Zuckerberg rules out ‘Dislike button’, ‘Sympathize button’ a likely possibility!

Zuckerberg rules out 'Dislike' button
Zuckerberg rules out ‘Dislike’ button

Even the California storms couldn’t stop Mark Zuckerberg from attending his second Q&A session held on Thursday at Menlo Park, wherein he talked about Facebook’s real-name policy, and future plans of the often discussed ‘Dislike button!’

During the session, the 30-year-old internet entrepreneur said that he is pondering over the idea, but added that a literal ‘thumbs-down button’ is not a very good idea, and that it will do more bad than good.

He said that people do not need a ‘thumbs-down button’ and that it may not be good for people and the community, however admitted that people need more options to express their moods or what they feel about a particular post.

He revealed that people at Facebook often have an internal dialogue about the necessary range of emotions that could possibly be included in their social-network site, one being a ‘Sympathize button’ that could possibly become a reality.

He also talked about the real-name policy and admitted that the site wants people to use their real names to make it a better and safe place to interact with others. He said that the real name identification leads to accountability, thus discouraging people to use the site for evil purposes.