Sathyaraj says Nanban will be different than 3 idiots


Sathyaraj says Nanban will be different than 3 idiots

Kollywood actor Sathyaraj doesn’t shy away from voicing out his opinions loud when given an opportunity. Director Shankar who will be out with his Tamil remake of the original 3 idiots has got the versatile actor on board for his Kollywood release titled Nanban. Sathyaraj plays the role of one Virumandi Santhanam – a professor, fondly called Virus by his college students.

As Nanban gears up for the release in a couple of days, the fact that the movie will be compared to the original has been a topic of red hot debate in tinsel town. Director Shankar had already stated that he has made the necessary adjustments to cater Nanban to the home audience earlier. Now actor Sathyaraj has come out in full support of the director saying, “I am so glad to be part of Shankar’s team. I have never done a role like this in my past 200 films. There has been a lot of talk on Nanban being a remake and I would like to mention that we don’t have much of a Bollywood fan following here in South. It’s only during the days of Amitabh Bachchan and Rajesh Khanna movies like Sholay ran for 250 days. It’s not the case now. Even 3 idiots only ran for just two weeks here.” He further added, “Nanban will assuredly be a fresh and different experience for the Tamil audience.I too am really looking forward to it”

Director Shankar you really do have a wonderful Nanban in Sathyaraj there.



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