Velayutham Movie Trailer Online-Vijay’s 52nd Film

    Velayutham Movie Trailer Online

    Watch Vijays’ Velayutham Movie Trailer online

    Vijay’s 52nd film ‘Velayudham’ was launched on July 15 and a trailer was telecasted during the function,

    Velayutham movie trailer | Velayutham Movie Trailer Watch Online | Velayutham Movie Trailer Video Watch Online Free

    Velayutham Movie Trailer(updated 25th 07 10)


    1. Hope the Ilaya Dalapathy VIJAY will be back with a big bang….
      I have a Request For Ilaya Dalapathy that Please Do something Different in Appearance&the way acting…Try to choose good stories instead of doing some kinda crap movies…

    2. Sandy:

      Enna Koduma saravanan ithu….. Assasins creed stills copied ya….. ivana ellam thiruthave mudiyadu…..

    3. the costume is a copy from the game assassin creed. I wish people could come up with original ideas rather than copying people.

    4. Vijay nale copy thaan.. Yet Another COpy cat Page in Vijay's Copy Book…

      His last 6 films are mega flops.. Atleast this one does well. I am big fan of vijay, but i want him to do good films. Not any other kind of films. ALLLLLLLLL The Best..No You need luck. GOOD LUCK.

    5. listen everyone.. ennoda thalapathi da vijay.. avara asaika mudiyaathu.. thalaivar thirumbavum seeruvaar.. velayudham vijayin aayudham.. ippadiku vijay annanoda thambi siddharthvijay

    6. vijay is the one, who has been spoiling tamil movie industry for long time… didnt learn anything about acting till today… 

    7. vijay, i wish you shud act in different unique scripts rather than copying. What happened to you in recent days?
      am not able to say am a vijay fan to my frens or anywhere.. all making fun of me by insuting.. plzz plzz do good films.. plzz drop velayutham and try films like kushi.. priyamaanavale

    8. another flop.. vijay's 50th flop film will be soon.. acting parallelly in many films after 50 films is not a gud decision.. very pathetic decision that shows how incapable he is

      u and ur favourite perarasu get out of  this industry

    9. Dai Pudungikala Moodikutu Padatha Parungada, "Velayutham" Thalapathy Vijay In Thirupumunai Da, Thala Mothi Mala Sayathuda "Thirumala" Da………

    10. Vijay Never copied from anyone.. We must file a case on assains creed game creator. AHAHAHAHAH
      Epdi Punch

    11. shutup you people. everyone copy everything these days. it's about bringing your own tricks and talent to the movie. Vijay is pure and cute. Goodluck Vijay, Velautham will sure be a very big hit.

    12. Me too have a request to vijay he have to reduce the punch dialog and he have select the good stories as well as good director.

    13. don't say cute.. he is not a good looking man first of all.. everyone knows that the ppl started used to it (paathana pudikala.. paaka paaka that too helped by SAC)

      anyway don't digg much into flash-backs

    14. why do you compare with ajith.. they are now frens and why you fans always fight

      they both are different

      Pluses of Vijay
      – Mass masala
      – covering class-c audience
      – interested in remakes or whatever to make profit to producers

      Pluses of Ajith
      – Class + Commercial
      – covering class-a and class-b audience
      – interested in experimenting new concepts even if it results in a flop film
      – covers producer and distributor investment because of his fan base and general audience

    15. even in mangatha.. he tries different concept of multi-starrer at this time.. even for 50th film in his career he is dare enough to experiment

    16. fuck those who condemn vijay..vijay is alwaz the best he will be bck…though his past few films were flops but still his place is strong enough 2 be one of the best actors in kollywood…

    17. RAja would surly have a flop despite of being 100% sucessful.
      Could any hero bear so much flops except vijay, he is a great insult to tamil cinema industry.

      I am writing this for vijay fans because all of them are rouge, using bad and harsh words.

      VIJAY IS SO DISGUSTING. Poor genelia would have one more flop.

    18. ithuvaavathu vetri peruthanu paarpom.vetri = happy

                                                             Flop =8(

    19. stupid actor until now don't know how to act better he learn from act from vivek comedy actor……..noncence vijay

    20. ellam lita copy adichetu mecham ellam onna yosichu pannuvanga,
      aana evar appadiyae opp,
      lita yosichetu mecham ellam copy adichu panrathe evar palakam,
      endrum eppoluthum,
      evar copyyae yarrum adichuka mudiyathu,
      no:1 copy of tamil movies,

    21. soothu….vijay will never come back to his peak form of Kadhalauku Mariyadhai or Love Today…his time is gone….now its Karthi, Danush, surya and others time…enough of Vijay and Ajith..lets see some new movies, new stories


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