Vijay’s Kaavalan due for December Release

Vijay's Kaavalan due for December Release

Ilayathalapathy Vijay’s fans were curiously awaiting for the release of his 51st film Kaavalan for the occasion of Diwali. Now it looks like the release of Kaavalan may be postponed to December.

 The film is produced by C Ramesh Babu under the banner of Eka Veera Creations and is directed by Siddhique, who made the original version Bodyguard as well. The film was earlier titled Kaval Karan. It was later on changed as Kaaval Kadhal and finally it has been titled Kaavalan.

‘Kaavalan’ has Asin starring opposite Vijay in female lead role with famous actors Raj Kiran and Roja enacting her parent’s role. Vadivelu will take care of hilarious quotients (his role was performed by director Siddique himself in original version).

The film was shot in a period of 25 days at VIT College in Vellore amidst of 5000 students and the final schedule is being filmed at Kerala and European Countries. At first, Vijay had plans about completing this film and later kick-start his other project Velayudham. As the actor has signed couple of other films, which includes untitled sci-fi thriller with Vikram Kumar and Shankar’s remake of 3 Idiots, he has been simultaneously shooting for Kaavalan and Velayudham so as to commence the other projects by the beginning of 2011.

The unit is gearing up to release the film in December and if what we heard from closer sources is believed to be true, then producer-filmmaker Sakthi Chidambaram has acquired the rights of this film.


  1. Hello friend, this is good movie. i can assure u becoz i saw this film in malayalam version, it was simply superb… u will get a good love story after long time,…. wait and seeeeeeeeeee…. vijay going to Rock againnnnnn,…….

  2. <span>வேட்டைக்காரன் வெற்றிப்பெரவில்லை என்றால் 'வெண்ணை வெட்டி வேட்டைக்காரன் ' என்று அடுத்த படம் எடுங்கள்</span>

  3. <span>என்ன விஜய் போன வருடம் எல்லா படமும் ஆப்பு வச்சாச்சு. இந்த வருடமாவது டாப் கொடுத்தால் நல்லா இருக்கும். பொறுத்து இருந்து பார்போம். </span>

  4. dai pinda 007 un suthula aappu adikura madhiri naanga varom paaru da.


  6. vijay fan, you were telling the same dialogue after villu got released, again the same after kuruvi got released again the same after vettaikaran and Sura…and you will be telling the same after every movie of vijay…so better you close your seem to be very unlucky for ur "thalaivarrrrr"…..useless fellow…I am a fan of Ajtih or Vijay or surya or anyone…I am just a normal cine goer who is having a worst time seeing Vijay movies…so better tight shut,…(everything)….

  7. Mr soothu fan….why cant you keep your mouth shut.When 99% of the people are scolding why do u always come inside and support for him and get aapu? Anyways Vijay has been branded as "Super flop" hero with continuous 7 flops…and it will continue even further…either he gives flops or remakes telugu or hindi moies….like kavalkaran or Velayutham or 3 idiots remak….enta polaphuku nandukitu savalam… mr soothu fan…please close ur soothu as well as ur "thalaivarrr" soothu…Soothu vijay looks good only with Sangavi and Yuvarani…both have become authties so Vijay is a mama for them…ahahahahhahhahah

  8. guys i agree with vijan fan. First of all Vijay is a great and good person than a actor.he is doing good things to many orphanages. i am a poor guy who cant even enter the college. but today i am a engineer and earning 40,000 per month. everything happened because of him. thank you vijay sir.
    i pray god to give u a long happy-go-lucky-end life,future to u and ur family.

  9. Vijay fan..u r very funny…u can act in VIjay shit movies instead of Vadivelu as a comedian…anyways the movie willl be a u will also be a flop and sit in home and shit…..thats the best job for u

  10. How can i name this picture…. nee voru Ondi puliyaa?? illai…. Kurangu kuppanaa??.. vaendamm…. nee voru vijay…. indha paeru thaan romba kaevalama irruku

  11. mr. Theynampet  do you know continue legend movies of ajith  Ennai thalata varuvala,raja,anjeneya,jana,ji,paramasivam this your Tharuthala continues Flops past year " SO SOOTHA MUDRA BAWD" its not includes like alwar,kreedam,thirupathi.    i replyed only for that theynampet

  12. <span><span>

    hi vijay fan.. <span>i had a gd time laughing reading all ur posts.. u can really be a gd comedian.. but pls dun try to act as comedian in vijay movies but it'll definitely be a flop and u wont get recognised.. <span>hahaha!!</span></span>

  13. hi vijay fan.. <span>i had a gd time laughing reading all ur posts.. u can really be a gd comedian.. but pls dun try to act as comedian in vijay movies bcos it'll definitely be a flop and u wont get recognised.. <span>hahaha!!</span></span>  

  14. hi vijay fan.. <span>i had a gd time laughing reading all ur posts.. u can really be a gd comedian.. but pls dun try to act as comedian in vijay movies bcos it'll definitely be a flop and u wont get recognised.. <span>hahaha!!</span></span>  

  15. vijay anna kavalan new stills are rocking anna

    sure film also rocks da tharuthala ajitha fans

    chandramukhi part 2 ajithu ku correct ha irukum da potta payan

  16. okies..after seeing ur comment, I accept dis,,,,nee unmaiyana vijay fan than… hehehhe… seri unmaiya sollu doesnt his hair-do luk weird..yukky,,,,isnt it?  if u  have gud taste , u will accep dat…ayiio.. vijay fan ah irrukum podhu eppadi gud taste,decency expect pannadradhu.. never………. ever ppl…its such a wrong expectation … I just want to say to all .. dnt use emotional and stupid words towards others..bcos u hv no just shows your cheap attitude..and  low… self esteem….  

  17. hey lossu pa nee… y did u put ur user id as Ajith fan… dnt tell me he is ur fav hero.. even if ur ajith fan,  if Vijay has done such a big thing in ur life… u shud hv put Vijay fan illa na Vijay-ajith fan .. innum nalla yossika try pannu pa…adhu mattum illama… wrong forum msg … u must be knowing that we are commenting on vijay's upcoming.. movie… in dat some ppl r praising to xtreme for his wonderful contribution till date and some are critizing badly for the same..nee rendrum illama na..yedhukku ajith fan nu pera vechu..vijay mela sympathize create panndra… even if ur msg is true, wt do u xpect to ppl to thnk with his movie and performance … .

  18. Mr soothu fan…hahahahaha…u really are very funny…just like Usha has said…u can try in movies…but dont act in Vijay movies…becos Vijay itself is a big comedian and since you have more talent than vijay( every tom, dick, harry has more talent than vijay)……Vijay will go un recognised…already all his movies are flop and his future movies too will become super dupper flop….so dont get lost in the flop crowd….
    Mr soothu(vijay) fan..why so u always use low class words….are u a low class fellow???thats true for Vijay there will be no educated person as his fan..only low class people like u will be hsi fan….this shows ur "thalaivarrrrrr" popularity…..hahahahahhah…poor Vijay..even after this type of fans he is not able to deliver one hit…..ahahhahahahha…mr soothu fan…..first of all you dont have any guts to tell ur real name and address and you want others to give address to you….already lots of Vijay fans are coming to our area and begging us to see his movies and make it a hit and by giving my address to u I dont want more of Vijay beggers in my area…..if you want you urself find it… the way ur soothu mama i.e Vijay…hows is uncle work gng on???recently he was caught doing mama work for left out heroines….he and his father are tamil industry's big mammaaaa…..if u r a fan of him then u also should be a big mamamammamamamamama in ur area…hahahaahahhahahahahahahahaahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahha

  19. Mr tamilan..I appreciate your efforts in bringing out flop movies of actors….as I told I am not a fan of either ajith or Vijay…but as San33 has said this vijay fellow looks like shit already and now with korangu hair style does it even match him….already he looks like a pig and he looks like pig shit…..

  20. even ellem oru actor idhula VIJAY FAN is acting like one somaree just like his thalaivan Vijay. Tell Vijay to show he is good actor in action not just by giving mokka dialogues and dance. Looking at his hair style looks like pichaikaran. Idhuvellam oru hairstyle. THat too we saw already in Vetaikaran. 

    Seeing stills one cannot deny there will be intro song where he will give message like MGR to all mass, then 4 songs, 4 fights and some dialgoues where he will say what a big paruppu he is.
    En pecha naaney ketkamattaen
    Naan adicha thangamatta naalu naalu thoongamaata
    sura illena enga kuppamae illa 

    Get ready for amurtanjan and tiger bomb. Sales pichikum

  21. vijai pogapoga matam avaporan onu theringi konga thala sona dialog than vijai follow panuren """ <span>nama vazhanumuna yaravenalum yethanapera venumnalum kolalam</span>""""

  22. 😎 fck to ol vj haterz…im from malaysia…even here we ol noe dat vj rockz…cme on la…derz indian sayingz goez lik diz'kaldika thereyema kareperom vasam'…wateva u guyz tok bout hym also nothin gonna affcts hym..we as DIEHARD VIJAY FANS alwiz united…so let me end up tiz comment wif middle finger respect to vijay haterz…

  23. Aiyo ungakita sema comedyah iruku..Malaysia ethuku pona sambathika thane pona muthala atha paru apuram aduthavan A__ paru.


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