Vikram-Suriya as Ram-Lakshman in a Ramayana movie


The ancient Sanskrit epic Ramayana is making a return to the silver screen with the instrumental Telugu director K Raghavendra Rao attempting to capture the events on celluloid. Rumor has it that both Chiyaan Vikram and ‘namma’ Suriya will be coming together for this offering playing Lord Rama and Lakshmana in the Ramayana movie. The project seems to be a big budget one with actors from other prominent industries entering fresh ground.

The role of Raavanan will be played by Telugu star Mohan Babu with the movie touted to be a multi-star offering with a good dose of Bollywood .Top Bollywood heroes including Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgn (the actor who starred in the Hindi remake of Suriya’s Singham) and Vivek Oberoi are also expected to fly down to Tolly country playing crucial roles. Chiyaan Vikram has every reason to smile with his mentally challenged role in Deiva Thirumagal earning him top spot in 2 international festivals and with his next movie Karikalan looking tailor made for Chiyaan as a warrior, his career graph seems to be ever rising .Suriya on the other hand is looking forward to his 7aam Arivu audio launch with the movie is expected to create a huge impact with its medical thriller theme.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that the Pithamagan days are back.



  1. Wow……can’t wait for this!!!Naan kanbadhu kanava illai nijama?I hope this piece of news is true.Oh my Ramayanam with all Indian actors….I am excited….Btw,who’s playing Seetha and Hanuman?

  2. Fuc.

    People are encouraged to learn Ramayanam to model themselves on Ramachandran and Sita and to continue believing God will descend onto earth when it gets all too bad. Modelling on Sita is out of question for modern woman; it is non sense. Believing in god; I read in one tribe killed 800,000 of an other in Rwanda; more than half a billion people in India are eating for less than $1 a day whilst in UK a woman spend $150,000 on clothes over her life time on average. Robert Mugabe’s obstinacy has caused people to cook and eat animal skins hanging over walls as decaration; what is our god waiting for? 

    Did Ramachandran give his word on ‘vanavasam’ after consuting with Sita? Ramachandran doubted Sita would have slept with Ravanan. Now if something like that happens a man should just forget it and carry on as usual? How the fuc Ramayanam is relevant now? Ramachandran’s brother cut one woman’s nose for being attracted to a male; isn’t it savagery?

  3. I would have tolerated if u spoke ill about me.But you spoke bad about my Rama and Sita.What should I do to you?If u stood infront of me right now,I would have thrashed u left and right.What do you know about them to talk do much??For ur info,Ram did not suspect Sita.He knew that if any other man apart from himself were to touch her,he would have been burnt to ashes the moment he lifts his finger.That pure a lady she was.He asked her to take the test of fire so that no other creature on this earth will ever call her unchaste.Isn’t that the responsibility of a husband?Though it was Sita who entered the fire,it was Ram who was burning.Even the purest fire was nothing infront of Sita and you are ridiculing her?Now for once and for all,get this into ur knuckle head….Ram and Sita are the ideal couple.As humans,we have to revere and worship them.No one is begging at ur feet to read the epic.Just don’t inject negative thoughts into people’s mind.

  4. Why are you behaving crazy? If Ramachandran was a good lover negative thoughts wouldn’t have occured to him in the first place. Say if your boy returns from abroad after finishing assignments would your mind suspect him of adultry? That thought would never occur to me.

  5. Suspecting your lover or suspecting your lover is suspected by others are themselves so Ramachandran was not perfect. When you see your lover anytime all negativity should disappear. No rhetorics but I felt it before.

  6. I agree with kh . After the bitter experience with Pithmagam Surya would not want to act with Vikram again. He already mentioned before…

  7. @Vasin.Who said Lord Rama was perfect?Though he was God,he lived as a human.He never used his godly powers to achieve anything though he could have.Eg.Think a normal man whose wife has been kidnapped and kept hostage for several days and then released.Any normal husband with some shame would be worried as to whether his wife was “safe”.Not bec he doesn’t trust his wife bec he fears that the enemy would have done “something” to her.Even if something unfortunate happened,a good husband will accept his wife.Bec that is love.Odamba parkadhu.Manasa parkum.That is what Lord Ram tried to prove.Though he knew that his wife was pure,he didn’t want anyone to accuse her and so.What’s wrong in that?

  8. @Vasin.A husband who tells his wife “I don’t mind u sleeping around with men but when I am there,you should be with me”-needs severe psychiatric treatment.

  9. Aarambichteenga! When you see the boy you love he will fill your mind immediately; for hours; for days; might be forever; but it didn’t happen to Ramachandra. Vettiya eppavume neenga than correct nu pesathenga Smile.

  10. @Vasin…Hey u know what? Thanks for being a real eye opener!I never wanted to comment on u but I just couldn’t tolerate when you spoke ill about my Gods.This time I have learnt my lesson.Thank you.

  11. Enna solreenga? Puriyala? Naan ongle korechu pesala. I just said a fine point which you seem not to see. avlau than. I always want to interact with you. Yen neenga ‘I never wanted to comment on you’ nu solreenga?

  12. I said I never want to comment on you bec it always ends up in a argument.So ungalukkum vendam enakkum vendam.Enna aala vidunga aiya…..Innoru vishyam after 2 days don’t come commenting “Smile enga poite etc.”

  13. Aiyo…just now occured. Naan ‘Aaranbichteenga’ nu sonnathu ongaloda previous comment ku..’I don’t mind u sleeping around’. Neenga comment potathukaga sollala. Not feeling good.

  14. @Vasin.I did not tell you.I just cited an example.Ungala sollale.See see…..this is what I meant.Naan solradhu ungalukku puriyale and neenga solradhu enakku puriyale.Thevaiya?

  15. Aiyo…just now occured. Naan ‘Aaranbichteenga’ nu sonnathu ongaloda previous comment ku..’I don’t mind u sleeping around’. Neenga comment potathukaga sollala. Arguments nallathiliya..

  16. Aiyo…athyum thappa eduthdatheenga…thevaya? theva. I tried to delete one of my comments so 3,4 have gone. I am sorry.

  17. Rajini should act as ravanan..hanuman should be arjun sarja..anushka can potray as seetha very well..hmmm seems to be interesting if they make this epic..all the best

  18. We have lots of versions of Ramayana from movies to TV serials. Lets wait and see from whom Vikram is going to copy. Is there any hollywood version? So that it will be comfortable for Vikram to get inspired and copy with great comfort.

  19. Hey Smile Ippo eniku kovam kammi aayiduchu. Aama converse pannarthuku illa ongaloda point a drive pannarathuku ennoda girl vera orutharoda padukaratha vida vera onnum ongluku theriyaatha? Sunday koyiluku poveengala?

  20. Good that you raised this question Vasin, better to question things before just accepting for sentiment reasons. They should come up with a new interpretation of ramayanam.

    Also if no one here has heard of it, you should watch “Sita sings the blues“. It is on youtube. Very beautifully animated. They have sort of raised this same issue in that movie also.

    One good quality of hinduism i feel is our ability to discuss and implement new ideas. Thats why we survived so long. Lets keep an open mind.

    Having said that I feel Ramayana still teaches the right lesson. Its just that Rama behaves in a way guys of that time are supposed to behave. That is to bow to social pressure and ask wife to prove herself, eventhough he believes in her. But asking her to enter into fire was just stupid don’t you think.

  21. Hey Again you come up with a balanced opinion. I don’t know if I am ideological or practical but I am frank. When you see your girl after such a horror experience what would you feel; I would hold her tight and won’t let her go; I won’t think of anything…

  22. @DK…Seetha is a petite lady…and very much shorter to Ram.Anushka is too tall and bulky to do her character.Anushka could probably do a Draupadi.

  23. @Vasin….Pls don’t get me wrong.Sathiyama naan unga girlfrienda ezhukale.I just cited an example of a normal man and woman.Not intended at you.Ungalukku naan enna solla varenu puriyalena,enna kelunga.Don’t assume stuff.Unga girlfriend pathi pesardhuku naan yaaru?Oru ponna erundhukittu innoru ponna naan asinga padutha maatean.Again,i did not mean at you or ur girlfriend…

  24. @Vasin…Neengala pesardhu???Kandipa iniku UKle mazhaidhan.Avvalo nalla manasa ungalukku….to accept a girl(a girlnu sonnean,unga girlfriend-a sollale.Marubadiyum malai eradheenga)without any questions if something disastrous happened to her.Nalla ennam.Ella ambalaingalum ungala madhiri yosicha,ponungalukku endha guilty feelingsum erukadhu.

  25. Hey Hey Hey Naanum sathyama atha mean pannala… Athepdi adikadi antha line leye (yen girl with another) think pannareenga nu sonnen; avlau than..enime comment poda maaten nu vera sollirntheenga…athan,,,veronnum illa..

  26. Enna Mala? Marupadi Kindal…I am not only not lieing but not even exaggerating. Didn’t you notice it from my comments…I easily push history(past) aside eg.Ramayanam…Future too doesn’t impact me…..just the moment counts…very UnIndian Indian.

  27. Enna Mala? Marupadi Kindal…I am not only not lieing but not even exaggerating. I easily push history(past) aside eg.Ramayanam…….just the moment counts…next day my boss may terminate me…that is the downside!

  28. @Vasin….Most people preach but they themselves don’t practice it.So neenga ellarkittaiyum eppadi erunga appadi erukanumnu preach panreenga….ungalukkum appadi oru nilamai erpattal would you still go by ur words??Adhukagadhan naan appadi(eg.ur girl with another)kettean.Thappa?Aama,ungalukku comment panna matteanu sonnean.True…but before that i had to clear my side.That’s why.You have a set of beliefs that u adhere to.Chumma inime en Ramaraiyo illai Ramayanathaiyo or any other scriptures for the matter,kindal panra velai vechikadheenga.I don’t like it.

  29. Oniku atha(girl with another) pesarathla romba interest; bad topic. Eniku venam. Onkuda sanda yum venam but neeyavathu sanda podama irkarathavathu!

  30. @Vasin…Enna avvalo cheap-a ninaika vendam.I like to talk about girl with anothernu soneengale.Adhukku.I am not such a character for ur info.Nyayatha pesardhu ungalukku sandai podra madhiri erukka?Ok leave it….by arguing,we are just making way for another fight.Ok.Just leave this.

  31. @Vasin…..Ok fine.Do you want a medal,cup or certificate of appreciation?Illai Guinness book of world recordle unga peru venuma?Ore tholai….

  32. @Vasin……Ada Kadavule…Neenga oru budhisali….sadharna budhisali illai adhibudhisali.Periya appatakkar.Podhuma?Aala vidunga….


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