Vadivelu blasts Vijayakanth at Thiruvarur Meeting Video


vadivelu thiruvarur speech

Comedians are usually the perfect foil to the action star’s brusque, macho act — either as sidekick or fallguy. But the ace comedian Vadivelu blasted the actor-turned-politician Vijayakanth in the public DMK compaign meeting held at Thiruvarur. He criticized Vijayakanth as drunkard, mentally disabled and was in full swing to slam Vijayakanth by uttering harsh comments on him.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi on Wednesday launched the first election campaign at his birth place Thiruvarur in Tamil Nadu. As it was announced that Vadivelu will speak at the Thirivarur meeting, it was anticipated that Vadivelu would target Vijayakanth this time more so because of his tiff with the DMDK’s founder Vijayakanth since 2009.

When Vadivelu was called to address the public meeting, the entire audience burst into applause. However, the same applause was missing, when Karunanidhi delivered his speech.

As expected, Vadivelu wasted no time in attacking Vijayakanth’s attitude of becoming Tamil Nadu CM. During the entire speech he used abusive words against Vijayakanth, but he never uttered any single word against Jayalalitha.

Vadivelu blasts Vijayakanth at Thiruvarur Meeting Video

Though PMK leader Ramadoss was not encouraging Vadivelu’s speech, the rest of the DMK Cadres, especially MK Azhagiri and Dhayanidhi Maran were enjoying Vadivelu’s blast against Vijayakanth.

A brief summary of Vadivelu’s speech, “CM Karunanidhi has announced many freebies like free laptops for students and free bus ride in government as well as private bus routes. He has announced the help of Rs. 10, 000 for pregnant women. I could earn only after my 25 years, but now the fetal itself can earn 1000 per month.

CM post is not a musical chair. You (Vijayakanth) launched your party just because a small portion of your marriage hall was demolished. I am challenging you !!!! if you are the CM, I will be the PM…. If you are the PM, I will be the President… If you are the president, I am OBAMA. Many asked me, would you contest against Vijayakanth. If I contest against Vijayakanth it’s a great shame for me only. My only aim is to sweep out Vijayakanth’s whole team and to campaign vigorously for DMK’s victory.

Don’t you feel shame to claim yourself as ‘Black MGR’? If you are the Black MGR, then I will have to claim myself as Black Nehru. Would Sonia Gandhi agree if I claim myself as Black Nehru? The same applies for you too.

Annan Azhagiri and Stalin are like Lion cubs of Ayya. If the CM wins again, he will keep up his promise and will do more than promised.”

It may be worth mentioning here that Vadivelu didn’t utter any word against other ADMK led alliance parties and ADMK Supremo Jayalalitha.

The DMK chief Karunanidhi’s speech was not impressive and various mediapersons, especially from north India, who were there to cover the campaign rally, were left wondering ‘why Karunanidhi couldn’t get applauded for his freebies when a comedian got it so easily.’


  1. as comedian he should not have said like that,he should not come to political meeting. it ill spoil his image.

  2. By the way, i enjoy this comedy,but i will vote for Vijaykanth………..

    poo poo nee ellam kovai sarala kitta adi vaanga dhan laikeee……….

  3. டே  மைடாய்யா நீ பான்டிசெர்ரி   அண்ணாமலை  ஹோட்டல் ல அம்பிகாவ  கு கு  ……..த்து அடிச்ச நீ பேசதா , அம்மா வைக்குமே ஆப்பு 

  4. Vijayakanth is the one who gave chance to Vadivel in early stage……Nandri marapathu cinemala roomba adhigam…….Vadivelu is a shinning example….Kandipa DMK jeikathu……Vadivelu nejmalum unnai vachu comedy panran antha kuruthu kabothi……daily 5 hrs current cut ala avathi padurom…nee avangaluku vote kekurea porampoku…..thuuuuuu

  5. arivu ketta  moondam ,mada samburani, ipudi thidrathuku karanam ithu online apadikurathunallathan…..illenna tamila iruka ketta vartha athanayelum …..thiduven pathukao……….karuva ku

  6. Vadivelu is really made himself stupid, He should not been come into political talks. As a comedian, he is paid well and now he feels, he is master of all. Vijaykanth – may be drunked, but serve people in one OR the other way.

  7. He will act like 23rd pulikesi (showing the white flag to the enenmies)…see his face sattru thommai pol irukiiraar.. definetly i will vote either AIADMK or DMDK not for DMK free policies

  8. Vadivelu shd hav nt entered politics. he is thinking ths as a movie. If Vijayakanth Wins he ll get nice aapu. he shd keep up his respect. For silly reasons he is blasting Vijknth . This is like sontha kaasula sooniyam vachikira madhiri.

  9. Evan evan politics patti pesalam ne ille… Inda speech ellam makkal oru comedy show nu than nenachu paakka varuvangale tavire ide kettu yarum manasu maari vote poda mattange… DMK unne vechu Comedy keemady than pannudu… purunjakkada Kaipulle….

  10. dai vadivelu… neeyae oru kudikaara naayi.. nee vijaykanth pathi pesuriya? nee i=unmayaana comedian da pardesi… nichayama admk thaan win panna poguthu.. appa ellarum veppaanga unakku aapu.. kevalama piravi nee.. antha kuruttu kabothi kooptaanu neeyum poniyae.. thu… poda echakala

  11. His speech was lik a bunch of SHIT…………!!

    All r un educated indecent non-sense around DMK…. luk at d crowd…. no one luks lik an educated….!!

    Poor Tamil Nadu………!! 🙁

  12. Its so sick to see Karunanidhi n family to sit n watch n njoy a fools sppech so public againt another person… its so sick …… Oru periya manushan panura velaya idhu???
    Thooo vekama illa ungaluku… Maanam ketta kudumbam….. Indecent idiots….!!

  13. Due to this funny talk, vadivelu lost his respect among Tamil peoples. Due to personal problems, he is working against AIDMK/Vijaykanth. The comments which are made peoples indicating about the reality.
    It is very pathetic to see him in this position. He has gained lot of reputation among the tamils. Now he lost that one

  14. Birds of same feathers should not fight against each other. Vadivelu is not an established comedian. It’s unfortunate that he’s joined a political party for no reasons. Vadivelu was already serving people in the name of comedy; people also offered him all the money (as tickets) and respect (watching his fimls in theaters and on TV).

    I’m not sure why he is pitting against Vijaykanth who only supported him during his early days in films like “Chinna Gounder”. I do not think Vijayakanth has ever created any enemies in the industry. In fact, he’s been a producer actor.

    Vadivelu should respect his elders in his profession and life. Politics is like a horse race, highly as speculative as cinema. Vadivelu is not as educated as Vijayakanth or other actors in AIADMK, so his rational thinking is not up to the mark.

    God was kind enough to Vadivelu to super succeed in cinema. He should have been happy with it and have let a peaceful life. It’s terribly a wrong move of this madurai comical character. Now, he’s against cinema industry top people – sarath kumar, vijayakanth, sathyaraj, s a chandrasekhar who control the administraiton of tamil cinema. Rama Narayanan is playing a safe game; Kushboo will come out safely being a muslim woman.

    Vadivelu will be in deep trouble if DMK loses or he misbehaves with DMK – he can neither be in Chennai nor in Madurai.

    I pray for Vadivule in future….

  15. Guys we conducetd a star show in Cbe some years back and Vaidvelu was also in that…..He usually drinks and lot and misbehaved with the junior artists who had came for the dance…he even entered in to their dressing room and made obscene comments……in real life he is a very big poriki…..but see his interviews….he acts very humble

  16. Guys we conducetd a star show in Cbe some years back and Vaidvelu was also in that…..He usually drinks and lot and misbehaved with the junior artists who had came for the dance…he even entered in to their dressing room and made obscene comments……in real life he is a very big poriki…..but see his interviews….he acts very humble

  17. Vadivelu may not be a courageous chap but he stands against Vijayak. I like that. However he and his speech look ugly; Central Minister sirikararu Vadivelu eriyara cheap jokes’ku! 

  18. B Careful Vadivel, who knows after election Vijayakanths DMDK joins with DMK to form the government. Innaikku Unna pesa vittu vedikka pakira naaaygal .. naalaikku unnaye kadikkum..

  19. டேய் பொரம்போக்கு இதுக்கு நீ உன் பொண்டாட்டிய திமுக ல உள்ள எல்லாத்துக்கும் கூட்டி குடுக்கலாம். முதலமைச்சர் ஆகுறதுக்கு என்ன தகுதி இல்ல அவருக்கு. முதலமைச்சர் லாம் குடிக்க கூடாதுன்னு ஏதும் சட்டம் இருக்கா? அவராவது குடிக்க மட்டும் தான் செய்றாரு, உன்ன மாதிரி குட்டிகளோட குஜால்ஸ் பண்ணல. இதை எல்லாம் சொல்றதால நான் விஜயகாந்த் க்கு சப்போர்ட் னு கெடையாது. உன்ன மாதிரி கேவலமா பேசுனா யார இருந்தாலும் கோவம் வரும். கெலவா… ரொம்ப பாவம் போல மூஞ்சிய வச்சிக்காத.. இந்த தேர்தல உனக்கு ஆப்பு நிச்சயம். இப்பிடி சல்லி தனமா யோசிகிரத விட்டுட்டு எதாச்சும் பெட்டரா ட்ரை பண்ணு. வடிவேலு மேல உள்ள இமேஜ் எனக்கு போச்சு. ப்ப்சே!!!

  20. Friends Dont think vadivelu is just comediyan.. he is pakka porrikiiiiii… Friends now i want to share one thing.. Vadivelu Dog oru thadava Actress Meenaaaa Kita Misbehave panna na ahhh.. then daily Meena kita trouble koduthana ah.. Intha Mater veliya theriyama Captain Vijayakanth tha Finish pannaru… But intha incident ku apuram kuda he gave chance to vadivelu.. See how gentle vijayakanth issssssss..

  21. WHAT is a CLOWN is doing at political meeting??? is he really giving speach or just repeating the dialogues?

    he is only throwing his personal vengeance against vijaykanth. itnha latchanathula iruku TN politics.

  22. this is called “nandri ketta naai” Vadivelu actually forgot he got the fame only after he acted in vijay kanth’s movie

  23. you are right suresh, as a growing comedian he should behave himself. People in politics and cinema mostly drink, very few don’t. On the whole vijaykanth is a good human

  24. vadivelu has lost respect from the tamil people . he took this opportunity to take revenge on vijayakanth.
    he should be very careful . he may loose his fans too.

  25. It ws a gr8 comedy movie with all comedians sittin an laughin…..with a asshole (shit eater) comdey thalivan vadivelu…. I never expected his much poor strategy game my this DMK comedians….. They r losin they image them self…..

    V ll vote 4 AIDMK n show them…. wt is comedy n wts reality…………..

  26. I worry the FATE of Tamil Nadu…. make us free from poverty ,  Ignorance and corruption …. when our country is going to flourish …… why there is no one  who is having strong leadership values  to rule our Country… Enough of this sort of useless speeches ..let someone who posess gud knowledge and leadership qualities rule our District…. atlast i am worrying about only my country “Rich are getting Richer and Poor are getting Poorer”.I think atlast ther is going to be one natural disaster to wash all these evil qualities in world and bring a gud and prosperous place to live in… 
    Please enogh of this speeches someone do good things in action…. lets c who it is.

  27. Guys,

    Translate this text to Vadivelu in Tamil.

    Vadivelu has entered into the lion’s den. Ask Chandrasekhar, Napoleon, Late SS Chandran (if possible), T Rajendar, Radha Ravi, K Bhagya Raj, they will tell you the real side of the side you’re on.Vadivelu was a comical piece for all kids. Now he’s will be a political parotta henceforth.

    Vadivelu is trying to as he does in front of camera where he can have different camera, shot, frame, lighting, makeups, backdrops, ect. Now, on the stage he looks like a baliyaadu (scapegoat). I really feel sorry for him. If VK was a problem, he could have amicabily resolved the issue with him, as VK being a senior artiste. Unnessarily, he jumped the line for politics.

    Vadivelu needs a proper training in oratory. It looks mediocre and highly personal. When we talk ONE thing bad people; society will think 1000 things bad about us. The electorates mood must be understood before using words. Vadivelu must practice his speech before he renders. It looks odd to see families and so-called leaders enjoyed the third-rated comical dialogues of this comedian.

    Decorum and etiquette is very importan in public speeches. If Vadivelu continues his speech targeting personal characteristics, DMK will lose another 5-10% of vote bank. Alchohol consumption is not bad but infidelity (sleeping with another woman who you are not married) when your wife is at home with your children is highly uncivilized and best example of unethics.

    The most important alliance in life is being faithful to your spouse.

    If you watch this video completely, you can notice a thing when Vadivel says, “MK Alagiri brought him to the party, MK Stalin starts brooding if Vadivelu might spoil his dream of sitting in the CM chair”.

  28. Both AIADMK and DMK should give SPECIAL STATUS to those who give birth to BABY GIRLS. This will encourage people to have more girls and more girls will reduce number of rapes in India. Else, India will be a land of gays if every one wants to have baby boys.

    Where will the baby girls will come from, if we all go for baby boys? If we do not take this issue seriously, 5-10 years from now, guys will be fightiing on the street for the back or the butt, as their libido must be let out.

    Society does not need baby girls; Government does not allow provision to have legitimate sex (prostitution).Where will the guys go for sex, when there are no women in the neighbourhood(baby girls) and brothel???? Guys will chase fellow guys for the hole. Then there will be “Brokeback Indians”. Think of it my India!

  29. What nonsense is this…its not after his marriage hall got destructed he started the party…its after vijaykanth started the party these cunning dmk did that nasty thing….
    if dmk gets elected only God can save Tamilnadu…if admk gets elected the same god only can save tamilnadu..its our curse..dont know when this will end..maybe something like whats happening in egypt and libya should only happen to change this situation…

  30. dei Naye, neeyellam madurainnu solli, enga oora kevala paduthatha. kasu vangittomnu neeya overa kadha vidadha. ungala madhiri alunga kasa vangittu engala madhiri makkala thirumba thirumba kulikkulla thalladha da paradesi.
    arivu kettavane, makkal manasil nancha thoovadha da… unnai ulagathila irukkira bayangaramana ketta varthai ellame andavan unakkaga thaanda vuruvakki irukkan…..

  31. Ya Compared to Gay sex Lesbian sex look better. Aana ponnungaluk matha maathri irukumo ennamo? I never raised this topic with my girl!

  32. Vadivelu speech is not good and it spoiled his image as well DMK…perya comedy ennana all party leaders are enjoying his talk and it is realy crazy.Who is vadivelu??? do you thing TN people are made to accept his speech? Heloo Karunanithi better to void this comedian with you otherwise u will step down mind it.
    Aruverupana speech vadi… better go back to you normal life.

  33. adviced to DMK party leader to void it…becz i am also get cherupadie in my area while i went for nomination.

  34. Hold u r nonsense comment NAIdoo……..wht abt u r AP??//it is simmering with violence and naxals……tamil gals are very cute and we dont need certificate frm bloody idiots like u……..tamil gals are know for their kindness,love and affection….we are more educated than u and have better economic growth than u r state…….only bcas of kuruthu kabothi family we have bad name or else we will be the number one state in India…..if u dont stop u r nonsense comments then u have to suffer……..

  35. Dont get angry Arvind & dont mistake me. It is a fact, i jus want TN peoples to learn seeing neighbouring states. All other states r moving forward, do u want TN to remain back, more over its my personal opinion.

  36. Nanbha Arvind is right. I always seen u Naidu, u dont lik Tamil people & tamil movies .Y ? Hav any tamil speaking person cheated u. If any Tamil person cheated u or if dey hav done anything wrong, i ask sorry behalf of dem. Dont blame whole TN & Tamil speaking people please. Its my humble request.

  37. Dey Naidu,

    Why are you staying in our Tamil Nadu you idiot…I know you are living in Madurai..Useless fellow..You telugu Gulties and rougues…go to the hell..I mean your AP..where naxals are becoming so popular…

    Pathetic telugu heroes…

  38. Dey Naidu unodiya perilayae “I” edutha erruku da “Nadu” adhudhanda Tamil Nadu, edhe nee purijikelaena nee oru Badu..Yennada sollurae Eerumae madu…

  39. See we have lot of nice qualities than neibhouring states and we are always ready to accept good things frm anybody….u have spoked abt the beauty of our gals….wht do u mean by it???u have no right to say such crap……everybody has their own advantages and disadvantages…just keep u r stuid comments in public forum like this……

  40. hii nanba…why u r begging him????dont u have sense???does all telegu people are so humble and polite???r they a direct avatar of Mother Teresa???good and bad prevails everywhere….so dont be so humble and degrade urself….u r loosing u r self esteem and pride man………

  41. Adoor Gopalakrishnan is a very famous personality in Kerala…..he once said in Tamilnadu politicians are bad and people are good but in Kerala the attitude of people and politicians is much more bad……i dont like to hurt Keralites….also think of Andra….see that politicians who are in a rampage to destroy the state itself……there are naxals everywhere……..whenever i visited HYD i see lot of anti riot police……there is pseudo communal harmony…….Karnataka…….people are innocent and exploited much more than any of the southern states by politicians……So Naidu i donno wether u have any sense of reading news paper and listening to news channels……Dai Tamils respond to his stupid comments……………

  42. Thambi vadivelu unaku politics theriyala..naalaikae vijaykanth DMK oda kootanii seralam. Aathukaporam Mr karunanithi ya paarthu unnoda famous dialog solla vendiyathirukum( Mappu vachitatandaa Aappu ). Be carefull. Arasial yenbathu oru saakada. innaki ADMK oda irrupavan nallaiku DMK oda kootanni seralam. oru chinna example… Mr Ramadoss(PMK) last MP election la oru dialog sonnaru Kizkha udhikum soorian merka udhithaal thaan naan DMK odu kootani seruvan aanal innaki yenna aachu???? unnaku cini field la oru nalla image irruku atha kaapathika…………….

  43. hai…. NAAI…… mind your words even how ever you advising us , you are talking about the great tamil tigers ok…. SIR C.V.RAMAN is the first Nobel prize winner in the GREAT INDIA he is tamilan, pls behave  we are all INDIANS like ok.

  44. First of all, kaari thupathu if other countries watch this??
    Che wat d F*** u pple r doin??
    Ipdi oru comedy piece-a pesa vittutu, nee win panrathukku.. u want me 2 tell more??
    we arent gettin angry from dis except hurting ourselves so much…
    oorupadiya Ethavuthu panni other states/countries- ku example-a irungada…

  45. Vasin, mind your language. Such vulgarity is not appreciated. Have respect for ladies whether it’s Tamil or Telugu or Hindi.

  46. Naidu – where did u get these statistics. Depending on figures status you think a state acquires importance. What happens to literacy, crime prevention, health and welfare and industries etc which r the real things. You must be some loafer sitting on father’s money and wasting time behind figures in every state instead of getting your facts right. You sound like another Vadivelu. Nowadays the world has become a global village and people are citizens of the world working every where and coexisting with one another. Only politicians and movie stars need publicity and talk outdated stuff and think it’s funny.

    Vadivelu speech and DMK laughing at this joker has shown in a gist what their party will do for people after election. DMK will put pattai naamam for voters and thrown this comedian out after election. Vadivelu will be bowling between DMk n Admk for sure .

  47. Everyone have to work hard, then only it stays for long, If people are getting free stuff never, stays for long….. people will become lazy.Especially In Tamil Nadu politicians are not ruling properly…..

    Mr. Modi is the perfect CM in India.

  48. Dear Stalin,

    You’re a decent guy (except one incident). Your brother MK Giri wants to spoil the sport of you becoming the CM. So he brought in Vaigai Veyil Vadivelu  who is degrading the standard and quality of your quality campaign.Ask your son, he will tell you how cheap Vadi sounded.

    TASMARK is introduced by DMK and MK. What is wrong making money for the TASMARK business by drinking. If Vadivelu makes sense, VK is making money for TASMARK. It’s good for the DMK propganda. The same PMK was vouching for closure of the TASMARK business across Tamil Nadu.Vadivelu gets more audience for his crass comedy; more comments for his mediocre speeches.

    Oh Vadivelu! I pray that you make a U-TURN and come back to cinema like Vivek does. You’ve a huge fan following. Do not be a dog for a few crores. VK will not hit you but someone else may, using VK. Do not talk about personal matters in public – which is equal to washing dirty linen in public. Never wash your butt in the gutter as both stinks bad.

    The number of comments show that Vadivelu has a long list of well-wishers who are praying that he quits politics.  Let’s fast unto death that Vadivel quits politics.

    Till then, “yaarum aaniya pudunga vendam”. 🙂

  49. hi DMK thaliva stalin nee oru CM akura capacity irukku. entha vadivealu naya peasa vitu namma pary karnka yallarum sirikkireanga. namma pannu na nalla tha solli volt vanguvom. entha nayai ku avan meala kovam na avana thai ya poi keatka sollunga entha nai namma party name ma keaduthuru van pl remove form our stage

  50. canapunda seee first ur girls all are in ur state they are callgirls don’t speak aboutn TN . if u speak bad then we will behave soooooo bad k

  51. Foolish and loose talk by vadivelu. Never expected this from him. Soooooooooooooo cheap… People in DMK laughing as if they are seeing his comedy in flim.  :-E

    Vadivelu…. Sandaiku varaaadha Manda Bhathiram. Siripu Polis ku election la ena da vela… Veetuku poda Naaaaaaai segar….  Chinna Kounder la nee epidi irundha nu yosichu paaru…. Never forget your past and dance in this stage thinking it as Flim or Drama.

  52. dei vadivel thevdiapaiya, think how u r brought up, don’t dance too much, can you tell what have you done for tamilnadu people, mr.vijaykanth whether he is drunkard or not he has done a lot to people even before he launched his party, have u guts to speak against jaya, if you do so she will cut your penis, she will not be silent like mr.vijaykanth

  53. ada comedy kapothy naaye un kundi poora peeya vachikkittu aduthavan kundila pee irukkunu nakkuriye loose, un pakkathula irukkuravanga adicha kollai pothathunnu innoru thadavayum chance kodukanuma? athigama nee peeya nakkitta vaayipulla asingama irukku pooye binayil oothi vaaya mattumilla un udampu puuravum kazhuvunalum unnoda bad smel pogathu, nee oru pompala porukki, and everybody know ur character so dont come out from ur house otherwise u wil not alive

  54. PODI DUPUKKU,STALIN nallavannu yarudi soonnathu he also pompala porukki u know he raped many girls like fathima  (tv news vaasippalar) so dont say next like that bcoz he is AIDS noyali otherwise i wil also begave like comedy dog vadivelu

  55. Very nice speech.  Its true.  Don’t believe Vijayakanth.  See that Vijayakanth people wrote their comments.  Its shows how culture they are and how civilized they are.  Don’t vote Vijayakanth.  Save Tamilnadu.

  56. Onmaya sollunga? Which is better? Ethukeduthalum strike pannarathu, sanda podarathu, meda potu poi pesarathu…….Itha ellam wututu sex leye focussed’a irntha evlau nallathu. Keep it simple work, drink, eat and make love; ellarum santhoshama irkalam.

  57. Naana Neeya important engra poatiyala thaan oorla ivlau prachna. Atha wututu if we concentrate on sex romba prachnanga solve aayidum. If we have a lot of sex everyday then sandai podrathla time waste pannika maatom. Sex, Whiskey and Exercise are 3 great things. Atha sariyana angle’ paarka maatengrenga; culture culture nu polanbikittu. Ithu munum pothum countries’a effective’a manage pannarathuku.

  58. Ellarum romba tension aagatheenga! Naidu is probably a Thamilan and what he states is right. India’leye last state Thamilnaadu. Athepdi politicians, IAS, Leaders, Top Professionals, actors… yaarukume Thamil fluent’a vara maatenguthu! Communication poor’na epdi namba develop aagirathu? +2 la Thamil include aaganum matriculate aagirathuku. I mean the marks.

  59. Thamil Fluency’na ennanu purinjuka the then CM MG Ramachandran speeches’a YouTube la ketu paarunga. Speed of delivery of sentences, ability to string long sentences, adequate vocabulary, accurate vocabulary, avoidance of peppering with English, cultured tone, accurate argument….and so forth. MG Ramachandran had it all with the X Factor. Brilliant Man. 

  60. vadivelu basically a cool guy ,from his speech something vijayakanth  done to vadivelu,also 80% of people saying vijayakanth used to drink half sarakku before he brush.a good leader should not do this.intha electionla DMK vanthalu  seri ADMK vanthalu seri,vijayakanth vanthalu seri panatha suradatha papagga.for me DMK comes that`s ok bcoz avagga niraya suradidagga,panam thevaikku athikama irukkanala this time they  will not surandal  big amount compare to other  

  61. dai…..vadivelu idhu unaku theva illadha vella……idhu unaku comedy time illa……wait and see…..unaku apuram erku…………


    In the recent years (2005-10), the real GDP growth in Gujarat has been 11.3 per cent as against 11 per cent in Haryana, 9.6 per cent in Bihar, 8.5 per cent in Karnataka, 8.1 per cent in Kerala and 7.4 per cent each in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. “

  63. The GDP in Tamil Nadu is as low as Andhra Pradesh.

    Andhra Pradesh has been struggling with Maoism and Telugana Secession; yet able to compete with Tamil Nadu.

    Can DMK answer for the retro growth in Tamil Nadu????

    It’s shame on DMK whose performance is equal to Ministereless, troubled state AP.

  64. After election 2001:

    Vadivelu: Anney! Enna Oda Oda Veratti Adikkuranga, enna manichchudunga
    Captain: Enakku Tamila Pidikkatha Vaathaa Mannippu…adhum unn vaayilrindu…


  66. Vadivelu picchakara payale, nee thnni adichadhe illaya? enda gv sirkitta panam vaangitu emathiniye..nee ellam indha pecchu pesura..cinema la unakku oothikiduchina thattha kaala poi vuluviyada..

    unaku aappu irukkude…..

  67. Entha party’avathu sex pathi peseraangala? Apdina Thamilnaat’la ellarkum pothumana alavu sex kedaikuthu? Illiye. Aana noone speaks about sex. Naanga rational illa; athanala thaan kashtapattutu irkom.

  68. Friends Dont think vadivelu is just comediyan.. he is pakka porrikiiiiii… Friends now i want to share one thing.. Vadivelu Dog oru thadava Actress Meenaaaa Kita Misbehave panna na ahhh.. then daily Meena kita trouble koduthana ah.. Intha Mater veliya theriyama Captain Vijayakanth tha Finish pannaru… But intha incident ku apuram kuda he gave chance to vadivelu.. See how gentle vijayakanth issssssss..

  69. Hi Friend,

    see i am an mba student and  i am planning to vote for vijaykanth. wat vadivelu speaking is unfair.  mr.prateep. do you think captain will do such non sense to vadivelu. Its not tat he came to politics to earn vijayakanth as earned as an actor like anythjnk with is hard work. think

    Ask about captain whomever in the flim industry how polite and carring he is.

    vote for captain

  70. I like vadi’s dance. he is handsome. His Ghajini was hit in Gujarat. I don’t know why i like him….though he is short. I heard he is acting in remake of 6th sense.  rite? His wife is an actres right? Dying to see Vadi’s next film…but I don’t know why people are cursing him since i do not understand tamil that much…i like his smile also…but he looks funny in that ghajini song.

  71. fuckin douche,,,its not a problem of our gals not gud lukn,,we r gonna marry them nywy,,,,,if we r tryin to jus screw arnd,,,don worry,,,,we will surely go to ur state n do the women out thr…..and u fuckin nimrod,,,wat ya tryna gt outta this,,,,gt ur ass whooped???….so its betr u jus cock up n pass….

  72. Where do u r state stands in the country? Fuckin give me 10 good reasons dat u r state s better than u r neighbouring states. Every1 knws to talk but hav u guys done anything which is good 4 a development of au r state? ppl who hav commented below each & everyone tell me 1 good work wat hav u done 4 a development of u r state & can u guys justify dat?

  73. Vadivel spoke the truth. Vijaykanth is a very very bad person.
    Jayalalitha n Mk are far far better than him.
    If DMK comes to power Vijaykanth is safe if Jaya comes to power she’ll finish Vijaykanth and his party totally. She’ll take revenge for burning her effigy. Just wait n watch.

  74. Dei Kilikadha neeya evalao pesum bhodhu, kilicha nan evalao pesuvaen… Even u stop u r fucking comments. u fuckin Tamil paiyaa. 

  75. U r such a perverted mind…nee yenna da periya pudigiya da ………nee enatha kilicha sollu parpom…..we tamils are better than u in all aspects….nonsense comment from a psycho….if u dont like tamils what the fuck u r doing in a tamil website…..

  76. Dei thevidia paya naidooo…neee enna da thaioli punnaku punda vaya…..unn suni ya ungaa pidichu kadika….kandoroli payane…unga amma pundai ellam kilipom da thevdiaya payanea

  77. Karunanithy ya yaru, intha vapatiyellam vachirukare avura, mavala thevudiya va raja kita uturukare ava, mavanugala ooru meya utu ipo panam sampathikirare avara, dai ipdi free koduthu varathuku avan ena politician da,

  78. dai vadivelu, poi adivangura velaiya paru,

    tamil natula ivlo  nadanthum karunanithiku vote pani thrumbavum cm akina nama ellam sotha thingala. kudumba arasiyale pani tamil nadu koooru potuthan vipanuga. evana vathu employement ah pathi pesinan, current sariya varala atha pathi evanavuthi pesunana… athelam illa free free..   ithuku apram veetuku oru thevudiaya free nu than kodupanuga. apo kani moliya yarum koopudathinga already booked.

  79. Dai Vadivelu, unnaku naattu nadapu theriyadaa.. dont play comedy in politics…all tamil nadu knew about u r character.. you dont have rights to blame others.

  80. Vadivelllllllllluuuuuuuuu..U r a stupid..How nonsense u r talking ..u dont have rights to talk about VK..
    Think about your past life

  81. actually vijayakanth started speaking very badly abt karunanidhi…thats y this much prob..otherwise dmk ll not do these sort of things..

  82. Dei Ungamma kudhi sam. ungamma enthanae peruku da petha. Thevdiya payalae. Ungamma kudhi lae oorulae erukira elaarodiya poolu eduthu vaikae. Ungamma kudiyae Darru Darru kilukivae da Pundae Magnae. Ungathha dei ungamma pundae melae oru kondai ya vekae. Ungamma sooth lae en poo.

  83. what VADIVELU speaks is bullshit and he dont know what he is talking,i think VADIVELU is drunk and cant repeat whats he is saying in this meeting,maybe VADIVELU has taken some amount under the table from MR,KARUNANEEDI to speak in the public like this,its ugly and cant understand what he is upto,VADIVELU please go home and think what u are talking about,are u sucking the balls of KARUNANEEDI. 

  84. dai mooduda poramboku…. vakalathaa…. pesaa pecha adhu medila…shreya kooda americaku poitu mater potu vandan ivan….

  85. After all illitrate Vadivelu understood the reality and true, why cant you people understand? SUPPORT DMK, then SUPPORTing your TAMILNADU.

  86. Scandinavians, Fins and Kiwis are good people; they fill their time with sex. Therefore good people would support if any party that comes out talking frankly on sex rather than food and TV.

  87. Dai vijaykanth panni..nee oru telungan.. unaku TN allura perasai ethiku ? intha Tamil vesam Pallikathu…Karunanidhi telungan,MGR malayali, Jaya -kannadathi, vaiko -telungan, eppo nee vera vandu tamil nate nasamaka poraia…un vesam ceekram kalayum…Vijayakanthi is a Psycho shld be kept in Mental Hospital for life time…vadivelu talking sense..He’s the representative of of tamil population..vadivelu keep rocking…

  88. am seeing and analyzing TamilNadu politics from 1996 till date, i can even understand Jaya, her attitude, motives, interest
    but one thing i cant figureout is the mind of her followers. what her followers want/expect from her as a leader and vote for
    her. I really pity for them. the person (and her team) who cant even make her channel Jaya Tv good enough in the past 10 years
     to make it interesting and competitive enough by understanding the peoples mind, how can she make Tamil Nadu Number 1 state in India.
    by understanding its economy and its complexities. can any of her supporter able to give a logical response to this query.
    Very Sad, they cant. Even Jaya cant give a logical response to this query. she and her team dont have the competense to make
    TamilNad no 1 state. check her track record in power between 1991-1996 and 2001-2006. During these terms TamilNad went to
    below 10 position in India in the dev of state. Hence dont vote for her and again do a mistake.

  89. Yes, when jaya (and her team) cant even make her channel Jaya Tv good enough and number 1 in the past 10 years. how can she make Tamil Nadu Number 1 state in India. Big Joke from Jaya.

  90. we cant go and invent a person like shankar’s imaginary creation like Mudhalvan or Shivaji Rao, who is good, efficient and supported by people. Its all imaginary and we cant see that kind of person in earth, but to choose one who is better than the other. In that aspect Karuna is 1000 times better than Jaya. Given a chance Jaya will do 2 lack crore scam to show her competency to Karuna in multiplying wealth. so pls stop looking at politicians in black and white and see them from a pragmatic view. which is good and make sense to all.
    And for those who support and think that Vijaykanth will give a govt like he shows in his film….. Sorry, his wife and brother-in-law is out there, the 2nd avatar of sasikala
    planning how to loot TamilNadu from chennai to Madhurai.

  91. Vijayakanth is not deserved to be an leader for any…he is not matured enough to lead…several times he proved he is an stupid in cinemas and his several movies served enought to be an all time comedy entertainment for all…all his fans are pulled by his cinema fame..he’s fooling poor tamil people’s by talking nonsense…he doesnt know anything about TN history or current affairs of TN or doesnt have any significan solution to TN’s problems are growth ( his ration supply to door has been proven foolish and not going to bring any remrkable change in poors life )…highly indisciplinery man with frequent liquior consuming, not minding even public meetings..lots of proven gossips about his multi sexual affairs with many film actresses( cheethiiiii….)…no specific ideology other than blabbering on MGR’ songs…its an boom and curse forTN to have an such an lunatic personality as an party leader…if he rules TN them he will replicate Lalu and will pull TN back for another 20 Years…he is not the alternative for DMK or ADMK..and certainly Rajni or any other actors cant fill this also…its Really an Bad time for TN…need to wait for good leader for TN…

  92. ORU PAANA SORUKU ORU SORU PATHAM SOLVANGALE? kudikarana vechi pracharam pannara mothal political party DMK, kudikarane leadera irukara next party vijay kanth

    intha vaati yaarukume vote poda mudiyathu!!

  93. vijay kanthan pasangaluku thoppa valarkave porathu karunanithi kollai adicha alavu panam. all politicians are rotten crap. they all will do the same.

    more like these a deer gets hunted by a lion if u get rid of it then the hyena will take the corps if u get rid of that hyena then the vultures will eat the remains. just the same they all have one aim “loot loot loot”

  94. ellarum rajiniku vote podunga he will entertaine everyone with 7 heroies. then he will replace all ministers and polices to femals and dance along with them he wont loot much





  97. vadivelu is a drunken, it is very much evident from his approach, don forget as he get caught and published in all leading news paper for being with shreya for 3 days spending 25 lakhs for her. is he good enough to criticise our captain

  98. vaivelu spoiling his image, is he dare enough to step in politics and stand against captain, sure he gonna suck. captain never gave importance to the comedian words. since he is a comedian in real life too

  99. hey fool b practical, don compare administration with tv channel, The intention of jaya tv is not to earn money but to make a statement to reach peoples

  100. How stupid talk.. I really hate him…Vadivellu u dont have any rights to talk like this on the stage..It looks very irritating..I’m thinking that u recevied good amount from Yellow..

  101. vadivel valga vadivel pati pasuravan loosu payaga vijayakanth vakama illama anga poi sandhruka adhu tariyama vadivel yasuniga neega oru paitiyakaran vadivel kal tooshiku kudha nega kidayathu stupid boys vadivel pati pasunigana musha odasuravan

  102. DMK did wonderful developmental activities in the last 5 Years and I prefer DMK to ensure continuity for the betterment of the state

  103. I support kumar in the underlying fact that tallks all about the functional competency of Leaders… Not about U / I / THEY owning channel for the sake of messages to public, leaving the core business objective buddy


  105. Vadivelu don’t have a rights to talk with others(Captain) personal matter,i think now he have 71/2 sanni …… Be carefull with your words because tmrw no one have security for you So beware of it. Kind advice from me ok……………….

  106. aandavan nallavangala sothipaan kaivida maatan , but kettavangaluku niraiya kudupan kai vituduvan so rendula yar nallavanganu nam naatukaga minimum 1mint yousinga                piragu yosichu vote podunga  yellam nam virupamae !          yengal vote admk vijaikanth avarkalukae . best of luck .

  107. unga cm kae problem varum bothu aiyiyo kapathunga nu nilamai nalaiku vadivel sir ku problem varum pothu ungaluku yar garenty ? yenga captiana pathi pesa ungaluku urimai ilai . do your won work . nadichathu pothum come soon admk ipo vadivel vote potathe admk ku than .

  108. What is the big deal in drinking?? repeatedy people criticise drinking as if its some kind of big evil. Then lets stop every other entertainment like movies, sex etc…we will all become like Saudi Arabia where you ahhve to pray 10 times a day and do nothgin else.

    Any thing is bad only if it goes in excess…people shold mind their own business. Vadivelu is going to get his ass kicked after May 13th…just wait and watch.

    So are all non drinkers saints??

  109. Hi Vadduvellu,
    What happened after the election? You were behind karunanithi’s ass
    Now go and his their ass rest of your life. It was total failure for Karunanithi.You should have watched your mouth before talk about others. I feel sorry for you buddy because you are not well come in movie industry. I was your fan when you were playing movies. But you are a nasty dog now. I am a sri lankan tamil DMK was one of the reason for all the killing in sri lanka. Not the party, your leaded was playing a game with us. If he had thought about us back in 2009,he would have saved those people atleast. Your leader was living ONLY for his family. There was a leader for us to raise his voice for tamils even though he wasn’t tamil.The one and only Golden hearted MGR. It is shame for DMK leader who is tamil. Now he is invadid. I am not a suppoter of TAMIL TIGERS . I support non violence. it was too bad DMK leader was kissing Congress ass to stay in power. But God made a judgement enough is enough.(iam a tamil canadian and i have the right to speak about how i feel for those who were killed in 2009 civil war.)


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