Trisha is upset and heartbroken


Trisha is upset and heartbroken

Trisha recently celebrated Thanksgiving with her fans, as they made tiring efforts to gift her with the best Thanksgiving card she had ever seen. Finally after a lot of yes-yes and no-no and no-yes and yes-no…Aaargh! She chose the lucky one among the lot and left just a million more fans heartbroken. But now after all that Thanksgiving, Trisha baby herself is left with a broken heart.

Thanks to the morning newspapers! The news of a 3 year old child killed in a washing machine by his father and dogs shot and beaten to death mercilessly have left the actress with scarred thoughts …She says, “I can’t fathom..I can’t relate..SICK !! Two stories that disturbed and broke my heart this morning…” Many would be aware that Trisha is an ardent animal lover who does take out time from her busy schedules to find a home for the cute ones. She has also reached out for the cause of street dogs and helped find responsible and affectionate owners for them through her PETA camps, and now the news of them being shot and beaten to death does upset her badly.

Trish we can really understand what you are going through. Well, all we can do is pray for the departed souls.




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