Sona hospitalised for chest pain,FIR against SPB Charan


Sona SPB Charan sex controversy

Sexy Sona Heiden has been admitted to a leading private hospital after she complained of chest pain. Only a couple of days back, the actress accused playback singer-producer S.P.B. Charan of attempting to ‘rape’ her at a crowded cocktail party held in connection with the success of Venkat Prabhu’s latest directorial venture Mankatha.

The sultry seductress filed a complaint with the Pondy Bazaar Police and then called a press-conference to narrate the sequences of events leading to the attempted ‘rape’ on her. She was almost sobbing while speaking to presspersons and said that people tend to take for a ride the life of a ‘sexy actress’ like her. “We are actresses of course but we too are humans at heart,” she said.

Based on her complaint, the police have reportedly filed an FIR against singer-producer-actor SPB Charan, son of legendary playback singer S.P. Balasubramaniam, alleging sexual assault. The FIR says that Charan touched sensitive parts of her body and forced her to share the night with him. In the mean time, Sona complained of chest pain and depression and was admitted to a private hospital. She is under treatment at present.

Talking to us, she said, “I didn’t sleep properly for the last two days. I called up my doctor and he gave me sleeping pills. But, it didn’t have any effect. Yesterday morning, I had severe chest pain. The doctors have told me that I’m suffering from panic anxiety attacks, which simply means I’m scared!”

Sona said she felt threatened by the incident. “I may not be a Nayanthara or Trisha or Shriya. But I’m still a woman who is looking forward to getting married and settling down in life. This incident will kill me all my life. I had earlier said that I would commit suicide if Charan doesn’t apologise to me in public. But, I have decided to fight for my dignity,” she said.

When contacted, all Charan said was, “I wouldn’t like to talk without consulting my advocate. I don’t want to throw words like she (Sona) did and I will definitely have legal action taken for this. I will soon have a press meet to clarify this.”

A family member of SP Balasubramaniam speaking to us, said, “SPB cancelled his recording in Hyderabad and flew back to Chennai. He broke down and urged Charan to go for a public apology. He even gathered Charan’s close friends and suggested they go for some sort of settlement.”

Commenting on justice delivery in such cases, commissioner of police, J.K. Tripathy, said, “Every case is important to us. It doesn’t matter what the profile of the people is. We are trained to get to the bottom and decipher the truth from the many versions. We can also seek help from other agencies and our trained experts will investigate fully.”


  1. Rape attempt/Depressionala vandha nenju valiya illai unmai therinjidumonu bayathale vandha nenju valiya?Hmmm….something wrong somewhere…. *DONT_KNOW*

    Saroja…saman nikkalo!!!

  2. im amazed at how people are defending this Charan dude.Okay Sona may not be like Asin etc but as she said she is also a woman.Who knows? eventhough she acts sexily maybe she is a dignified woman behind the scenes.Most actresses are unpredictable.The actress who acted with Vijay in Shahjahan,she looks so homely but everyone knws she sleps with directors to get a chance.
    Just because Sona is a item number girl doesnt mean she sleeps with everyone.She is never really famous so why does she need to create a havoc? I personally think there is a chance Charan did it.These are all star sons.From the outside we have an impression they r from a good family etc but we never knw what actually happens in the family.SPB maybe a great singer,Im a fan of him as well but we dont know their actual personal life.
    Sona looked distressed in the video.At first i did not believe bt as a woman i nderstand her.Hopefully Charan will get the punishment he deserves no matter he is whose son

  3. I just feel pity for SPB sir…. I presume Sona comes from a vert cheap back ground with no ethics…. She creeated mountain out of mole hill…… Cmon guys she is not sita, she would have have seen more than all this.

  4. I am not defending anyone.I may be wrong.Maybe Charan did such a thing.But I don’t know why I just have a gut feeling that Sona is lying.No… I am not a fan or related to SPB family.At the same time,if truly Charan did such a thing,he must be punished.Yup Sona may not be a hi-fi actress but is there a rule that she shouldn’t make use of such an opportunity to become famous??If you are bold enough to describe in detail the events that took place to the world,you should have the courage to face the outcomes boldly.Police have already filed an FIR.Let them take action.If. Charan is proven guilty,let him face the consequence.Who is going to stop???What I don’t like is there is so much drama from Sona’s side which makes me think twice.

    Forget about being an actress.But any dignified lady from a good background would never attend such a
    party.Even Trisha,Anjali and Lakshmi rai acted in this film.Why didn’t they go?Weren’t they invited??This party was to celebrate the success of Mangatha right?So what was she doing there when the lead ladies themselves had not turned up?

    Then again let me stress,I am not against Sona or supporting Charan.If Sona is telling the truth,let her get justice.

  5. Bass…..True but avanga Sita va ellaiya nu namakku theriyadhu.Adhu namakku thevai illai.No one can be Sita.That does not mean if a woman is not Sita,she is impure.Avanga kaalam Vera,namma kaalam Vera.Oru ponnu ulagathuku Sitaya erukardha vida,ava ullathuku Sitaya erukanum.That is what matters.Sona is also a woman.Innum yaar thappule erukanu theriyadhu.Let’s see…. 🙂

  6. but with these group of people like Premji etc even if Charan is guilty they can easily cover up their mistakes with money.I mean come on,how many actor and actresses have done this before? they want to maintain a good public image so they try to shut cases using money.It is a simple fact known by people.

    Definitely these big shots might have done normal law breaking like us but how come we never hear frm them? I just feel like the whole cinema industry is too multilayered. Just enjoy their work thats all.Maybe Sona did it for publicity but I highly doubt that.I dont know I have a gut feeling.the way she cleary said wat happened might show she is telling the trth.ANd she claimed she is good friends with Venkat Prabhu…ANd the reason why i feel CHaran is well capable of doing such a thing is because the whole set of gang is like that.Go and see Premji Amaran’s facebook and see it .All they do is party and party.These star sons are famous for that.

    And Trisha.Well,i think evryone knw what kind of party animal is she.Jst google up trisha party and tonnes of pictres will turn up.All im saying is that even if CHaran is guilty I dont thnk he would be facing the law.Thats how cinema works.Money talks.

  7. what about the guy, he also must be from a unethical uneducated family to do such cheap acts. assumtion can go both ways and lets not pre-judge until the dust settles.

  8. @agath…yes.I know Trisha is a party animal.Have seen many pics of her.Like you said,money talks.That too in India,money shouts!!!Sona knows Charan’s background.Now that she has brought his colour to light,she must be prepared to face anything.And so far,we haven’t heard from Charan’s side.We’ll see what happens.That’s all we can do.Wait and Watch…

  9. well said smile even spb charan is not ram too moreover y do we judge the character unless we know them. In cine feild this contervarcy are common so y pity on them…. both could lie

  10. the issue here is whether he did this  against her will. you cannot judge a person based on these silly issues.

  11. I just viewed the video in Youtube.Sona does look distressed.She is openly telling whatever happened that day.She wants Charan to apologise to her in public else she will not leave the matter it seems.Her talk is convincing but then again i have my doubts.Why hasn’t Charan said anything as yet?What about the rest?Venkat Prabhu….he was the one who “saved” her so why is he keeping mum?They claim to be good friends right?Friendku eppadi oru aniyayam nadandha summa va erupanga?

  12. Kh…you can’t even touch a real prostitute without her consent. Btw these photos doesn’t show that she is prostituting herself. Please stop judging people by the way they dress. Oh! It’s lying and not lieing. LOL ( sorry that you can’t spell)

  13. Not every woman who dress sexily are prostitute, not every woman who dress traditionally are homely. Please DO NOT judge the book by it’s cover. I have seen so many people who don’t behave like they look. 🙂

  14. Lady friendku anniyam nadanthirukku athunallathan summa irukkanga. Ithuve aan friendku nadanthirunthal yethavuthu senjurupanga. This is just plain sexism. Ponnukku oru nyayam aangalukku veru nyayam. Venkat and the gang are just protecting charan because they are childhood friends. Sona is just another newcomer in their gang. Guess sona has to fight these on her own.

  15. @Public….Yov! Edhavadhu sollida porean….Naan enna Sona seethava illai oothavanu pattimandrama nadathikitu erukkean???Summa yean ya enna vambuku ezhukure?

  16. @Vinoo…agreed.But will a decent girl go to such a party where men booze and have fun.That too when ur the only lady?

  17. he is noramally a chubby person.  if the party involved is innocent, should have spoken out now. after watching the youtube clip of her version of events has convinced me the matter is very serious and you cannot cook such stories and she is realy shaken and the saddest part is a great trust broken in their friendships and to become enemies forever. this will be long hard faught battle in the court house with good feed for the media and gozzip.              

  18. @shamu wts ur problem u cow. yh ur a clever gal to find my spelling mistake. maybe i should give u an award for that. u knw well abut prostitutes. hmmm wonder y

  19. Oops! Sorry. Ya you are right I don’t know anything about prostitutes. Maybe you know since you called sona one. Experience aah?. Hmmm I am wondering too. LOL

  20. Simple. Because she trusted them. They have been friends for many years. Furthermore tell me which party do not serve drinks unless it is a kids party. LOL

  21. @Vinoo…..Bro,naane andha kadupule erukkean(Nayan as Seetha…. >:o)Neenga vera erichala kelapureenga…..nyayama???

  22. Yes….Kids party is good! :)They have alot of games….and if you win,they give u a prize!So nice…..
    But I still feel Sona should not have gone alone….Ennadhan friendsa erundhalum,ur a lady.Andha bayam manasula erukanumle….

  23. Guys did u know my friend Vasin had changed his name? Now he logs in with a new name (Vinoo) to chat with his sweet heart Smile.

  24. Oh really??? My god,I didn’t know this.Wow….this is en even hotter topic than Sona’s….I an just awed at your intellect.Your parents must be very proud to have given birth to a genius like you.No one can ever think like you.Room pottu yosipeengalo illai adhuvave varudha??Basically no should talk to me.Adhane unga ennam?Nalla ennam…..nadathunga.

  25. @smile, we actually like all ur comments and ur thoughts. Its only becos of this idiot @vasin(Vinoo) ur being treated like this. We dont care if two people chat in the site but its the sick vasin we hate.

  26. @kt fan…if you have read my comments I have never been rude to anybody…and I am not vasin…vasin is very rude but I am polite…so chill ok…LOL

  27. @KT fan…Thanks.But is it right for you to hate someone so much???I guess Vasin must be receiving alot of hate comments from alot of them,that’s why I don’t see him here.As how you like my comments,you may hate Vasin’s.That is up to the individual.But is it fair to totally push him aside?Doesn’t he have a right to comment too?Now don’t say that I am Vasin’s lover so I am supporting him.Even if it was a lady at his place,I would have said the same thing.

    Even I am being hated by most of KT people.Just bec they hate me,do they have the right to chase me away???No.I don’t even care a damn about those haters but not everyone are easy as me.Some sensitive people will take it to heart and get hurt.That is not right.What do you gain by hurting someone unnecessarily?No one wants to be hated.One will feel very bad to know he/she is hated by the rest.Will you like it???

    People come here to pass their time.So mudinja alavukku try to make others smile/laugh.Argue pannunga but at the end,samadhanama poidunga.This is applicable to most of us.There are some leeches out there who have nothing else better to do but to just irritate us.The fakes!Just ignore them!

  28. @Vinoo….Vasin is rude to people who are rude to him I guess.When he was replying to my comments,he wasn’t.Just that his ideologies,way of looking at things ate different from us.


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