Surya out Vijay in for Mani Ratnam flick Ponniyin Selvan

Suryah out Vijay in for Mani Ratnam flick Ponniyin Selvan
Suryah out Vijay in for Mani Ratnam flick Ponniyin Selvan

Earlier we had told you about Surya and Vikram being considered for the next Mani Ratnam flick titled Ponniyin Selvan which is based on a Tamil historical novel by the same name. We know that Surya is busy with many other projects lately and the news that Mani had a preference for Vikram in the lead didn’t sit well with Surya as the hero was not interested for a secondary role in the movie.

Now we have come to know that Vijay and Vishal have been added to the cast along with Vikram. Surya as of now doesn’t seem to be a part of the picture as Vijay seems to be grabbing all the hotspots earlier reserved for Surya, earlier it was Nanban and now it’s the same case with Ponniyin Selvan.

There are talks that Sun Pictures will be putting in a staggering Rs.200 crores for this project and Ilayaraja is also being considered for the musical department. After director Shankar’s Nanban Surya is missing out on another prestigious offer alongside veteran director Mani Ratnam who is keen on fleshing out the characters of his new team that includes Vijay,Vishal and Vikram.

Three V’s for Victory they say, so shall it be.


  1. See the human in a man… not his body,brain and definetly not his origin… vijay and ajith stands tall here… of course suriya not tall in this aspect also… when u betray ur friend this is wat happens…

  2. Nop.  
    You are may be 50 years behind in your ideas on modelling.  
    Ajith manaskulla puguntha paarka mudiyum naanga? The important thing is what and how you contribute to people around you; especially for actors they must model in something tangible. You know what we Indians lack? The physical prowess; we are still decades away from winning an athletic gold in olympics. Surya is a supreme example to inspire our younsters to persue physical fitness and strength.  

  3. Dei Pothda Podalanga

    I am worried about our people’s sense of self determination. Engala naanga thaan lead pannanum. Munnadi MGR’nu irnthan; Malayalee; avana election’la defeat pannave mudiyalayam. Aprom Jayal; she too is no pure Thamilachi; ippo Rajnik, Ajith kondutu varanga; athuvum Ajith antha MGR maathriye irkaan; danger.

  4. Actors are models. Especially actors like Rajnik and Vijay who act consistently in similar roles do influence youngsters and society at large. Someone who admires Surya’s success would probably go for physical excellence. He helps creating a strong and healthy future generation of Indians.

  5. Dei Podalanga

    You are a no hoper; yaaru vanthalum kaasu adika thaan poaranganu solriye! Onku enna 70 vayasa? Thoravi maathri pesera! Do you get morning erections? Nonthu pona podalanga. I will always try my best to oppose undeserving people coming to power.

  6. I like Vijay’s smartness but I am no fan of anybody. I don’t closely follow any of them. However of all the high profile individuals in Thamil Naadu only Vijay looks potent to do something good if power is haded to him but he too is not perfect. 

  7. its not vijay vishal vikram daa

    Vijay Vikram visha
    Vikram Vijay Vishal

    Vishal is bacha compared to both great Vikram and Vijay

  8. We (india) is 50 years back  because u like Hippocrates VASIN. Dont think that overnight  india will come up and become like UK, USA, Germany and Japan.  Our country is filled with ideal worships; we are prying wind, sun, moon, buffalos, cows and what not..  I saw a seen in Bombay one person drinking cow’s pee in the middle of a crowded road tellin that it is prasad…  We can’t see such things else ware in the world.    What suriya can do with his 6 packs… hee he Budhu Vasin…

  9. Ethuku short tall leye nikareenga? Nagarunga. Konjam stuffing’la concentrate pannunga. Surya mathavangaloda nikkara phots’a paarunga. He always looks better because of thick and strong arms, legs and torso; he looks well filled; you can see his power from just his face. 

  10. There you guys are making the mistakes.. Movies are just a medium of entertainment just enjoy for few hours and leave it.  Go and meditate to God and touch the Bhramam if you are a Hindu… if you are a Muslim it’s written in the Quran how to find god and how to lead a good life.. so as the Bible…
    Pity on you guyz to follow Rajani.. and Vijay what they are showing on the screen  VASIN go and read some good books atleast Bagawat geeta…

  11. vijay gethu…go vijay,…… one can stop you..rajni is nothing compared to you….you are the superstar…

  12. huy guys..its me surya…i think Vijay is more and more talented than me…he deserve this pls dont talk bad about him..he was my senior in loyala college…i respect him a lot….bye

  13. hi fool. everyone can find that you are not surya.please comment your own ideas and thoughts.dont misuse surya’s name.he never bothered abt for anything he missed.its not his loss,it shows his busy scheldule with other projcts dude.he will rock in next movie.ya vjy too back,i agree.IF YOU ARE SURYA’S TRUE FAN,ENJOY HIS MOVIE.PLEASE DONT BEG FOR HIM LLIKE THIS.dont try to make sympathy…fool.

  14. Dei Pandi, Vitta olaritte pore! Puriyama ennenemo pesera. Sari ivlau pesera; Where exactly are you(the reformer) going to make the change for the social turn around? Hippo enaku solla vanthutaru! 

  15. In the statement it mentiones “Surya is busy with many other projects” which means Vijay is jobless….
    i can’t stop laughing……. aiyo….aiyoh…..

  16. TIN BEER SIZE KULLAN is having only one project in hand that is maatraan and also 7am arivu is going to complete now.



  17. The news cannot be accepted until Manirathnam confirms it. These are just rumors, remember 3 idiots remake(Nanban). However, Surya would have been an better choice for an periodical movie. 

  18. shut up man. whats wrong with his height u idiot? he is handsome. im a vijay fan but i too like suriya he has dne better films than vijay. sowii to say this but its the truth

  19. poriki poramboku sanjeev!!!!!!!

    Suriya va dance ada sonna tambaram la irunthu beach station varikum ooduvan da punda.. avana pathi en da pesira poriki naye.. even vadivelu is dancing better than your suriya..
    poriki nayee..
    vaiya moodra the***** paiyaa..

  20. amma suriyauku saravana stores than super super super when compared to mani rathnam and shankar!!!!!!

    veetlaperivanga iruntha kootitu va ma..

  21. Surya is 5″7″ and vijay is 5″8″. its only one inch you ideot vijay is also short but he is so skinny thats why he looks better in height, surya has six-packs wide- chest so he looks a bit short. i agree.

    but Surya is so handsome like bollywood hero. and Vijay is “அண்டங்காக்கா” (andangkaka)

    “Oru vaati mudivu panna en pecha naane ketkamaten”- Dei naaye un pecha neeye keetkaati naanga eppadi keapom; source Vijay TV Show

  22. Dei! Namba Aravekaadungala!

    Ithan solrathu SW SW SW nu muttalthanama kathukittu vantha ongala maathri aravekaadunga thaan Thamil Naadu poora irka poranga. Thamil kathukiteengalada neenga 2nd language’a? Periya ivaru maathri French pannirupeengale? Loosungala.

    Thamil’a ‘THOATRA POLIVU’ NU onnu irku theriyuma. Surya’kitta athu irku. I think Gautham’oda latest film audio launch Kollytalk’la publish pannanga. Antha photos’la paarunga; almost all are taller; but Surya looks best. Thoatra Polivu. Therinjukonga.

  23. Hey if u tell surya looks good than VJ , then we will definitely tell surya is kullan than VJ….  someone said surya is 5.7″ … i think he is trying to save surya…. he is just 5.3″….  yen ya kadha vidreenga… VJ will rock….. VJ is super star… surya just a good actor…. ther can be many good actors… but super star is only one in a generation and its VJ in this generation

  24. edho surya nalla nadikiranu solreenga…..  konjam face azhaga irundha edhu pannalum actingnu solveenga….  if you see , only good looking actors are talked more as good actors … for e.g kamal ,maddy, surya …. so for u ppl , to be frank , real acting does not matter,… if his face looks good, u ll accept asas good acting…. Our star VJ is style …. Mass …. it will not come easily to anyone… he is like rajini… so all kullan fans shut up and get lost….. surya is head weight… See VJ’s expressions in kavalan , no one can do… even suhasini said, acting is not crying, raising eyebrows…. its using the mind and VJ has done it perfectly…. VJ ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Hello , yar pa adhu poliva pathi pesuradhu, rajni mugathula polivu iruku…. but yar super star… like that… VJ has style… he is the super star……………

  26. Surya has an better fan base than VJ. In my class, about 10% are VJ fans but they make an lot of noice. But Surya had about 55% fans & they happen to be silent fans.

    I am not an Fan of both but Surya has an better fan base proved by his box ofiice collection!

  27. Why people are jealous of Surya s success??does he spoke anything bad abt Vijay??there is nothing that sort of thing…….each of them has their own flims and success as well as failures…..Vijay may look smart surya may look charming……..Vijay dances well and Surya acts well….each of them have their own style and way of acting….why u people always talk silly things abt Surya s height……even Aamir Khan is shorter than Surya……Tin BEER nu solreenga…….tin beer enna surya size ah erruku……just talk abt the performances and comment decently…….make it a pleasure to read……dont irritate others….grow up guys…

  28. hello my dear vijay fans,hold on ur words,wt vijay knows abt acting???????first ask him to stop remake movies,if he cant means u dont hav any rights to talk abt shut ur dirty mouth and ass

  29. Actor vijay has good chances now to regain his form….. He really learnt from the mistakes…. Actor surya has given few hits continously… But previously vijay also also has given continous hits…… Both of them have good time and bad time… Personelly from my view.. surya is little bit jealous… may be vijay also had…. that is the part of the human nature….

    But for us.. it is really good.. bcos vijay, mani and may be vikram/vishal combo will taste better than chettinadu combo.. we all hope….

    Karthi brother of surya is also doing well…. He is better … he will get the more fan base soon than surya…. for sure

  30. fuck off u nasty asssssss hole……. what the fucking rights u have to comment on vijay’s acting or remakes….. who the shit r u to do sop….. commenting is an easy jo…. but performing is not that easy….. so shut ur assssssss n penis tightly…. else willl cut them off ur physique……

  31. surya no need other acter support to success filim.he can do himself.He is a singam.vijay finally depending others to make success in carrier.its big shame.

  32. vijay is doing secondary heros role in namban and maniratnam filim.its shame for him..?very very very shameeeeeeee.

  33. this would be next level movie in tamil industry.  vijay is also a righy choice,in tamil nadu no hero has many fans like vijay not even a rajini. im a rajni fan but what im trying to say is rajni has fans throughout india where as vijay coveredr many film fans alone in tamil naddu. vijay is going to be give aanother blockbuster with manirathnam   

  34. surya to be improved now adays he is success b coz of media support his recent hit from sun network, & every body knows how true they promote. surya is big copy cat , 4 proof see the image below


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