC outlets urging them to realize the ills of liquor in-take and abandon the habit. We thought the State would implement prohibition at a time when people are against the liquor outlets and the bad effects they have on society.

“As there is no trace of the State doing so, we decided to launch an awareness campaign by which we would be distributing pamphlets and brochures at all the TASMAC outlets in the State for a month from today. The Govt. claims that it got more than Rs.2.42 lakh crores from the Global Investors’ Meet; it should then have no problem in closing down all the TASMAC outlets which give Rs.26000 crores only,” Tamilisai concluded.


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