Alien: Awakening is the next Alien movie, confirms Ridley Scott

Alien: Awakening is the next Alien movie, confirms Ridley Scott

We are still couple of months away from Alien: Covenant hitting theaters, but that isn’t preventing director Ridley Scott from planning way ahead. Not only does the director have a script written for the next installment, but he has revealed the title for it as well.

Scott has just revealed that the title for the next Alien movie will be Alien: Awakening. What is also interesting is that Ridley Scott pretty much confirms that after Alien: Awakening, fans will be bumping right up against the events of the original Alien, which is very exciting. He added that if Alien: Covenant and Alien: Awakening do well, there will be another Alien trilogy. As for where that trilogy will fall in the timeline is unclear, but it looks like Ridley Scott is going to be completely happy making these movies until the day he dies.

That said, Scott is 79-years-old and Alien: Awakening isn’t even going to be his next movie. It has been announced that he will helm All the Money in the World, a movie based on the true story of the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III. Hence, he may at some point have to pass the torch on these Alien movies.


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