Vijay back in 3 Idiots after Surya Walks out

Vijay is back in 3 Rascals
Vijay is back in 3 Rascals

Well now this one will be a real surprise to every one and good news for all Vijay fans. Guess what? Ilayathalapathy Vijay, riding high on the success of Kaavalan is back with Shankar for 3 Idiots remake to play a role that Aamir Khan played in 2009’s biggest hit.

It was earlier reported that Surya had been officially confirmed to play the lead hero in both Tamil and Telugu remake of the film. Later things got suspicious when we talked to Vijay regarding his walk out from the project as he stated, “It’s not like quitting the film; the circumstances were such that I couldn’t commit myself to doing the film”. Vijay surely hasn’t called it quits with the director or the movie.

Surya was to join the team soon after the 7aam Arivu shoots precisely on the first week of March but now Vijay will supposedly schedule his dates with Shankar after he wraps up his current project ‘Velayudham.’

We heard that the creative indifference between Surya and director Shankar gave rise to this jerky development.

Shankar has decided to keep a cool mind and carry things forward by canning the shots with other members which includes Jeeva, Srikanth, Sathyaraj and slick babe Ileana in Ooty next week itself followed by the long Dehradun schedule as earlier planned.

A source close to Shankar said, “Yes. The creative difference between Shankar and Suriya seems to have popped up resulting in abrupt conclusion. Vijay should join us after he completes Velayutham, for which he sports a different look. The shoot will start in Ooty and later will shift to Dehradun.As far as the title is concerned, there are two options — Moovar and 3 Rascals (there is a move to introduce entertainment tax for Tamil films, in which case English titles will be allowed) “

With a lot of speculation over the making and the star cast of the film, the Tamil remake of Aamir Khan’s 3 idiots is already the talk of the town.This will be the next big project for director Shankar after the success of the Rajinikanth-starrer Endhiran.

We guess it’s high time Shankar fixes his final block to this never ending puzzle called 3 Rascals.


  1. surya will not suit, his too muscly and hasnt got that look as jeeva or vijay, so many obstacles. only two ways biggest flop or biigest hit. wat do u think

    Dear Vijay Sir,
    We were eager to contact you to confirm the news that you are back in 3 idiots. After seeing that news we were excited and jumped. If the news is true we will celebrate this in Australia as festival. We prayed in all the temples that we need you to act in 3 idiots. Hope it came true. We have contacted the entire fan members in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. We as fans kindly request you to accept the offer of 3 idiots and we assure that it will biggest hit in your career than Gilli and Kathaluuku Mariyathai. We have seen that you thanked online fans, and if you want to do some things for your fans, please accept this 3 idiots and adjust your dates and do whatever Shankar sir says, please we need to you in great heights.
    We also request to release the tailor in Australia and we will take the full response. If you confirmed 3 idiots we will make it big in Australia and also decided to give food for 500 poor children in India on the day of its release. Please accept the 3 idiots and this is the one your fans expect from you sir.
    With lots of Love,
    Vijay fans Club, Australia.

  3. bloody hell… adudha kodumai started… oru nalla padathaiyum vittuvaikamatran da..yet another boring film followed by kavalan.. 

  4. No thala is not fit for this role.. he is fit for more roles like Billa where style matters… this is a simple script where a next door boy appeal is needed… and only vijay can give it…

    It should be thala or thalabathy in kollywood naduvulla endha tharutahalyum vara koodadhu…

  5. Surya is a complete artificial actor. Vijay carries himself naturally when it comes to soft roles so this is much more suitable or Vijay.

  6. i am really very happy if this news is true. I will pray the god for this. Thanks for shankar sir and all the best to vijay anna.

  7. Its good to hear that our star Vijay is going to act in 3 idoits. i pray god that it should not be a fake news, This year our Thalapathy’s year. We wish him all future movies will be a huge success in his carrier.

  8. Vijay is a good entertainer and he is not suitable for this kind of roles…i am not teliing that vijay is not a bad actor……the thing is the story not hero centric in which vijay lacks something…….the flim is story centric..

  9. No one can say whether he will fit in that role or not. Let us wait and see.
    But vijay got talents as you can see in (ghilli and Sachin) and he should not act in his own style as in Sivakasi,or………..  Wishing him all the best.

  10. hey loosu viewer.. thanks for sharing dat comedy clip.. english interview la tamil mattum pesatherinja unga hero serious va..comedy dhan.. appuram tel me..why he always act in TV interviews alone

  11. Shankar thaan Suryava Sack pannittaar..After Kaavalan Ippo Vijay thaan kollywood hot hero..

    Athaan Vijayai Shankar book panna pakkiraaru

  12. this is what he needs ya. all the hero centric is what is bad for him.Thats why the last few hero centric movies flopped.

  13. hahaha  nice guys i’m really proud of u guys.Ya you are right  this  is  too much haha anyway can expect quality movies.

  14. hey enga thalaivar karthi irukaaru don’t forget it but for this roll vijay is right hehehe, 🙂 but i hope satyaraj is going to eat all these 3 heros by his act let c mr.shankar hw’ll handle this story!!! 🙂

  15. What d hell i m hearing….. Vijay back in 3 idiots remake….. I can’t believe this…….!!!!!

    i Want Shankar to re-think his idea….!!!!

    Note: Vijay Fans i m not in mood to hurt u all, i felt my opinion that Vijay may not suit. I prefer Vijay to act in the film not been remaked from another language.

    it has to be given  for the actor who suits for the hot movie like 3 idiots…!!!!

  16. vijay nalla moolaya use panni thaan tamilla pesiyirukkaan..avanuduya niraya fans villages la irukkaanga..avangalukkum avan sollradhu puriyanumnu tamil speech interviewla avlothaan..its not like he doesn’t know english..avan wife londonla valarndha amma vera..avanukku english theriyum..paarattanum avana avlavu confidenta poi oru english channella tamil pesaradha..

    better than tollywood balakrishna speaking butler english in english interviews..adhu dhaan sema comedy piece..interviewer eppadi straight face vachikittarunnu theriyala..check out youtube for balakrishna english..

  17. aama, indha surya vandhu interviewsla romba fake..asadu moonji..oru kaalathla enakku avana pidikkum ippo negatives thaan kannukku theriyudhu..singam padathlu ‘kaadhal vandhale’ songla avlavu tall anushka pakkathlu oru kulla comedian dance aadra madhiri irundhuchu..andha nalla pattaye keduthuttaan..vijay would have been better in that dance..

  18. vani intha news mattum unmaiya irunthuchuna ungaluku palanila mottai pottu unga tholla kavadi sumanthu,unga muthukula alaku kuthi,unga naakula vel kuthi,unga mandaila 108 thenga udachu ennoda nethikadan seluthuratha vendirukken so news check panittu intha venduthala niraivethriunga illa saami kutham aayidum hahahaah heehehe 🙂 😀 😀 sema comedy pulla vani hahahaaha

  19. cool buddy .. I reckon dis is nt a true news.. someppl enjoy when ppl fight and vist their site  to see what others have replied..dats y website publish fake news n ppl were writing ill comments on any issue on nayan n prabhu and now its vijay … dis is just to earn money…  just check yesterday’s tubeonline where it says 3idiots shooting already started 23rd jan..n surya is busy in acting 7lam arivu and he is gonna get back after dat  and so remaining actors have started their shooting.. 

  20. oh appadiya…hehhe vijay cant adopt to reality and damn it always prepared his speech hope u watched vijay tv prgrm  vijay-asin prm such a boring one ..sema comedy vijayum avan lossu fansum 100% all his fans are illiterate and uneducated baffons..komali pasanga da neenga who cant keep shut even though ur hero vijay korangu cant produce big success through his acting any time in cine industry,,definitely nt any time mite be he can try to give ok movies just bcos of script and copying movies nt bcos of his originality in acting never

  21. Vijay talks artificially. He thinks he is super hero and future CM of tamilnadu. He will not have such support from people as he thinks. I’m very sad that he didn’t enter into politics. I want to see him in politics and see all things after that. On the day he enter into politics the downtrend is going to start for him.

  22. Surya wanted 10 crores and telugu film release rights. that the reason for shankar and surya walkout.
    Surya must understand making 6 paks wont fetch 10 crores. He is not Rajni yet.
    Pochaa mudetuu director solraa padee nadikonuum. Thats what is expected from an actor

  23. Surya wanted 10 crores and telugu film release rites. Thats the reason for Shankar showing him the door.
    Director solraa padee pochaa mudetuu nadee. Thats ur job surya. Kamnatee 6 packs is admirable but not worth 10 crores.

  24. All Christians should support our Ilayathalapathy Joseph Vijay. Let us make Tamilnadu 100% Christian state. Let “3 idiots” with Joseph Vijay be grand success.

  25. DR vijay…. i was really woried tht you dint take the film .. 
    only you can make this film hit vijay no one elz… your are the supernayagan 
    you can act in mass film and the cute carm films…
    you will hit the box office like nothing in this movie….

  26. vijay is the best suitable person for 3 idiots….  surya is not the option for htis high hyped and super hit movie…surya – it will results in commercial loss for producer…vijay – mass and collection will b gr8…. vijay has large fans base and mass all over south india… and moreover surya and ileana combination wil not be good…it will be like Empire state Building (Ileana) and igloo (surya)…so vijay always rocks ….. vijay+shankar+3idiots = Sure Hit…

  27. u stupid…. y r u speaking about religion…. unna yaro pethurika ena yaro pethiruka aanalum neeyum naanum annan thambi da….. dont use vijays name for caste conversion ..u bull shit…. vijay is an indian…v all r indians…@ site administrator…please block this types of comments….. this will become big prblm for ur site due to this fellows…..

  28. shut ur shit…………… hw dare u to say al r illiterate……. mit b u r the 1 who s illeteate man…..
    VIJAY rockssssssssssss


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