Divya Spandana heads Europe for Christmas with boyfriend


Divya Spandana heads Europe for Christmas with boyfriend

Divya Spandana is really excited this Christmas. Well she’s got some plans going and hopefully the snow will make it only more romantic. We are told that the lady will be flying across to spend her Christmas holidays in foreign lands.

Divya says, “Will be spending Christmas in Europe!! It’s going to be a lot of fun despite the cold.” It is heard that the actress wants to make amends with her Jewish-European boyfriend Raphael who had cut away from her after the surprise marriage proposal from Divya’s side. Her last Tamil movie was the Jeeva flick Singam Puli with another Kolly flick in Kadhal 2 Kalyanam down the pipeline. Nevertheless, Divya is enjoying a stable career in the Kannada industry having a string of projects lined up for herself. Her demand has forced producers to agree for a Rs.32 lakhs remuneration, a record for any contemporary Kannada actress. Happy with how things are turning out she is looking forward to a great New Year celebration, hoping to patch things up with Raphael.

Divya, have a great Christmas blast! Wish you all the best …



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