Vishali Kannadasan is now Jennifer


Visali Kannadasan, daughter of Kaviarasu Kannadasan has converted to Christianity after taking Holy Communion at the Mylapore Good Shepherd Church a few days ago. She has also changed her name to Jennifer.

Visali was an actress and television personality. She is also a poet and an orator. Visali was introduced in cinema as an actress by K. Balachander in the film ‘Vaaname Ellai’. Later she moved to television. She has written a song in the film ‘Uyir’ staring Sangeetha.

Visali Kannadasan’s conversion has surprised many as her father Kannadasan who was an atheist  during his early days as  a follower of the Dravidian atheistic movement later re converted to Hinduism  and changed his name from Muthaih to Kannadasan after having read the Thiruppavai of Andal  and went to become the writer of the ever popular ‘Arthamulla Indhumadham’ series.


  1. A shameless bitch she is. If she has any morals and principles, she would not have gone so low. It is akin to calling the neighbor as dad since he is richer than her dad. Shame on you, broad.

    • OMG! Are you saying that a person isn’t entitled to his/her own opinions on religion?
      So, a Hindu born child should always follow Hinduism? Immature thought. It’s like saying a cobbler’s child should only be a cobbler by profession.

    • Common guys she knows who is true God who is fake God Jesus is the true man of God who came from heaven to deliver the man souls from Saton ‘s hand which controls all the religions in the world. JESUS is the true God living God who is going to come and rule the world very soon. PRAISE GOD PRAISE TO JESUS .Repent come to Jesus Congratulation Visali Sis

  2. What is the reason? Why abandon Dharma when it is the light of all the light.I WILL lead us to the final destination in this wonderful journey and merge with the Divine of no return.What a waste!Hindu organization, please do something.

  3. religion is like politics. father mother and house god (forefathers) are the origins of gods. since we all came out of africa and from one father and mother, we can scienfically pray to any god. religion is the name and its the disgrace. GOD is superior. no matter which god

  4. ஒருவர் தனது மதத்தில் இருந்து வேறு ஒரு மதத்திக்கு மாறும் பொழுது, அவர் அந்த இரு மதத்துக்குமே தகுதியற்றவர்

    • That was the opinion of opinion of one person that can not control the conscience of all.
      Lionel Arokiaraj

  5. we can select our cloths, we can select our food, we can select our places to live, we can select our degree of our choice…
    why the people worry about choosing thoughts.
    be patient guys…….

    • Your father can select a son in law if he has a daughter! He bloody well had you as the son! Similarly, you can select your father in law! But you bloody well had your father!!!!

  6. we can select our cloths, we can select our food, we can select our places to live, we can select our degree of our choice…
    why the people worry about choosing thoughts.

  7. she is a matured person and she would have taken the right decision after going thru lot of though process. Whether it is wrong or right, she has decided to do what is best for her. As long as she remain as a good human being, thats all matters.

  8. She changing from one religion to another voluntarily is her right!
    why do you people need to interfere in her rights.
    I'm an Athiest.but I feel anyone to continue to have the right to voluntarily remain a athiest or convert from one religion to other etc.,
    Whats the big problem in this.
    I strongly condemn exploiting and targeting innocent people and poor people and converting them to ther religions.
    But the conversion in the above case is fine.

  9. coverting to other religion is their own decision. Kannadasan is great poet and still he is alive because of his poets. WHole nation knows about his talent. But She? i am unable to express in words……….

  10. Where does Christianity comes from? definitely not a Dravidian culture. It is an Aryan Culture. Hitler adopted Swastika Symbol 'coz he strongly believed he was an Aryan. People who convert to christianity are embracing Aryan culture. Murga Peruman will always be Tamil god. These missionaries should stop converting people.

    Jennifer going forward do not call yourself a dravidian, coz Jesus nor christianity is Dravidian culture.


    • I think u r mixing issues here. Brother, this is not about culture or religion. And lets not get obsessed with man made boundaries in terms of caste, race or anthropology. We are all human beings first. That too spiritual beings. No one can convert anyone. People are not stupid. They have the power of self realization. If you seek the truth, the truth will seek you! And it will set you free. Explore everything with an open mind. God bless you.

  11. Gud to hear the good news, unless pople expeiences the reality, they wud be giving all non sense comments,dont worry for all silly things keep up ur work its all ur heart felt reality no one can change it

  12. If this celebrity is changing her religion it is harmful to her future and her eternity, all the above criticism, the pressure in her life and the lose from her financial strength because of her change may bring her back to same place where she was and many tamil actresses and actor gone through this.

    But if she transformed from her previous faith to this way of life with her whole heart, whole might and whole spirit or soul then she selected the rigt path to live here as a witness to the Creator GOD and live eternally in life.

    God bless her

  13. As I have gone through all the comments above I can say one thing you can select any thing for your life that may be right or wrong some time later in your life you may regret why you selected it or some time in your later life you will be proud of selecting them.

    But selecting Christianity may look like you selected it but it always from God who reveals HIMSELF through the HOLY SPIRIT that Jesus Christ is the God and Saviour to the mankind.

    God Bless everyone

    • Christians have committed more atrocities in the world than any other religion…colonization…looting. Stealing.killing. Greed. Free Grab for land. 2 world wars. 6million Jews dead. Atom bomb. Slavery. = christianity. Jesus copied the vedas and butchered it…

  14. <span><span>Who you are is no one's business, the success of India as a democratic country is because of the magnanimity of many Hindus, Hinduism is not a religion which was born a few centuries back to get threatened by any other religion, so sensitive subjects like conversion should be cautiously dealt with, Don’t forget if we carry 10% of tolerance of our forefathers, we won’t be writing silly comments. She can always turn and look at you ‘Kandeeban’ and ask in the same British language we are all using (well we can call ourselves bitches as well) and ask you, “ Kandeeban, who the holy F**k are you to ask me what I do with my life” , so chill my friend ! Be true to yourself and your religion, stop judging others.</span></span>

  15. அர்த்தமுள்ள இந்து மதத்தை எழுதிய அதே கண்ணதாசன் அவர்கள்தான் தனது வாழ்வின் இறுதி நாளில் இயேசு காவியம் என்ற காவியத்தையும் படைத்துள்ளார். ஒருவரின் பிறப்பை மதம் நிரணியிக்கக் கூடாது. மதம் மாற்றம் அவர் உள்ளத்தில் தானகவே ஏற்பட்டதேயாயின் அது ஏற்றுக் கொள்ளப்படத்தக்கது. வற்புறுதியோ பிறருக்காக மனம் மாறும் போது தான் இரண்டு மதத்திற்கும் தகுதியற்றவராகிறார் என்ற கருத்ததைதான் சுவாமி விவேகானந்தர் கூறுயிருக்கிறார், விரும்பி தாமே ஏற்றுக் கொண்ட ஜெனிபர் என்கிற விசாலி கண்ணதாசனை வாழ்த்துகிறேன்.
    இரா. யோவான் காந்தி

  16. Yesu Kaaviyam was a poem ‘inspired’ by evangelicals. Kannadasan wrote Yesu Kaaviyam not because he was convinced about the superiority of Christianity. He wrote it because he was paid for it, and because he was a professional writer. Further, it was an opportunity to write a long poem in Tamil. That’s all. Don’t make it seem that Kannadasan himself wanted to convert. I am thankful nobody has gone so far as that. Kannadasan himself suffered insults when he married Vishali’s mother (it was his third marriage). Vishali alone is responsible for what she does to her life. One only hopes it’s a true conversion and not motivated by considerations extraneous to religion (common these days). After all, as Jesus said, one cannot serve God and Mammon at the same time. Jesus made poverty a condition for spiritual growth. Today that is a far far cry.

  17. யோவான் 8:36 ஆகையால் குமாரன் உங்களை விடுதலையாக்கினால் மெய்யாகவே விடுதலையாவீர்கள்.
    God bless you my child -Jennifer.

  18. The god is the same the path taken to reach him is many. Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism…..are all the same they all preach the similar teachings. Buts its her choice what she wants to follow. But what I don’t understand is why change your name. She is Tamil and she had a nice Tamil name, I don’t understand what name has to do with religion. As she converted her religion she also converted her Tamil name for a english one. She has lost her identity. Poor lady name less and religion less.

    • The idea that all religions are the same is a concept taught to modern-day Hindus. It is called ‘sameness’ But the peculiarity is that no one except the Hindu says this! Christians obviously don’t think so ; they hold that salvation is only through Christ and go on converting people to Christianity by hook or crook. One needn’t speak about the doctrine of Muslims who hold that their god is the only true god and the last prophet is the last word on religion. Christianity and Islam swear by their exclusivity. But Hindus are supposed to swear that all religions are the same. This is to keep them quiet while they are converted to Christianity and Islam.

  19. Thirumathi vishali jenifer
    I bless you in the name of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST
    Christianity is not a religion not a cast and not a western dirty thing. Of course he is an Asian. He is the only redeemer to the whole world. His another name is PRAJAAPATHY

    • If Prajapathy is only Jesus, Vishali needn’t have converted at all. She was already only worshipping Prajapathy.

    • Good question and I hope Vishali will give her testimony and glorify the living God. But I know one thing from experience. Once you know Jesus, our whole worldview changes. There is nothing more compelling than the truth. We may choose to get upset when we hear it but we just can’t ignore it. Such is the power.

    • Talent is gifted by God to fulfill His purpose. So all glory only to God Almighty. The Heavenly Father will be pleased with Vishali.

  20. Nobody, cannot force anybody to convert into any religion. It’s not easy to convert them from own religion as long as they followed generation by generation but not sure how long will be sustained once they converted as name shake. God created the world, humans and everything but not created the religion and caste. This was made by Man for his own benefits and selfishness. Doctrines and Philosophies were made by the scholars by different views but peoples followed and became religion. Religion cannot change the person’s character and godliness. Religion cannot help the peoples to enter into kingdom of God. Now days, you can see Many priest from Christians, Samiji’s from Hindus and Terrorist from Islam doing guilty, adultery and killing the peoples for name shake of religion. How can we find God? God is everywhere, He is Almighty God. When you serve God, the characteristic of God will come to your life and everything will be changed. Your life will be happy and become Godliness. You never do any sins and seeing the peoples in the world are children of God. Bible said John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life”. The Begotten son is “Jesus Christ” and he said “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”. This lady has not preferred “Religion” but she preferred the everlasting life and accepted Jesus Christ as savior.

  21. This is not about religion. This is about God realization. You can argue about religion which is nothing more than man made code of conduct. But you can never argue about Jesus Christ (Yeshuwa is his name. Christ means the annointed one. He is also known as Eesa Masiha). He is mentioned in every scripture including Vedas and Upanishads. Jesus came for mankind not christians. He came to explain to us the cause for the suffering we see all around. And He came to show us the way to live. If we are spiritual seekers we must read the scriptures and seek the Truth and not pass moral judgments on people like Vishali. All are sinners. Lets be humble and compassionate. Don’t forget!


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