Sonia Agarwal on her former husband

Selvaraghavan -Sonia Agarwal
Selvaraghavan -Sonia Agarwal

After the much-publicised splitup with director husband Selvaraghavan, Sonia Agarwal is making her come back in Simbhu’s Vaanam.  She also is on the spree of signing up several projects in silver screen and small screen.

Speaking of her former husband, Sonia says, “I prefer to maintain a friendly relationship with Selvaraghavan. Several divorced couples turn into enemies and remain that way for the rest of their lives. But I am not that kind of person and if I meet Selva I would interact with him cordially and go on my way. In fact We do talk occasionally on the phone.”

Will she work with Selva again? Sonia said, she and her husband parted as friends and if any future project needs them to both to work together, they are both open to it.

The once enviable Jodi Selva-Sonia married in 2006 but parted their ways with mutual consent in 2010, after rumors of Selvaraghavan’s newfound relationship with Andrea (while working on Aayirathil Oruvan) sprang up.


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