Amala Paul loves partying around with leading heroes


Amala Paul Party Animal

Unlike their Bollywood counterparts, Kollywood heroes usually tend to be hesitant in inviting their heroines and other actresses, irrespective of whether they are on excellent terms with them or not, to attend parties. This is said to be the prevalent trend in Kollywood. Yet, there is one actress who goes out to invite others to accompany her to parties.

Amala Paul, who impressed everyone with her scintillating performance in last year’s Prabhu Solomon-directed ‘Mynaa’, is a self-confessed party animal. It is said that if she wants to attend a party hosted by any lead actor or an actress, she doesn’t get in touch with them through her manager but directly speaks to them over phone.

She reportedly rings up leading heroes ever-so-casually and asks them whether she is on the list of invitees or not. Not wanting to disappoint her and pleasantly surprised at her calling them directly, these heroes do agree for her attending the parties.
As a result, they are made to cough up the money to settle the bills in this regard. As far as partying is concerned, Amala reportedly doesn’t differentiate between whether she has acted with the particular actor or not. She can make do with anyone, it seems!


  1. Enna attitude ithu…….u have talent and looks…do u need to canvass each and every hero for roles……though its u r private affair…gal u gotta spoil u r name very soon……

  2. hey i dnt like dis gal..she luks yuck.. she is trying to be party animal. like actors network in bollywoood ..and started wit heros alone in kollywood like arya,bharath,jayam ravi,simbhu,jeeve…list goes.. but heroines are nt invited like dey do in bollywood.. pavvam avangalum relaxation and fun thevadhaney.. cant get anyone as friend,relatives to hang out other than their mom n dad sometimes. dey are making it as big issue stressing abt bills blah blahs.. 


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