Emily Blunt hesitant about an Edge of Tomorrow sequel

Emily Blunt is nervous about an Edge of Tomorrow sequel
Emily Blunt is nervous about an Edge of Tomorrow sequel

In the last few years, the Hollywood landscape has been bombarded with one sequel after the other. But then the logic behind these sequels makes complete sense – if the people love a story, the studios get to double their profits by bringing the characters of the film to the big screen again.

During a brief chat with the media, while promoting her upcoming film Sicario, Emily Blunt talked about her trepidation about doing an Edge of Tomorrow sequel.

The 32-year-old actress said that she would undoubtedly like doing an Edge of Tomorrow 2 movie, but the idea would have to be great. She added that she doesn’t want to dilute how great the first film was, by doing a sequel that fails to replicate the first film’s success and confessed being terrified of sequels.

While it still isn’t sure if we will get to see an Edge of Tomorrow sequel soon, the fans can rest assured that Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie will undoubtedly come up with a mind-boggling idea for the sequel in the months to come.


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