Simbus Love anthem gets Youtube Bronze medal


Simbus Love anthem gets Youtube Bronze medal

Simbu who was on his trip to the USA for the New Year’s has not yet caught a flight back home. The reason – he needs to spread some love Y’all!! 🙂 The actor was quick on his heels to launch himself in the international arena, following the Kolaveri success that simply came rushing to Dhanush, making him share a seat with Manmohan ji.

Now we don’t know if Simbu too yearns to sit with our honorary prime minister but one thing that’s for sure is his Love Anthem for World Peace (quite a long name.. but trust us on this one Simbu just means Peace in the world), has been spending a good time rocking the charts. The song accompanied with a one man show Simbu video promoted by Sony, has now been awarded a Bronze medal by Youtube. It’s been just a week that the video released and it has managed to find love from almost 13 lac viewers across the globe. Penned in a record 96 languages, the percussions for the track have been crafted by renowned drummer Sivamani. Simbu also confirmed the participation of international hip hop artist Akon in a new version to be released soon saying, “I am honored that my first attempt has been appreciated and I feel encouraged. I hope music lovers will enjoy the version that I create along with hip hop star Akon”

Simbu we genuinely hope the new Akon version fulfills your yearning to sit next to our Prime Minister. Peace out!



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