Sivakarthikeyan to divorce his wife due to Bindu Madhavi?


Sivakarthikeyan-Bindu Madhavi

Kollywood sources are abuzz with the reports that upcoming hero Sivakarthikeyan is seriously contemplating about divorcing his wife Aarthi,  as he is going ‘steady’ with Bindu Madhavi, his co-star in Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga which released and ran successfully early this year.

Siva, who came up the ranks the hard way by getting popular first as a VJ hosting reality television shows for a private television channel before becoming hero with Marina which released early last year. After staring in 3 and Manam Kothi Paravai last year, Siva had back-to-back hits in Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga and Ethir Neechal.

Siva’s career is on the move as he has a few plum projects on his hands including Maan Karate opposite Hansika. In Pandiraj-directed Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga, Siva was paired opposite Regina while Vimal was paired opposite Bindu Madhavi. It is said that Siva became ‘close’ to Bindu during the making of Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga and his latest film Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam. Siva’s ‘proximity’ to Bindu reportedly created cracks his marital life with wife Aarthi.

It is reported that Siva and Aarthi used to quarrel regularly at their Valasaravakkam residence; the quarrel reached such an extent that the neighbours even thought of complaining to the local police station about the ruckus in the family. It is now rumoured in hushed tones that Siva is contemplating ‘divorce’ as an option to tide over the crisis.

Ironically enough, rumours of split in Siva’s marriage came arose on the eve of his third wedding anniversary. But Siva has denied and this what he had to say when contacted “It is indeed painful to read such news; I don’t know where from these rumours emanate. In fact, I’m in love only with my wife,”

He added ” I just starred with Bindu in a solitary film and wasn’t even paired up opposite her in the film; as such, we hardly meet or talk to each other. I was stunned by these rumours; there is nothing untoward happening between me and my wife. We are a happy couple. Anybody can enquire our neighbours to find out the truth.

“I usually don’t attend to phone calls while I’m shooting and I request my friends in the media to send me an SMS about their willingness to talk to me. When I’m free, I’ll go through the SMSs and call them myself,” he concluded.


    • siva u r cinema hero but ne kasda padumpothu unaku uthavuna ungle maranthudu avangaluku thurogam panumpothu u r 0 0 0 0 0 0

  1. If Siva divorces his wife, he will come to the roads. People in TN believe in a peaceful life even after success. Why do stars start comparing their wives to a heroine of their movies. Heroines change, and its their profession,wife is the person with whom they have lived for so long, inspite of differences in each. Isn’t having difference in opinion very common in marriage?

  2. no surprise. bindu madhavi looks far too better than the village girl. the village girl should pull up her socks at once and start upgrading her looks and whatever. else siva is gone.

    • Im sorry but what is wrong with his wife’s looks?? she looks sweet and simple..I bet all these actresses would look really bad behind all those makeups.. It’s not that Sivakarthikeyan was a really good lookin guy when he started.. He was very average during his hosting days..only now he has groomed himself..There is no need for his wife to upgrade her looks since she is rarely seen publicly.. I remember reading an article about him and his wife and how much both love each other..

      • ‘…There is no need for his wife to upgrade her looks…’ that is just some lazy or fearful or pessimistic attitude. she must go for it and transform her in looks and whatever to show siva she is not any less than actresses. else she can’t blame siva for leaving her.

  3. Feel like a media stunt..just created by himself for fame….who cares if he marries/divorces or not..unless he is not able to give good quality films…
    The funniest part is neither of them are famous personalities/super stars…they are just new comers…struggling hard to succeed…
    Media is awesome creating all shit out of these people and wasting our time…and insulting the Kollywood standards..

  4. Arthi is siva’s own maternal uncle daughter , that uncle is the one who took care of shiva after his fathers death.(like studies and supporting family)

  5. this is toooooo much siva u have to stay with arthi otherwise,,,,, dont think u r a big star if people knows they can make you again normal life,, i hate u ,,, i dont want to watch u r movies any more

  6. I pray 2 god that my akka should not break up with her husband.karthi must recall his past………………………..

  7. Hi guys , Its Sivakarthikeyan , Please stop ruinin my name , I LOVE MY WIFE and i love her the most !

    • Hi Siva, ooru ulagam ayiram solum. aanal unodeya vazhkaiyizhe avenge nadeke maatanange..unake noi nodi vantha avenge paketizhe yiruke matange… athe naale ithu pati yosichu unge muulaiye avaste pade veike vendam. nalethe seiyinge nalathe nadekum.whatever happened has happened for a reason. your action now is the result of of future. Be happy as always with family and friends. May God Bless u.

    • i knw abt my sivakarthikeyan.people,stop blaming on others.first see ur life,dnt peep on and her wife
      arthi is made for each other.their lyf is going good.shut that nonsense.

    • shiva plz dnt hear such nonsense happy and concentrate on ur career.we, the sk fans are waiting for ur new movies.plz give us many much movies.i love u siva

  8. There is nothing in YOUR name to ruin it. Your are a overreted comedian.EVEN Not good in real life AND not at all selecting SCRIPTS WELL. One day u teased VIJAY for not selecting scripts well. NOW YOU are in that POSITION( HERO ) and what ARE YOU DOING NOW?????? VARUTHAPADATHA VAALIBAR SANGAM( PLEASE DONT WASTE TIME, MONEY AND ETC…. BY WATCHING THIS STUPID DRAMA)…..

    REALLY a worst film. SORRY its not at all a film. its a variety which is usually happens in college CULTURAL PROGRAMS.

    ATLEAST try to be good in REAL LIFE.

  9. I don’t want to hear such rumors abt siva….. media makes it worst siva…. don’t ever worry….. i saw ur film….. varuthapadadha valibar sangam…… i and all my calssmates together….. we really enjoyed it…….. Guys don’t belive a thing until u see and hear by urself………………………………….!!!! siva…. i hope that u don’t do anything wrong….!

  10. Hi siva…I m ur fan. I don know what really happening between u and ur wife. but don loose ur treasure wife. u ll not succeed further if u loose her. first make her happy .

  11. Why on earth do all these girls care for that village girl? They are afraid of any break up!!! If they hear a break up they imagine their boys leave them for other girls. Tamil girls are too afraid to be really attractive. They are no more attractive than chairs and tables. Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic.

  12. Siva u r doing a great job… keep it up.. u r such a gifted person…dont bother about others… go ahead in life…

  13. Siva am a big fan of you the lucky came in ur life through ur wife.ather than ur wife, all girls are passing clouds,dont missur wife

  14. shiva you are performing a wonderful job.people may try their level best to dig you.
    but always believe in you and recall one thing you are standing in this position because of your wife.
    she is very lucky to you.aarti mam don’t have to change her style because she is good and looking like a respectable house wife.
    some fool may say something but i like your acting and i also believe in you that you cannot do like this,don’t take it seriously,it is the play of jealous people.

    • really? r u blind? she looks shes wearing a dress for the first time. r u braindead? if someone doesn’t try does that make her a respectable house wife? she s like a thuravi who has withdrawn competing with us? is that good? as a wife she must first demonstrate she is a girl capable of competing with other girls.

  15. It is not necessary that wife should follow their husbands.all girls have their own choice and style and they will follow that;

    now sivakarthikeyan is a father of a baby girl.he is leading a beautiful life with his family.
    some of the celebrities wife totally change if their husband gives a hit film but here arti maam is not like that,she is leading a simple life before the marriage and after the marriage also.

    we can’t underestimate someone without understanding them.
    arti maam you are superb as a wife and as a mom.

  16. oh nooooo… you see them as old people. they are young. which is better youth or old? youth. which is better youth or respect? again it would be youth. which is better? youth or a nice settled life? again it is youth. i push siva and aarti to be youthful. you don’t understand. you indians are always a few steps behind the rest of the world.

  17. I am sorry brother.My friend said to me when immediately i saw the ur i didn’t think urself.I’ll TRUST U BROTHER u r the good SON,HUSBAND,now u became a WONDERFUL FATHER.So,u must & just remain ur family.Don’t takecare about the romours like my comment.U ALWAYS THINK UR FAMILY ANNA.

  18. I don’t know why they are interested in creating rumors like this.
    This is thousand percent false. Siva loves his wife a lot. The true fans of Siva will never believe this. If you a true an just oppose this……..

  19. Hi siva, we are your great fan .pls dont worry for this unwanted comments. pls go ahead with your future projects. we are waiting to see your hit movies. all the best for your MAAN KARATE .

  20. Hi siva. we are ur powerful fans. dont worry for those comments. we are waiting for ur athiradi movie maan karate.and finally I want to tell you as ALL THE BEST for the next movie taanaa.

  21. Luv u shiva anna…. ppl dnt bother about their own lives.. instead peep into others.. dnt care a damm.. all the very best…. lead a happy life

  22. hai siva..i am a big fan of u ma..enaku orey oru asai ungala en life timela oru time ah vathu patharanum..pls come erode district siva pls pls..pls rly siva.pls ma..u got good family child also big fan of u siva..pls avalukakavathu rly me siva pls pls..take care of ur aarthi and aaradhana also..pls rly for my comment hearty welcome for ur rly siva..take care ma.

  23. Hi dis is sneha from bangalore… I hav 1 question for media wat benifit u got now by doing such kind of nonsence things y ur playing in der life matter…wat rights u all hav by doing such kind of things..leave him freely let him leave his life calm wit his parents, wife arthi nd his daughter aradhana… K bye

  24. I don’t belive sk giveing divorce to his wife all those are rumors. Sk is a person who is grown up hard. He kowns his life how much values him.I seen him in certain reality shows he is burst out of tears when ever he remmeber his father. Really sk I’m ur great fan withs lots of love and wish a happy married life

  25. pls siva yenga akka va nenga pls emaththinga pls anna nan unga favorite fan of the world pls dont mistake in u pls pls pls pls pls

  26. ippo nenga intha mudiva eduthurukenga apadinguratha ennala nambavae mudiyala…… pls super life atha miss panathinga pls…
    so neenga evalavu famous anathunalatha ippade pandrenganu intha ulagamae ungala thappa pesum …athunala pil vanam pls
    nan oru srilanka boy pls 7200458414 intha numberku siva fans eppo venumnalum call panungsa siva life pathi pesalam k

  27. hai siva…………………………………………………. i like u,u r very taleted person,we are waiting for ur mve RAJINIMURUGAN……………………………

  28. Comment:shiva u r very beautiful. i wamt to see i atleast one time before my life end. but i know it os not possible. but i hope it will done .shiva u and arthi are the best pair in the world.pls chat with me.

  29. sivakarthikeyan Anna,ungala path I enakku Malla theriyum neengga mathavanga Thapa nanaicha varuthapadhatheenga enna neenga varuthapadhatha valibar sangam Thalaivar.naanga mattum pasangala irundhirundha unga sangathula sendiruppom.divyabai,tharani,sreevaishnavi ungaloda thangachinga naanga thappa nanaikka mattom. Neenga mathavanga pesikuranganu ennaikum sreevaishnavi

  30. Comment:siva anna ungala yenakku romba pidikumnaa!neenga unga lifea innum nalla kondu ponga nalla film pannunga my wishes all the best!

  31. Comment:we love shiva anna your movie was amazing we all watch your all movie ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR FUTURE AND YOUR UPCOMING MOVIE

  32. siva anna mardi oru actor ella guys siva anna va tappa soluravan ratham kakki sauwan…i m the biggest lusu fan of siva…guys ninga siva fan ah ella na nadakum ana avara pati tappa pesadinga….avar nalavaru..purinjirucha…


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