Home eye care service launched in Delhi

Home eye care service launched in Delhi
Home eye care service launched in Delhi

New Delhi, Sep 11: With an aim to making eye care more accessible, a leading health institution here on Friday launched its home eye-care services.

Apart from giving free basic eye checkups, Sharp Sight Centre also aims to educate people about various refractive problems, cataract, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.

“Since we are living in the internet-driven age where everything is just a click away, we thought nothing could be better than taking the hospital to people’s doorsteps,” said Kamal B. Kapur, founder director of Sharp Eye Centre at the launch.

“Most importantly because seeking appointment and undergoing eye check-up at hospitals gets really stressful.”

According to ophthalmologists, 70 percent of the eye procedures can be performed in out-patient department itself while barely 30 percent require surgical intervention.

“Basically, most of our patients are elderly people, therefore our home-based eye care service aims to provide them the one-to-one attention and special care they deserve in the comfort of their homes,” he added.

“Also, because most of our equipments are hand-held so reaching out to our patients at their home is much easier.”


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