Kolaveri now part of B school syllabus


Kolaveri now part of B school syllabus

It’s interesting to see how the football loving kids, busy housewives, your local auto rickshaw guy and even the Sharma’s at A block would give you a simple answer to all your daily problems. Well this answer itself has been a burning question of debate for many broken hearts as radios beat aloud those famous 4 words – Why this Kolaveri di?

No more my friends! We’ve found the right people to put an end to all matters relating to your heart and brain. If you may please, it’s a bunch of studious, spectacled fellows from the B-schools who will come up with a solution to this raging drama.(You have to give it up for the boys, atleast they are trying) That’s right! The song Why this Kolaveri di? will now be included as part of the syllabus in leading B-schools across the nation. The enrolled students hoping to study some tactics from Dhirubai Ambani’s secret diary will be treated to some real secrets, exposing the success formula behind the Kolaveri number, which now holds the maximum hits for any Indian song recorded till date.

Come on now ! It’s just a song people…Leave the kids alone.



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