Nayantaras sexy mole to be hidden in Sri Ramarajyam


Nayanthara in Sri Rama Rajyam

Some time back, it was reported in these columns that actress Nayantara bid a tearful farewell to the crew members of her last (or latest?) Telugu film ‘Sri Ramarajyam’. The actress, who is all set to get married to Prabhudeva soon, had played the role of Goddess Sita in the period film. The film’s shooting was held amid widespread protests in Tamil Nadu against Nayan playing the role of ‘holy’ and ‘revered’ Sita after breaking a family (Prabhudeva’s) in real life.

Nayan went ahead and completed her assignment. She reportedly subjected herself to some hard ‘penance’ for playing the holy character of Goddess Sita in the film by staying away from non-vegetarian food till the film was completed. Tollywood’s Balakrishna has played Lord Ram in the film, which is a remake of the Telugu film ‘Lava Kusa’ which starred the legendary NTR in the lead.

The sincerity and dedication with which Nayan worked in the film didn’t fail to impress all, especially Babu, the film’s director. When it comes to showing her face in the film, Babu had reportedly told her at the time of signing the agreement itself that her mole just above the upper lip would have to be covered ‘using graphics’ as it gave her a sexy look and wouldn’t jell with the role she was to play in the film.

Now that the film’s shooting is over, the works is on to hide Nayan’s ‘sexy mole’ above the upper lip. Nayan had always told her close friends in the industry that she considered this mole as her ‘lucky mascot’. The ‘mascot’ would surely be missing in ‘Sri Raamarajyam’; wouldn’t be compensated up by the holiness of the role she plays in the film?


  1. Hey, I am a Thamil Hindu but also am hard core Radical. Anything coming out of India is not credible. For example Ambani became rich but could you say he was as straight forward as was Larry Page. Therefore we don’t want Indian examples; let us look for West for inspiration. Abdul Kalam and Vajpayee couldn’t have girl friends; what good are they?

  2. Enna Smile, nambala Swamy’s thaan emaatharaanga nu paartha neenga kuda aarambichteengala? Intha Dwarpa yugam maathri vishayangalukellam evidence is very thin and not credible. The biggest weight on India’s head is its legacy; stupid hero oriented legacy; we have to get rid of it.

  3. When you dont have the guts to accept what is good in India then you can never be a normal person. It is because of people like you the Britishers suppressed us. Britishers made sure that we disown our legacy and look upto Western legacy. But its unfortunate that people like you have ignored our culture and history.
    How so you know that Larry Page was straight forward his entire life? Were you with him? Everything can be written easily. First get inspiration from your mother then you can get inspired from your friends mother. ALso having girl friend is not everything in life. ABdul Kalam and Vajpayee achieved a lot in their lives and they are being talked by everyone in this world. But what about you? You are just being cursed…so change your mind set soon before your girl friend leaves you for another one.

  4. Naan yaaraiyum emathanadhu illai and emathavum mattean.Mollamari mudichavukki saami’s-a nambama real saamiya(GOD)nambanum.I am not lecturing u to revere our scriptures.But how can u ask others to stop reading them?Do u have a credible source to support ur fact that Ramayanam and Mahabharatham are nothing but fiction? You may look up to Westerners for inspiration but there is one thing we have that they don’t.-Culture and Tradition.Girlfriends,S!! mattum vazhkai illai.Its just a part of life.Girlfriends/Boyfriends illati vazha mudiyadha??Unga US le adhane vazhudhu.Eppo paaru evan pondati avankooda poradhu,avan pondati evana vechikardhu.Unga US-a neengale vechikonga.Engalukku onnum vendam.

  5. @Archana……If Vasin’s girlfriend is a person who thinks like him,she would be too happy to have him but manam,rosham,soodu,soranai ulla ponnu kandipa evaru thalaile kalla pottu odirupa…. 

  6. ha ha haa..well said archana..guess this guy would have recently shifted to UK,athuku than thala kaal theriyama aduran…he is a maniac n gets mere pleasure by commenting like this..with this kind of sick attitude do u think he will have girlfriend??he is a 3rd rated moron..better ignore this asshole.

  7. @smile..please correct yourself..who said all americans have paramours??not everyone suspects their partners for infedility…infact most of our indians leaving here are more faithful to their partners than their counterparts in India..invan illam oru manushyan’nu neengalum archana’vum comment panringle..ithu nyayama??

  8. more fake n this time DK
    Mr.deivuseithu vera pera mathringla…naan rombo naalerundu DK le than chat panren..pls its a request

  9. @DK….Neither am i being bias nor blaming all westerners.I am trying to point out the difference in morals and values.As u said,there are people living outside india who value our traditions and culture more than those of them in India.And i am an example.Though my parents are indians,i was born and brought up totally away from india but i am rooted to my culture and traditions.I vist temples twice every week without fail.Ask me anything from our scriptures and i shall tell u.I am not praising my self but my point is wherever u are,never forget ur roots.Vasin,being an indian talks ill abt our culture and how long will it take for the rest to point their fingers at us??Bec he was talking abt the pros of US,i stated the cons.Not to hurt anyone.If i did,i am sorry…

  10. apdiya patte KR vijaya & Ramya krishnan’ne amman role’le nadikku mothu..nayantharave yein curse panringo.appo balakrishna Ramar vesham podalama??avaru yaaro appaviya shoot pannavaru ache??.ithu cinema thane..athuvum telugu cinema..yeppadiyum thiruttu VCD’le paapinge..ithukellam yein ungalukku pathikittu varuthu smile’u?? :-[

  11. Thanks DK and Smile for your comments. But the point is, this Vasin guy has no guts to accept the idioticness in his comments. Yes, I agree that anyone can comment on this kind of forum but there should be some sort of decency involved and some sort of respect for everyone. I was brought up in that way. But this Vasin talks pure rubbish and unnecessary things. As you say, this guy will never have a girl friend and even if he has, she is bound to leave him very soon.
    Also he is like a person using umbrella during night time. So its better we try to FLAG all the posts written by him and finally write a letter to this web manager to ignore this Vasin. But he is sure to torture us with another name

  12. I still don’t understand what is idiotic about what I say; Westernisation, Frankness, Physical Energy…..

    I accept we all must draw some inspiration from our mothers but how could as an adult you would draw inspiration from our stupid religions and ethics? You draw inspiration from your mother because it is biologically and circumstantially relevant and practical. Going by the same logic Obama is more relevant than something we actually are not sure if it did happen; I mean the epics.

    And comparing Larry Page certainly most certainly he should be 100 times more transparent than Ambhanis; in India nothing is rational because of religous beliefs are applied in day to day lives too often and unnecessarily; until you find a cure you may depend on prayers for cancer but once scientists find it the role of religion is over in that aspect; am I not right there? But we do not propgress so still there are mytical processes underpin our actions so actually no Indian is credible for public so we have to look for West to solve issues.

  13. Machi Vasin i lik all u r comments dude…. @least u r d 1 who s trying  to change our culture… I doesn’t care about others but, i am getting inspired by u r comments buddy…Hats off 2 u.. I lik people who r very straight forward…

  14. @smile..thats the depends upon bought up..pity his parents who have not raised him properly..dont know what does he gets commenting ill about our culture,tradition n tamil eelam..not even the americans or europeans will stoop to this level…what he speaks is heights of sadism..guess he should be an drug addict n needs immediate help from psychiatrist..vasin u suck big time.

  15. @vasin..stop your lowzy comments…do you know Indians are the one who invented infinite series,numerical zero,ayurveda,yoga n many more??Indians did cataract surgery n plastic surgery way back 6th century itself??Daimonds were first recognised by Indians??have u heard of gupta dynasty,indus valey civilization??playing cards,ludo n snake ladder was invented by Indians??forget that simputer was invented in india??do u know the History of America??u know how old is America? and u know how rich is our history??what are u up to??u think we all here are headless chickens??u might be intelligent but dont think others are fools..go fly a kite moron.

  16. Yes Really….Everything s going well machi….How s u r life in UK? I totally frustated by reading dis sick comments mentioned by sick people…

  17. Dai DK, yaaruda sonnanga nee intelligent illinu? Romba paduthara. This is a forum; you forward your arguments; but you should be frank; ennathu simputer a? Computer na that pride belongs to IBM. Infinite series a? I think one Thamil guy observed a statistical pattern late in the eighties but all these statistical patterns are no big deal now after the PC revolution. Anything you quote above is not going to make India proud because things have shelf life. Move on mate; come up with something new. I have been waiting for the first track and field Indian gold and a language to rival Java, C++ & VB. If we can do one of the two then we have turned it around…

  18. This is Vasin…..when people are against u,coming back in another ID to support urself……idhellam oru job….managketta pozhappu.

  19. @ Archana.Ya rite….he will never stop no matter what we do.If he had some shame he would have shut up after so mant hates.Let him comment what he wants but what i can’t stand is his x rated comments.He and his good for nothing policies.To hell with it!!!

  20. Smile, when I answered your comments or Archana’s comments I would have avoided adult like comments; I am not too sure but normally I wouldn’t do it. Sorry if I erred. You follow the orthodox girl style with passion; good; anything done with passion is good; but I too pursue my beliefs with passion; what’s wrong about it?

  21. nayantara… unnoda toci potadhukae indha pasanga commentla aadichikittu saavuraangalay??? appo nee pora kudumbam yeppadi aadichi kittu saava poogutho??? yeppadiyo neeyum andha thevidiya prabuvum  naasamaa pona poodum………..

  22. Looks like they are chucking you out of UK.. Dont come to India also.. Go to countries which you support asshole!!

  23. Like i said,u have all the rights to comment but also take note that this is a public forum and there are many others(women)also posting their comments here.What u write is read by all so it should not be offensive.U have a set of beliefs,do stick to it.I have no worries.If this was a hollywood blog,probably ur views would have been welcomed but this is an indian forum so do practice caution while typing comments.

  24. @ Smile….I knw Vasin very well thru kolly talk & y he should create ID to praise himself ? He never do such kind of things… Believe people @ sum point of time…

  25. dei vasin….pasamane passuvum kastamane kusuvum..vonna vazhthatha sarithram kidaiyathu!..nee than intha madri kevalama maane vishayathe pannuven endru yengalukku nalla theriyum..unakkum theriyathavanukkum naange solli tharum..over acting pannadinge seriya 😎

  26. Naan ongla pathi thappa elthala; I just say we shouldn’t read our epics with reasons; you and Archana are attacking me; you don’t concentrate enough on what I said.

  27. Edhu naanga attack panroma?Neenga pesardhe waste.Adha vera nanga concentrate pannanumo??Sathan vedham odhardhu.Adha nallavanga kekanumnu avasiyam illai.Unga kollgaigale neengale vechikonga.Vazhga valamudan.Aala vitta podhumda saami…


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