Simbus 96 language World Love Anthem with Akon and Rihanna


Simbus 96 language World Love Anthem with Akon and Rihanna

Simbu hot on the heels of his Osthe success will soon enter the international arena. The multifaceted hero will be releasing his song titled “The World Love Anthem” collaborating with globally acclaimed artists. News is that the actor will have none other than singers Akon & Rihanna to trip in some lyrics for the number. He is planning to record the track in US and will reportedly invite them to his studio to do the honors.

This love song will be a fusion of 96 different languages. We got hold of the lyrics to this song which includes words like Dashuri (means Love in Albanian) , Salla (means Outside in Finnish), Lifa (means Lives in Icelandic), Laska (means Girl in Polish). This is what Simbu had to say on his World Love Anthem, “According to few people world is gonna end in 2012. Yes may be it’ll end, coz of the drought of love. Split up by the barriers called languages, we fail to conserve love. Thus a step, a scream, a stride in breaking the barriers, a stride uniting 96 languages and millions of people to build a unbreakable bond. For world peace a small contribution from an Indian …”

Coming soon – a love anthem for the world.



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