Poorna returns advance remuneration


Poorna returns advance remuneration

Poorna who made her Tamil debut in Muniyandi Vilangial Moonramandu has managed to pocket a string of releases in Kollywood. Born in Kerala, she made her entry into movies, after being spotted in a popular dance show called Super Dancer. The actress is presently engaged with an upcoming Kollywood offering titled Karuvaachi.

Directed by A.R. Shiva, the film has actor Akhil and Poorna playing the lead pair. A couple of days back the director and his team landed in Salem to shoot one of the important scenes for the film. He called to his actress and explained the portion to be shot and how it should be carried out in a professional manner. Poorna who patiently listened to the script narrated by Shiva was totally taken aback. So much so that she felt a bit guilty of accepting the advance payment that was offered to her. Even before the first scene could be shot she walked straight to the director and handed him the advance payment saying, “Such good movies should be finished on time without any hassles. I will accept my remuneration once the film is shot and completed.”  The Karuvaachi girl is proud of being part of such a dedicated team and believes that the film will bring a different angle to love stories, and money shouldn’t be the first priority.

Producers who want a co-operative actress for their new projects can contact Poorna if interested. 🙂


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