Vijay-Gautham Menon’s Yohan : Adhyayam Ondru Movie Still 2


Vijay Gautham Menons Yohan Adhyayam Ondru Movie Still 2


We got hold of the latest posters for Ilayathalapathy Vijays upcoming flick Yohan : Adhyayam Ondru exclusively for all you Kollytalk fans. Feast your eyes on this latest poster that has Ilayathalapathy striking a stylish pose with those Ray Bans and a fitting black coat complimenting his detective avatar in the movie. The new poster has a catch-line reading Mission 2 :Paris, with the famous Eiffel Tower in the background. The earlier poster had the words Mission 1 : New York Citywith Vijay posing in the foreground with the New York skyline in the shades.

Vijays latest flick Yohan : Adhyayam Ondru is creating a wave among Kollywood fans after we unleashed the first look posters of the movie. This upcoming Vijay flick will be directed by none other than Gautham Menon and will have Ilayathalapathy appearing in a refreshingly new James Bondish’ avatar. With the photo session completed the flick is expected to commence on June 2012 and awaited for the 2013 Pongal season.

Now that just got us wondering who plays the Bond girl? Any guesses?


  1. 2013 releaseku eppove arambichutangala??
    Heroine will be from Bollywood.Either Priyanka chopra or Sonakshi sinha.Or perhaps they may start the search for a new face…

  2. மூஞ்சிய பாரு பஞ்சத்தில் அடிபட்ட பண்ணி மாதிரி இருக்கு.

  3. hello fans see this movie called largo winch!!!! guess wat the poster was copied !!!!!!! i guess d story tooo!!!!  not joking study for urself

  4. I get reminded of Vadivelu’s dialogue in pokkiri.
    “ennada nenachukuturukeenga? naan ennathan kashta pattu vitha vithama get up pottalum correcta body studa nu kandu puducha antha get up ku ennada mariyatha???”

  5. Its a welcome change from vijay..tired of seeing him as welder,autodriver,fisherman,teamaker,mechanic n all..he really looks stunning in this attire..hope he doesnt get carried away with the promos…glad he is going globally interms of remakes 😎

  6. It is not copy cat. You have to find out truth fromdirector not assuming it is remake but I guess thi movie would be blockbuster for sure. Waiting announcement who is heroine for this movie ant the cast. Vijay is mass +class. Watch out vijaymania in 2011-2015!!! 🙂

  7. The poster resembles Largo Winch……I agree, but through the chapters they bring out the shades of Mission Impossible……don’t know what could be the copy from Gautam this time. Hope he dont remake any failures like derailed again….. 🙂

  8. Why Goutham selected the stupid and mad guy Vijay for his film…I think now a days Goutham also going mad like Vijay.

  9. EnnaKodumai ithu, ithukku Ramarajanai veithu intha padathai Gautham edukkalaamae? Surely Ramarajan is a betr actor than Joseph Vijay

  10. Hahaha Earlier Vijay used to take theatres on rent and run his movies for 100 days( atleast in one theatre as matinee show in Chennai) and celebrate to create false publicity even if the movie was mega flop. Now, he is buying directors also it looks like. But, most Tamil people have developed aversion to this copy cat Vijay. Surely, Gaujtham should rethink about casting this comedy actor Vijay as hero.

  11. ya if vijay movie goes more 100 days you’ll tell he rent theater’s..if your favourite hero’s movie goes on 100 days mean you’ll will accept..bro please grow up..don’t act like child..if u don’t like vijay why even u read article about’s just because you know he is bigger star, has huge fan base just jealous of moron..get lost from here..

  12. as if u very good..dei nayee..porumboku pannada..nee oru vetti thalapathy pathi pesururiya..he’s star..u zero..podaa

  13. sollitharada periya sivaji..dee nee poyi mothe nadi da..aprom vijay pathi peselam..pure jealousy..stomach burning seeing vijay doin good movies..

  14. hey vasin…lot of changes with u mate???thou u still continuing ur rubbish comments but not abusing others as u were earlier…will appreciate if u continue the same…pls dont hurt others..have a wonderful weekend bro 😎

  15. if vijay is a copycat then what do u call vikram and his latest film? im nt comparing both acting skills but just sayin the fact that vikram movie was also copied, even suryas gajini was also copied

  16. appa gajini enna pakathu viddu jaddiya…motheavi..gajini copied frm momento..deiva thriumal copied frm I am sam…VTV – 500 summer days, pongatha..che mankatha..Jannet hindi film…get a life

  17. aaama..ivaru appdi sollitaru..naikku pirantha naaye….poi picha edukira valiya paapiya..atha vididu waste ..boost endu…even though his last movies didnt do well, he still on top..not like asith…his last hit was billa…he still doing da ramp walk…

  18. Thambi! ennapa ivlo tensiona aara? onakku BP irukka? and I see you have commented back or posted a reply on every single bad comment abt Vijay. dei unmaya sollu! nee Ilayathalapathi Vijay thana? dei dagalty!! Siva nu pera mathikuttu vanthu comment panraya? 

  19. dai yaaru sonathu vijay is mad .asith is mad like his fans so dont comment like a shit ok!!!!!vijay is only actor who is collecting the younger fans till now after rajini and kamal!!!

  20. dei  blah!!ovara build up pannama moodu!!!! i like the commet of siva !!!!!vijay fans na appdi thaan enga blood is very hot ok.!!!vijay all the best for this project..

  21. Vijay is supporter of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi who supported Rajapakse. So, guys be care full. Let us not support this Vijay . Vijay is the agent for Rahul gandhi in Tamilnadu.

  22. Indians started copying the posters of hollywood movies as well.
    Not sure if movie is also a copy from the

  23. hahaha! dai! blood hot na athu peru thanda BP! btw! dude! on a serious dude, this movie was not planned before. its just Gautham menon’s ego and his attempt to get back at Ajith. ok! before u guys jump to conclusion, I am not a Ajith fan either.Ajith did not cooperate Gautham well in one of his earlier attempts to have Ajith in his movie. Gautham was irate and he felt insulted. thats why he has immediately roped in Vijay for this. but honestly! Vijay is too far from the suave and urbane looks.


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