Thought of becoming a Naxalite in college days: Murugadoss


Murugadass at Bishop heber collegeDirector-producer A.R. Murugadoss has revealed a hitherto unknown facet of his life.  The diminutive film-maker, one of the very few directors who have made a name for themselves in the world of Hindi films, has revealed a slightly startling factoid about himself.  Murugadoss was taking part at a function held inside the premises of the Bishop Heber College in Trichy.

Speaking elaborately at the event, the director said, “I studied for 3 years in this College and gained varied experience equivalent to that of 30 years.  It was while studying here that I developed the habit or trait of questioning the many social evils I came across.  At one point of time, I even considered becoming a Naxalite so that I’d be empowered with arms to fight for the masses.

“I even thought of taking to politics to fight for people’s rights.  I am a  born  fighter. a photograph, depicting a 2-year old girl sans clothes who was screaming and running to save her life, was instrumental in bringing to an end the vietnam War.  If a photograph can bring about truce, I thought how much can be achieved by making films for the society on the big screen.

“It’s this thought which made me set up screenplays in my films in such a manner as to rid the society of the many ills and evils afflicting it.  Like I showed in Ramanaa, I urge the student community to be always on the lookout for serving the society and not work with earning money as the only motive,” he concluded.



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