An interesting tale of love and betrayal coming up on ‘Fear Files’

Fear Files
Fear Files

One of the upcoming episodic of ‘Zee TV’show ‘Fear Files’ will feature actors Harshit Sidhvana, Randeep Rai and Ruma Sharma in a unique complicated love triangle story. The show, which has been produced by Esselvison Productions, has managed to hook the viewers to their television screens with its interesting and thrilling plots.

The plot of the episodic featuring the above mentioned three actors will revolve around Siddhi (Ruma), Rohan (Harshit) and Ankit (Randeep). The girl will be shown dumping her ex-lover Rohan and entering into a relationship with another guy Ankit.

Ankit and Siddhi will go on to make a mockery of Rohan’s real love to such an extent that, the boy will be forced to commit suicide. How Rohan’s spirit comes back to haunt the two and take his revenge is what forms the crux of the storyline. The edge of the seat thriller episode will be aired on 12th September.


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