Suresh with half a dozen Tamil films

Suresh with half a dozen Tamil films

Actor Suresh, more popularly nicknamed as Panneer Pushpangal Suresh or ‘Nadhiya’ Suresh, the romantic hero of Kollywood in the 80s has got a new lease in life after his comic-villain performance in the Ajith starrer Asal. Having acted in 265 films across Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam, Suresh has no qualms in donning negative roles. As he himself was so tired of doing the same role of lover boy in tamil again and again untill the 90s and wanted to try out different characters. That’s when he refused 13 films back to back. And went on to try out action, negative shades and so on. Telugu films quenched his acting thirst and had him shift to Tollywood and earned a good name and fame as action hero there. Later Suresh even produced four films and six television serials.

In fact, I deliberately wanted to change my image and chose to act as a villain in Tollywood, which worked out well. I did more than 100 films in Telugu before making a comeback to Tamil,” the actor grins. Ask him why he stopped his directorial venture and he says, “I directed a Telugu movie called Bhavani which was a remake of the Bollywood hit Vastav. Though it was well received, I personally feel direction is a time-consuming job and there are a lot of responsibilities attached to it. So I gave up after one film. Currently I’m busy with half a dozen Tamil films including Vallakottai with Arjun, Aadu Puli, Rowthiram, etc. I want to play roles that befit my age and earn a name as versatile actor.”


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