Whats brewing between Deepika Padukone and Siddharth


Whats brewing between Deepika Padukone and Siddharth

What’s brewing between leggy lass Deepika Padukone and liquor baron Vijay Mallya’s son Siddharth Mallya? Is the hottest question on everyone’s lips, but it was unanswered for quite a long time. Now a right handed Englishman namely Kevin Pietersen decided to give us a taste of things himself as he spilled out the secret everyone was waiting to hear, “Just had a lovely lunch with Siddharth Mallya & his girlfriend Deepika Padukone.

Even though many are aware of their closely guarded secret (which is out now), the couple did raise eyebrows when they were seen enjoying each others mushy company at the Chinnaswami stadium in Bangalore during the nail biting India-England World Cup match and all credits to Kevin for making things public.

Now that the wine is spilled, wonder if the couple will call for a celebration soon.

Cheers to the wonderful pair.


  1. she deserves a better guy!! look at him.. he’s jus fair and rich.. but i maybe wrong.. he might be a nice guy too..

  2. most of the gals are biased(verb)..just becos he is rich..
    he must have got that ‘thing’ or ‘x factor’ or whatever u r denoting to..
    however Deepika isnt a dumbass..or is she ??

  3. No man; I wouldn’t concede it easily but Pavithra has actually hit the spot and girls frequently amaze with their intellect; I think they read and discuss more than us so they understand more. You know this guy has deviated from the Indian style but has not actually found his place in the new western inclined space he has moved to. He is not really comfortable and confident though he looks so for a casual look. 

  4. n vasin r u white? i fink ur mum is vadivelu colour n ur dad is ganja karuppu colour so u must be lyk senthil rite

  5. yaru nan karuvada. nee parthiya? vasin u cnt say nyfink bk u loser so u shut it n get lost. karuvadu business indiala than big. enn unnaku theriyatha, u n ur mum did that business b4 u cme to europe.

  6. Oruvaati onniya maathri oru Sri Lanka loosu karuvadu cook panna try panni enga ellarayum veeta gaali panna sollitanga. Sri Lanka kaaran karuvatu paithyom! Nee Karuvadu case. No doubt!


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