Jeeva looses 14kgs to get into Superhero role


Jeeva looses 14kgs to get into Superhero role

Actor Jeeva is all set to deliver his version of a super-hero in the forthcoming offering Mugamoodi. The movie will be a special one for the actor, working with director Myyskin who promises to deliver something worth-a-watch with each successive release. Fans might recall that Mysskin did showcase his acting skills to the core playing the mentally challenged character in his very own Nandalala in 2010.

Actor Jeeva on the other hand has been really working hard to get best in shape for the super hero role. All those cardio exercises, martial art training, and hitting the gym at regular intervals has helped him shed almost 14kgs in record time. The Mugamoodi hero is pretty happy with his sweating efforts presenting him with this totally macho look. When inquired about his plans for the week Jeeva says Nothing much happening guys! Just enjoying the week with family, training n kungfu.”

Haaahha…. so Jeeva ‘Every day is a Kungfu day’ ….oh we forgot you were following the superhuman timetable.



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