Trisha advices not to speak in English

Trisha does not look too pleased
Trisha does not look too pleased

Our very cute Trisha has made a humble request to all her fans. After the actress had recently only noticed that many Tamilians are trying to speak in English just to prove a fact that even they are fluent with the language. Not pleased with these developments, the actress in fact has certain rules charted out for all die hard Trisha fans and her fellow Tamilians.

Situation I: when only two Tamilians are in attendance, all conversations are strictly to be followed in Tamil.

Situation II: when only two Telugus are in attendance, all conversations are strictly to be followed in Telugu.

But if such a situation arises if there is someone who simply can’t follow both the languages then it is permitted to talk in English.

We wonder why this sudden affection for the language, looks like it’s her new trick to catch attention as she is awaiting for her upcoming release Manmadhan Ambu.


  1. Sariyo Thappo Thrisha moth mothala alagu, ilamai, dress pola topics’a kadanthu onmayana nalla oru topic’a thotrika. Nalvaravu

  2. lol.. iva dhane oru time bharathirja kita thittu vaanginadhu for speaking in english .. 
    ore thamasu da saami 

  3. hahaha i know what she means, some people try way too much and end up sounding retarded…tamil is nice to hear and they can very well speak it so why raping english?

  4. so many actress like namitha , tamanna, mumtaj etc from north side they are learning and trying to speak  tamil and speaking tamil in their interviews but this (b*****h) trisha was born and brought up in tamilnadu she is not talking in tamil ketta convent la padichalam ,USA la poi padichavangalm illaya tamil cinema la

  5. I agree with this statement but Trish doesn’t speak Tamil in any Tamil interviews and even if she does its heavily mixed with English


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