Vijayakanth’s son Shanmuga Pandian to turn hero


Vijayakanth son Shanmuga Pandian

Actor and DMDK founder, Vijayakanth’s younger son, Shanmuga Pandian is gearing up to make his debut as Hero in the film industry following the footsteps of this father.

Vijayakanth  has two sons Prabhakaran(named after Vijayakanth’s super-hit film Captain Prabhakaran) and Shanmuga Pandian. The elder son is pursuing his third year B.E Architect at SRM Engineering college, Chennai.  The younger one, Shanmuga Pandian has completed the XII standard examinations and will be joining  Loyola  to do Visual Communications Course this year.

Vijayakanth at present riding the twin horses of cinema and politics is thinking of putting a full stop to cinema and concentrating only on politics. At this instance, Shanmuga Pandian has shown interest to act as hero. Both Vijayakanth and his wife Premalatha too have supported his desire. The parents want their son’s launching pad to be a grand one and they are hearing an apt stories for Shamuga Pandian.

The to-be actor is reportedly hitting the gym everyday to stay fit and trim. He is also taking dance lessons and martial arts classes so that he can specialize in action like  father.

We would be soon having a new action hero!


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    un alazghu ,arivu,slim body,colour,weight ku yetha hero aishwarya than
    ne than adutha super star

  2. thambi…nalla varuvenga thambi..ungala mathiri alagana elaigarkal tamil cinema ku kandipa thevai..kollywood,bollywood apadiye CM,PM…..

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  5. peraasaikkum oru alavu vendum. veera kadothkajanil nadikka vendiya intha payyan herovaakaa!!! mudiyavillai appaaa…..

  6. All the best … But think before taking any decisions … Might be in future you would have think Engineering is better than Acting as hero .. 

  7. Enna irnthalum oru different look irku Vijayak family la. Namba ellarume western or arabian looks a thaan base a vechu good looks a judge pannarom but Vijayak is different; they believe in their way; I think they are special.

  8. 2nd boy name ok,,, capt prabhakran peru vendam… bcos both his sons luk like the guy/boy in Boss enna bhaskiran char paal pandi madhiri iruukanunga…so peru apt irukkhum paal pandiyan shamunga pandiyan vacchi irundha… hmm so evangala vachi hero va try pandradha vida comedy role nalla work out aga chance irukku… 

  9. Guys looks alone wont make an actor succesful……..if so Shyam and abbas will be top heros…….talent matters…..even sury was not succesful though he looked smart at the starting of his career….only his talent and hard work payed the rih divident…..hard work along with some anount of luck makes successful…..

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  16. shanmuga be in the house and eat lots of rice and empty the tamil nadu gajana i hope u r not fit to be hero u will get shit beatings for not u r photo directly to u r face dai kutty elephant poi un munji para da erumatu panni

  17. un madiri new hero tha nangha expect panini errakrom tamil industry dai sorri nai shanmuga yar da un padatha pakavango iddu unakee konjam overa terrieale dubukku un munji enga irrukudu un suttu enge irrukudu ne teriallea poda africa pani

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  22. Older one look like a Thenga (coconut) madayen and the younger look like a Manga (Mango) Madayan, Both good for a good Comedy rolw, Surely they could be like Senthil and Coundamani


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