Rushing crowds for Dirty picture


Rushing crowds for Dirty picture There is a sudden rush at theater halls across the State, with every other boy suffering from the Kolaveri virus patiently waiting in queue for the Dirty Picture.(People Dhanush himself doesn’t have a cure for Kolaveri…otherwise we would have announced right away ..Anyway enjoy the movie …you already booked the tickets.. right?) This not-so-good Picture showcases actress Vidya Balan as a showpiece  Ayayaa! We meant in a glamorous role, trying to get behind the scenes of whatever happened to yesteryear siren Silk Smitha.

The ever graceful Vidya has opted for a skimpy makeover dropping some clothes and popping some innocent eyeballs in the process. It is heard that she has put on almost 11 kgs to get her Silk Smitha looks just right, trying to fit into the character. With the movie hitting screens the sexy lady is delighted with the overwhelming response. The raunchy trailer, posters, and photo shoots that made their way automatically to many young computers, undoubtedly promised a pulsating experience at the halls for Vidya’s new-found fans. Infact the Dirty Picture is being screened in a total 100 theaters across Tamil Nadu and Kerala, apart from booking jam packed halls up North with Vidya’s sleazy looks doing the trick just fine.


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