200 bald men for Balas Eriyum Thanal


200 bald men for Balas Eriyum Thanal

Director Bala took the offbeat path with his last release Avan Ivan starring Arya and Vishal, with the movie turning out to be a milestone achievement for both the actors. Known to take the best out of his heroes Bala’s Avan Ivan gifted fans with a new Vishal who appeared painfully squint-eyed throughout the movie, with his efforts paying off soon after the release.

While Vishal’s career is certainly shining after Avan Ivan (he landed a movie with Trisha) Bala is hell bent to set another 200 heads glittering in the sun. His next flick  Eriyum Thanal starring the promising Adharva will soon take off in another week. The shoots will commence on December 15th to be precise and the director is making some hair-raising preparations for this new one. We are told that the director has hired 200 junior artistes for the shoots. All 200 of them have been asked to shave of their heads in order get all set for the mid December launch. Surprisingly the artists have also been ordered to maintain the look for a total 200 days without any hair loss….well this time it’s hair gain.


Confused over how to achieve this feat, they have asked all of you reading this article to throw in the comments below. Com’on help the poor fellas…


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