Kajal’s fake suicide drama to unfold in the upcoming episodes of ‘Badii Devrani’

Badii Devrani
Badii Devrani

Creating high end drama with several twists and turns in their shows is not something new for the daily soap makers. And following the trend of wanting to grab eyeballs, Shashi Sumeet Mittal Productions ongoing show ‘Badii Devrani’ too is set for unfolding a dramatic twist in its upcoming episodes.

As per the upcoming track, Reeti (Megha Chakraborty) will reveal about Kajal (Priyanka Singh) and her mother Bhairavi (Priyamvada Pandey) being Bengalis. On learning about their real identities, Bilashi (Daya Shankar Pandey) will ask the mother-daughter duo to leave the house.

And now, for the twist in the tale, Kajal, after the turn of events will fake a suicide attempt and land herself in the hospital. Kajal will do this, so as to mislead the Poddar family into believing about her having no hands in her mother’s evil plans. Will the Poddar family fall for Kajal’s trap or will she be forced to leave the house?


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