Suriya to play Karthi in Hindi Paiyaa


Suriya to play Karthi in Hindi Paiyaa

We had earlier reported about Karthi’s big 2010 blockbuster hit Paiyaa going under the remake extractor for the Bollywood market. While everyone was hoping to see Karthi mark his Bollywood debut it seems big brother Suriya will step in to don the lead role for this welcome remake. The director has assured that he is in talks with a leading production house in Bollywood to do the needful as he plans to rub some Paiyaa magic up North.

If everything goes well we will get to see Linguswamy’s Hindi Paiyaa starring ‘namma’ Suriya in the lead role. The heroine is yet to be decided even though keeping Tamannah for the Bollywood remake seems to be a viable option. Lingu is currently working on ‘Vettai’ starring Madhavan, Sameera Reddy, Arya, and Amala Paul, only after which all official announcements will be made regarding the remake flick. Suriya on the other hand has his 7aam Arivu for this Diwali release and then there is KV Anand’s Maatraan that he is already working on.

Let’s see if we get to see Suriya ‘Paiyaa’ in yet another Bollywood movie.


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