Suriya the clear leader among the Deepavali releases?


Surya wins deepavali race

As per the prediction of industry-watchers on the eve of films releasing in Deepavali this year, actor Suriya’s 7aum Arivu is leaps ahead of other films in terms of advance booking and the clamour among movie-goers to watch the film. The film, which has hottie Shruti Haasan debuting as heroine opposite Suriya and directed by A.R. Murugadoss, looks like a clear winner.

7aum Arivu releases in as many as 1,100 screens worldwide including in theatres in U.S. and Canada. In these two countries alone, the film is to be screened in as many as 87 screens. In the numbers game, the film easily beats Vijay’s Velayudham, which also releases on Deepavali eve, by a good margin. Velayudham, directed by ‘Jayam’ Raja, releases in 720 screens all over Tamil Nadu.

Comparatively, 7aum Arivu releases in around 60 cinema halls in Chennai alone while Velayudham has managed only 39 screens in the city. Vijay, however, scores heavily in Kerala where the star has a large number of fans, next only to Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan. In tune with Vijay’s popularity there, the film is released in 120 screens in Kerala.

The trailer of Vijay’s Velayudham, which was released at the Saritha Cinema Hall in Ernakulam, witnessed a huge turnout of his fans who had come to catch a glimpse of their favourite star. The film is also releasing in 40 cinema halls across the neighbouring Karnataka.

It remains to be seen which one among 7aum Arivu and Velayudham gets the ‘thumbs-up’ from the masses!


  1. Velayudham releaes on 820+ screens all over India and 380+ screens for Overseas.
    Velayudham 105 screens in Kerala and 85 Screens in Karnataka

  2. Bangalore its an very big flop.. we dont accept such heroes here.. grow up guys!! cinipolis has planned to drop this movie!!

  3. Bangalore its an very big flop.. we dont accept such heroes here.. grow up guys!! cinipolis has planned to drop this movie!!

  4. Bangalore its an very big flop.. we dont accept such heroes here.. grow up guys!! Inox has planned to drop this movie!!

  5. yen da ippadi poi solringa? Indiaglitz la pottu irukkan. velayudham beats 7 am arivu nu.ponga da poramai pidicha pasangala..

  6. Athulai question mark irukuthu kavanikalaya neengal??
    They as asking you…. if you think if Suriyas movie will beat Velayutham and

  7. Even though media had consistently tried supporing Vijay in spite of his poor quality of movies , people are mature enough these days not to go by media support to some one.   It is heartening that Tamil audience have embraced excellence by acknowledging and supporting the quality actor Surya. All the best Surya.

  8. Grow up . accept facts instead of circulating your own false stories. Every Chennaite knows the fact that Vijay has become a waste actor and just survives on copying from other language movies and nothing new.

  9. I watched 7am Arivu. Good allround work by the team. It needs boldness to depend on such storyline. Tamil movies take a big jump with such movies. Thanks to Murugadas and Surya.

  10. this movie is just hype… instead of bringing out the facts this movie as exagearted… This movie is bit like telugu movies where the unexpected songs appear in first half and then in second movie ends with a climax fight 

  11. 7am Arivu is good , worth watching for all quality movie seekers. also , good to note that the movie doesnot revolve around the hero charcter alone which is welcome progress . Job well done.

  12. ada vela vetti illaatha porambokkungala ..surya fansukku vera vela polappe illaya? poi 7aam ariva paarunga ..irukura arivum makki pogum

  13. machi soola karuppan.. enna diwali overtime’eh? after Vijay pays you get an craker and burst it in Vijays mouth.. I beliv he has not stopped shouting even in Velayudam..

    just came back after watching 7 am Arivu.. after interval all all Vijay fans left Velayudham and came in to watch 7am arivu.. andha mukkaadu pottutu keela okandha’dhu needhane?

  14. yes a big crown ..that he brought from saravana stores 😀  kullan enna try pannalum onnum pudunga mudiyaadhu 😀

  15. Good exhibition of Tamil Talent comes out through 7am Arivu. Surya is undoubtedly the best mix of mass and class.

  16. These days B and C classes are more classier than A class . That is why Vijay movies have been uniformly failing everywhere in Tamilnadu for the last 4 years.

  17. Surya fans per the reviews ..7aam arivu  is too much hype and too little substance ..Velayudham on the other hand had subtle publicity but delivered the goods

    thongu raaja ..thongina mattum pathadhu… 😀

  18. Haven’t seen Velayudham but 7am arivu was disappointing…lacks usual nothing to fault Surya but movie much below expectations

  19. So childish these kiddos cannot accept the fact dat Velayudham is d clear winner in dis Diwali race. 7am arivu putukichu… Drink water to cool down ur burnt stomachs..

  20. unmeyana nadihan entha getupla nadichathan avanuku perumae antha vagaila surya is umber 1 nadipin nayagan all the hard work will lead to success keep rocking surya 🙂

  21. sariyya sonne ma…avan oru copy paste hero…avan director(m.raja) oru copy paste director…idhellam oru polappada…sonthama yosikkave mattingala daa…

  22. Naanum Rowdy thaan Naanum rowdy thaan kalathula erangio vadivel maari aaiteney suriya… Vijay vs Ajith… Suriya la oru aalah.. avan nethu penja mazhalila nalaiku molaika pora kaalan… 6 packs vachi 6 padam ootalam… 60 padam oota mudiyadhu… sari sari next padathula heels pota serupa suriya ku kudunga pa heroine edupu alavuku naadhu varuvaan…chinna pasangala yaarukitta…

  23. i prefer 7aam arivu
    movie done with alot of effort, but didnt really like it that much.
    velayutham was a disappointment. its a remix of vijays previous movies.


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